I’ve Got An Issue #18: Introverts X Festivals

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

Yesterday, I went out to NOLA on Tap with my cousin and some friends I play games with online. In my mind, I thought this would be a fun time of watching my two friends drink; be hilarious buzzed people/drunks while my sober mind takes notes on why I don’t drink and will remain a straight edge. Common sense would say if you don’t drink why would you even attend a beer festival? Well I went simply on the power of friendship plus I had nothing to do. I wanted to hang with my cousin too. It was also free. After one hour in, I was tired of the entire of idea of being there. I ended up being there for 6 hours with my cousin as we both complained and cracked jokes to keep our spirits up. By the time we left, we were both extremely salty and tired of the idea of festivals.

Don’t get me wrong, a festival can be fun if it is your scene. A beer festival and me don’t quite mix. Since I don’t drink, being around people who are drinking and having fun seems like a waste of time to me. It was like watching a TV on mute and trying to figure out why the actors are laughing. So I asked myself, would it be a waste of time if it was say a anime convention or e3 or an outside music fest like Voodoo fest.? Would I still feel like I’m wasting my time or would I still need to recharge after being around so many people? The answer strangely a mix between yes and no. Sure I would have more fun at these, but I doubt I would socialize more or have much more fun.

My issue doesn’t stem just with too many people, but with multiple things. For example, if it is an outside festival like the one I went to the weather can suck along with simple items like water being overpriced. You friends may wander off followed by walking a lot through so many people. There are lines just about everywhere inside or out. Parking can be awful especially at an outside fest because you can easily forget where to park leading to more walking. If you aren’t used to them you will be extremely tired and anger at yourself for feeling like you wasted your time. Most importantly, if it is not your scene you are going to be even more mad that you didn’t have fun.

To counterpoint my own point, big festivals like this don’t necessarily apply to all introverts. One of my friends is an introvert yet he is pseudo-extroverted when it comes to social situations. Yes he spoke with the people he knew and us, but he was able to speak with strangers about the beer he was sampling amongst various other topics. I understood how he did it, but at the same time I couldn’t understand how he was doing it. Some introverts are just more adaptable in social situations than others. I can be social with a bunch of friends I know who happen to know each other, however, if I barely know some people I am just introduced to I will be as quiet as a mouse. So I can do what my friend did too, just in a much limited setting.

Truth be told, If I did drink maybe I would’ve had more fun at NOLA on Tap. After all, it is a place to drink and sample homebrew beers. I suppose if you are into that kind of event you would have fun. I probably would still be complaining about the influx of people, parking, and weather if this was Mechacon, Voodoo fest or E3. I would have to go with a bunch of friends that liked that too. My cousin and I were simply oddballs out. We like our friends however, we didn’t like alcohol so that’s why we felt like we were drained at the end. I guess sometimes you have to be comfortable with an event before going because of friends. Unless you are married, because you’ll make sacrifices for one another even if it makes you uncomfortable.

One last question, do introverts like me feel the same at festivals?!

Till next time!



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