I’ve Got An Issue #13: U-Verse Internet Vs. Online Gaming

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

This one is going to be short and straight to the point.

Internet Connection Y U DO DIS?
Although I got the problem resolved today, I still feel the need to vent my displeasure with U-Verse.

Listen, I like you guys, but yesterday was a reason to hire a punter. A great punter to kick you out of my life.

So last night, I decided to play Splatoon for the first time(awesome game btw, you should get it to feel the rage I felt) with my cousin and Chris. The minute I loaded it up I was greeted with bright colors and a news update from the game. Pretty great I thought. I decide to play a game and the first thing I saw was “connection unstable” followed by “the connection has been lost”. Now at first I thought, maybe someone in Japan (Japan was on heavy at the time) had a bad connection and that caused the entire game to crash. Unbeknownst to me that is not how it works in Splatoon. I was about to find out it was me all along. I booted up another game. The same thing happened. I walked to the front and the U-Verse router modem was working properly. 3rd times the charm right? NOPE the same thing happened and then I had no internet or phone lines for some reason. U-Verse was screwing up.

Other Chris voiced his disapproval of U-Verse and I was beginning to see why. I couldn’t play any online games with it. It did this crap during awesomenauts and now it was doing it for Splatoon. I tested it. I could only play One out of five Splatton matches during Splatfest (DECEPTICONS FTW) without the connection dropping or seeing the dreaded words “connection unstable”. I really wanted to blame it on Nintendo and crappy servers, but it wasn’t the case. U-Verse was dropping every fifth time I played a match. I seriously thought U-Verse was an upgrade from the hell I went through 10 years ago with the worst internet on the planet. WE HAVE THE HIGHEST INTERNET PACKAGE HERE AND IT MAKES NO SENSE IT SHOULD DO THAT. IT SHOULDN’T ACT LIKE THE HELL THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO! The internet from ten years ago brings back flashbacks that I would rather not talk about for it was a terrible time. I made it work though, but it was an terrible time. Last night was a awful time too. It reminded me of those bad times. It also made me hate the Wii-U for not being able to play with my friends, Splatoon, and most importantly U-Verse for not holding a connection. Sigh rough times last night rough times.

If you are an online gamer, I would second guess getting U-Verse especially if you play a lot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it can be a bad time from my experience. It is not a bad service, if you are just going to be on facebook, check emails and play a casual online game or two. It is great. Just not efficient at heavy online gaming it seems. U-Verse’s customer service is the winner here. You can call them and they can fix your problems. Well they fixed mine for now…I tested a couple of matches in Splatoon and I only got one drop out of the five. I will see if they actually fixed the problem when I play tonight with the team.

Shame on you U-Verse, you are suppose to stay up like viagra. Don’t do me like that please. Don’t make relive those bad times. I like you.




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