NXT Takeover Brooklyn Predictions.

I’m at it again! The prediction articles have made a small return! I recall telling someone whenever the next NXT Takeover was I would write another prediction article. Well here I am! I have predictions and thoughts. I didn’t just write about NXT no no no! I also wrote about SummerSlam! SummerSlam will follow NXT so will the prediction article. I can’t promise if the prediction articles will pop up each time there is a new PPV. It really depends on the WWE’s wrestling product and thankfully it is pretty good right now. Both of these PPVS are going to be great for pro wrestling. I’m excited! Let’s get to NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN BROOKLYN!

Pre Show?
There will be a pre-show for the live Brooklyn crowd. I’ve read that these matches won’t be on the televised takeover. Who knows things may change.  Anyways, I decided I should have a quick fire round of predictions just in case they decide to air a match or two during the actual broadcast.

Bull Dempsey vs Elias Samson
Winner: Bull Dempsey
NXT has been hyping a new and improved Bull Dempsey for the past few weeks. There is no way he would lose after all that hype. The live Brooklyn crowd will get to see this new iteration of Bull Dempsey before the entire world does next week.

Eva Marie vs Carmella
Winner: Eva Marie
Eva Marie returned from her training with Brian Kendrick. WWE has big plans for her so I would expect Eva to win. She has had only one televised match on NXT which was a little sloppy. Hopefully, she has tightened up some of her moves and selling. Sliced Bread #2 never looked so bad. However, she can improve.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass & Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) vs Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson
Winner: The Hype Bros & Enzo & Cass
I will say this match seems like it was thrown together at the last minute. How can you have a NXT Takeover in Brooklyn without Enzo & Cass? The Hype Bros X Wilder & Dawson feud started a couple weeks ago along with Jordan and Gable’s newly found success. This may be one of the few matches we might see during the televised Takeover because of a segment that occurred on NXT this week involving all the teams. The Brooklyn Boys have a home field advantage and you can’t deny that. IT would be bewildering for the home town boys to lose to a bunch of heels. STAY HYPE and don’t be SAWFT.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Emma vs Dana Brooke
Winner: Emma & Dana Brooke
Becky & Charlotte are on a roll ever since they jumped to the main roster apart of the diva’s revolution. However, this could be the last time we see those two on a NXT card. Dana Brooke has one final shot to deliver on her plan to run Charlotte out of NXT and with Evil Emma’s help it can become a reality.


CrewsApollo Crews vs Tye Dillinger (Crews’ NXT Debut)
Though this match was listed on the pre-show it will be televised on Takeover. Since the former Uhaa Nation signed with NXT, he has been hyped since the last Takeover. There were a couple of video packages on him, but nothing too special. Just training, smiling, and shaking hands. The odd thing was they never said his name…till now. Apollo Crews is here to takeover in NXT. If you need to educate yourself, please go google Uhaa Nation. Trust me Uhaa…I mean Apollo Crews is amazing. He will be going against another vet of NXT with a new gimmick that has been very successful on the road, “The Perfect Ten” Tye Dillinger. I don’t think Apollo Crews would lose his debut match at Takeover. All that hype for a lost? Nope that won’t be the case. The Apollo “Terry” Crews (cmon yall know that’s why that is Apollo’s last name) will impress many who aren’t as familiar with his work.
Winner: Apollo Crews.


Breeze LigerJushin “Thunder” Liger vs Tyler Breeze
When this match was announced, I flipped my lid. EXCITEMENT! ELATION! ANTICIPATION! WORDS! A NJPW X WWE match is happening on NXT Takeover! I never thought I would see the day when two of the biggest promotions in pro wrestling would actually allow an inter-promotional (sorta) match to happen. Let alone this match. It appeared Tyler Breeze would not be on Takeover, but the Wrestling Gods said “No we are going to give you a dream match”. Jushin “Thunder” Liger is going to face Tyler Breeze. If you don’t know who Liger is, understand he is a Japanese legend also you should use Google. Youtube is a great source too. Liger’s accomplishments are vast. There are too many to mention. Liger has wrestled in WCW, but never step foot in a WWE ring until now. I feel like this match is in Breeze’s favor. I’m not saying Liger could not beat Breeze. Of course Liger can. It’s just Breeze has so much more to gain than Liger does. Breeze’s stock and prestige would rise majorly. Breeze would be in line for a title shot or something big on the main roster. As much I love Liger, I see a beauty shot in his future. Unless he meets a shotei to the face or Ligerbomb. I really hope this isn’t a one off between New Japan and WWE. I still want my Nakamura and Bryan match damn it!
Winner: Tyler Breeze.

Vaudevillians-Blake-MurphyNXT Tag Team Title Match
The Vaudevillians vs Blake and Murphy (C)
Enzo & Cass lost their tag team championship match to Blake and Murphy at Unstoppable thanks to Alexa Bliss. I figured the feud would continue since both teams have female managers. This all changed when the Vaudevillians returned as baby faces. The Vaudevillians were in line for title shot the minute they returned. They won a majority of their matches leading to a number one contendership match versus aforementioned Enzo & Cass where they defeated them. Thus, The Manliest Gentlemen in the World vs Goldilocks and the Bad Hair was born. Blake and Murphy have defeated the Vaudevillians before due to Alexa Bliss. The Vaudevillians teased they had a plan to neutralize Bliss from interfering in this match, but that ended with both gents getting slapped (HOW CAN SHE SLAP!). I think the slap count is at eight. Could that plan be another lady? Could it be Blue Pants!? I hope it is! Then again it could be a completely new madam. We will find out on Saturday. If the Vaudevillians plan works I see them walking away as the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
Winners and new NXT Tag Team Champions: The Vaudevillians w/ mystery lady.

