I’ve Got An Issue #16: DEAR FAT PEOPLE…IT’S ME ZERO.

Welcome TO I’ve Got An Issue

Listen…..there is a whole lot going on that is pissing me off this week. SO many things. I really need to get a start on the podcast already so I can provide these issues in audio form instead of writing about all of them. Seriously there is too much. I was going to write about how my football team just lost (DAMN IT SAINTS), but I changed my mind. There is no need to do it. Why would I? I shouldn’t even be surprised. I know if I was going to do my original Idea which was combine all of the things that were pissing me off, I would run out of ammo. I need my ammo. I must conserve my ammo. So let’s go one issue at a time. Slow and steady!

Instead, I’m going to quickly hit the mute button on one Nicole Arbour for this video I’m sure everyone has heard about. If you haven’t seen it, it is called DEAR FAT PEOPLE. It is basically some skinny fit, blonde haired, white lady claiming to be your friend telling you [the fat person] that you should lose weight because it makes her uncomfortable. A wake up call in the name of comedy, she says. I personally hate the way the video is edited. She claims there is no fat shaming card because you [said fat person] have heart disease or high blood pressure. Also, big boned isn’t a thing because genetics couldn’t possibly work like that and fat people parking spots should be all the way in the back. SHE COMPARES THE BODY TO SMARTIES…well that’s dumb right? You know what else is dumb her definition of plus size. If you are plus sized, you have diabetes, bad knees and of course the aforementioned heart disease. There is also a story about a fat family in the airport. Her overall moral is she doesn’t want to lose you because of your bad decisions and poor habits. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A SASSY BIG BLACK WOMAN! SHE LOVES YOU REGARDLESS RIGHT? You fatty! Obviously, you got fat because you have no self control and like to eat 50 luther sandwiches a day. Good Lord, how are you still able to move? 50 of em gosh! Anyways that’s basically Dear Fat People. If you want the link to the video, look no further https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXFgNhyP4-A. Comments are disabled on the video despite her saying “feel free to use it” so don’t bother.

In the name of comedy, I chuckled probably twice. It was such a truth bomb that I chuckled twice. Actuality, I just blankly watched the video and knew all the hellfire that was going to come from it. I had the Nick Young face towards the end of it. You know the face. The video wasn’t that bad besides the really annoying editing, but the message can be toxic. “If you are fat, you are unwanted trash who continues to kill yourself with poor eating habits, but hey we cool right?” can be one of the messages. She has this misconstrued view of how fat people become fat. It is all in what you eat right? WRONG. It can stem from multiple reasons besides food. Darling doesn’t know that though. If she was your ride or die that she claims she is, Nicole would have had a conversation in the comments section and her a conversation with her fat or overweight “friends”. Instead she picked a sensitive topic and used it for subscriber gain. She even bragged about getting a thousand subscribers after that video (“I got 1,000 new subs in the last hour”). “Truth bombs” all in the name of comedy.

Oh, Miss Arbour, please don’t use comedy as a shield. There is truth in comedy sure, but truth comes when it is executed properly. Comedy can make people think and change. Your intentions to tell some fat people to put down the donuts wasn’t a brilliant execution of comedy. For example, one of my favorite comedians Bill Burr made “Fat shaming” comments on his podcast. He did it in a way that is hilarious. He shames himself in the mirror and says some of the most absolute heinous things to himself. Brilliant. Burr actually makes the truth (losing weight) funny. What you did was sloppy. The video wasn’t that funny and it comes across as downright mean and ignorant. Clearly you don’t like big people (that’s apparent in the airplane story) and that’s fine. Just say that instead. You achieved the goal of speaking on something you don’t know much about to get subscribers and it worked.

I would like to grace you with a little truth bomb of my own if you don’t mind.

I don’t think you get the authority to make common claims millions of people suffer from. Sure if you are going to be a comedian, do that, but remember you gotta actually be funny to do that. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and bad knees are not exclusively for overweight people. Yes overweight people are at a greater risk, but you can be twig fit and still have it. If you did a little research before you made the video, you could have learned something instead of exploitation for subscribers. Google is your friend!!! I’m not at all attacking you. After all I’m just some guy on the internet with opinions (the video wasn’t for me sorry) who is writing about something you did. You are probably a decent person. You got enough heat this week. Just know one thing since you are a ride or die of the people, body Image is a very difficult thing for everyone. For me personally, It was a struggle. I had to relearn how to eat basically and have control over stuff because when you can get whatever you want in excess as a spoiled kid you really don’t have control. Fast food was a vice because I was too stubborn to try the home cooked food. My parents should have nipped that in the butt, but they wanted me to be happy or shut up. SHAME ON ME. I would go back in time and slap younger me resulting in a charge. Does that mess up the space time continuum?  Thankfully, I was an active kid throughout all of this, but other things happened. Other things. Thankfully I’m passed that.

Body Image is a contextual rule. You can’t just assume someone is a fat ton of crap because they have no control or poor eating habits. Some people get depressed and then gain weight (HI THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO HI). Some people genetically are going to be big people. Some people have diseases that cause them to gain weight. Some people just have no self control and need a talking to. This is where I would introduce them to you because the video may or may not help them. It is a 50/50 chance right?!  Anywho, You just can’t know because they are big. I really can’t stand fitness rats complaining about big people like it is easy to just drop weight and eat right. It takes discipline. It also takes money. I didn’t mention that some people aren’t financially able to just go eat at whole foods every day or get high quality ingredients for food. They have to settle for fast cheap food. They don’t consider all of the little factors that get overlooked. Sorry Mr/Mrs. I go to the gym 20 times a day and post about it on social media. Great for you, but understand people aren’t you. Some may want to be, but everyone doesn’t. Humble yourself.

Listen I am not trying to be an asshole. I’m just a pudgy stocky fella who has lost and gained and lost weight in my life. I’m trying to be the best me I can be each day. I won’t allow a person to try to determine my worth because of my weight. I’m awesome whether you like it or not World. Miss Arbour you don’t know the context of how those people got to where they are in life. We all are trying to live in this hellstorm called life, it is ok to make jokes, but gosh make clever ones. Don’t use stereotypes as basis of jokes. Do research. I wish you the best in life Miss Arbour.

Hey reader if you are going through body image issues, understand you are loved, you deserve the best and don’t let anyone try to undermine you with their words. Keep living. Keep being awesome.
Till Next Time.

Your Ride or Die friend from the internet.



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