Joe-Corbin-WRSamoa Joe vs Baron Corbin
Joe Vs Corbin was established two weeks ago when Joe answered Corbin’s challenge and choked him out. The following week Joe met The End of Days. Personally, Baron Corbin bores me. The Bull Dempsy Vs Corbin feud could have been great, but it was canned the minute Corbin won. He doesn’t have much going for him besides squash victories. Yes I get it he is being built as a monster heel, but there needs to be more. The crowd (myself included) have grown tired of Corbin being shoved down our throats. Joe can fix this. If Corbin beats Joe that would make the NXT universe take Corbin seriously. He would be more than squash matches and can prove he can deliver when the pressure is on. This will make me furious if Baron Corbin wins. I get it he is a young rising NXT star and Joe is well known throughout the wrestling world, but SAMOA FREAKING JOE was brought into WWE just to lose a match to Baron Corbin? NO way. Corbin beat Rhino so we know he can overcome a challenge. This is Joe’s first Takeover! I mean he has to win right! I said the same thing about Sting at Mania and look what happened there. This is that situation on a smaller scale. I see a muscle buster and kokina clutch combo in Corbin’s future. I know this last part is off topic, but wouldn’t be cool if Joe was the guy who took out Hideo Itami?
Winner: Samoa Joe

Bayley BanksNXT Women’s Title Match
Bayley vs Sasha Banks (c)
Bayley’s quest for the NXT Women’s championship began the moment she returned from her hand injury. She took out her aggressor Emma, then her biggest roadblock Charlotte, and finally Becky Lynch in a number one contender match to get to “The Boss” level. Hehe video games. Sasha Banks started her reign by defeating Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Bayley in fatal four way match at Takeover Rival. Since then, Sasha has defeated two out of the three women in title matches. Bayley has proven she is not a joke just because she is happy-go-lucky lady; she is a serious competitor and wants to be a future women’s champion. You don’t get to be a part of the four horsewomen for nothing. With Sasha Banks going up to the main roster, I feel “The Boss” may drop the belt to Bayley and gain some respect for her as well. However, Sasha could crush Bayley’s dreams again leaving Bayley broken. It won’t be an easy task by any means. This will be another great women’s match just like Becky Vs Sasha at the last Takeover. Bayley’s momentum is riding too high for her to lose this match on Saturday, but don’t doubt The Boss! I think Bayley is going to take Shia’s advice and JUST DO IT! SHE IS GOING TO MAKE HER DREAMS COME TRUE! HUGS for everyone!
Winner and new Women’s Champion: Bayley

kevin-owens-finn-balor-takeover-brooklyn-600x300NXT Championship Ladder Match
Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor (c)
Welcome to the main event. This particular series of matches is tied 1 to 1.  On Saturday, Owens vs Balor may have its final chapter. Here is a little history, Owens and Balor had a title match back in March where Owens defeated Balor clean. Owens didn’t face the Demon then, but that would change a mere four months later. Balor tied up the series and won the NXT championship where his fame all started in Japan at the Beast in the East special. He beat Kevin Owens clean in the ring. The Demon rose to the challenge. Now we have the final round of the series. This rematch was made official at a comic con, a contract signing happened two weeks later, the ladder stipulation was added to make sure there was a definite winner. No screwjobs or shady refs. I am unsure of this match. On one hand, you have the demon Finn Balor arising again to defeat Kevin Owens for the second and final time (in NXT). It would make sense due to Kevin Owens pulling double duty on the main roster and NXT. The next feud for Balor would be an interesting mystery. It is not like there aren’t any heels for Finn to feud with. There is tons of potential. On the other hand, Owens losing would lighten the load on him road wise, but that lost would also miss potential rivalries in NXT for him. Owens winning the NXT title again wouldn’t be a bad thing. Let’s face it Owens next to Seth Rollins is one of the top heels in pro wrestling. Owens could feud with a bag of air and make it entertaining for the viewers. There are so many potential feuds in NXT for Owens to have as champ. Owens Vs Zayn (final), Owens Vs Itami, Owens Vs Crews, Owens Vs Joe, Owens Vs Breeze, etc the list just goes on and on. Whatever is the case, I’m torn. I feel as Finn will channel the Demon and defeat Kevin Owens one more time, yet I’m not opposed to Owens defeating Finn. In perfect heel fashion, Owens could claim to be the first man to conquer the demon after winning the championship again. I’m going to pick Finn Balor to successfully defend his title at Takeover. Either way this match goes we are going to be in for a treat as pro wrestling fans on Sunday!
Winner and still champion: Finn Balor

Well there you have it readers! I hope you enjoy Takeover on Saturday! It is going to be one amazing show and I can’t wait to see it! Up next: SummerSlam Predictions! See you there! Peace.



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