I’ve Got An Issue #23: A rant about something or nothing?

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue.


I have something to share. It is a little rant. This rant came out of a dream. A dream of subtle realization that lead to this rant.

Nothing is the same and won’t be the same ever. I wish everyone would cut the bull and understand that. It takes work for things to get fixed. It takes work for things to change properly. It takes effort. And all I can tell you is I barely see any effort which makes me think “hey this isn’t gonna change, we are walking in circles”. I’m tired overall, but I’m tired of walking in circles. Nothing won’t change. YOU CAN CHANGE it. You have the power to. This is obvious. I’m just saying nothing won’t be the same ever. You’ll never have cake and eat it too unless it is physically cake. This the only time you get to have cake and eat it. I thought you knew that already.  Nothing won’t be the same ever. You have to accept this in order for progress.


Friends come, Friends go, relationships start, relationships end, ties get cut, people change for the better or worse, people change, people change, you change, you care, you don’t care. What is important is how you take all of this in. Everything is going to change while it may feel like nothing. Your reaction is important. You either react like a little child who won’t let anything go and will do anything to get that feeling, relationship, friendship, job, money, etc back. You’ll change for the wrong reasons because you are chasing a ghost of your past. Did I mention things are gonna change? You know you have power right?  Option two requires you to let it all go, burn all those memories away,  say goodbye to this burning field of memories as much as it may hurt, hold on to one memento from it for nostalgia purposes, lock their ashes in a box, walk away, cry a little bit, cry a lot, hurt a lot, reminder yourself not to chase ghosts, flip em all off, be bitter, be upset, be pissed off, let it out, let it go, pray if it helps, forgive if you can, and live magnificently. You have the right to feel all of these emotions at once so don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel towards something. I cannot express how much I don’t like someone telling me they have been through the exact same thing. NO you haven’t. They aren’t in this at that moment. Sure the past offered that experience to a person, however, it won’t equal to however you are feeling. It doesn’t count once you have let all of the pain go to me anyways. So when they say they understand, make that into white noise. Some are legit trying to help so be aware of that and try to tell them as nicely as possible that they aren’t gonna get it. Listen to what they have to say though.

No one owes you a damn thing in this world despite the smiles and promises. You have to work at everything to get a little bit of something. Don’t be fool and fall for it. Be so self aware it is scary. Go get what you want. Be reasonable, don’t be a giant fool. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I learned that the hard way (That dream also made me realize why men and women talk to multiple partners at once. You gotta have options before you lock one down right? Another issue for another time). I have no idea where I’m going with this.  I know one aspect if any I would like you to take away something from this. Understand that nothing is going to be the same, everything changes, people & life are gonna let you down sometimes, you understand yourself better than people do, YOU have the power in most situations life throws at you, sometimes you won’t have any power due to everything being out of your hands, your reaction is important, and your past doesn’t own you. You own your past. The only useful objects the past can offer is things to avoid in the future or things to chase in the future. You are a winner, pink starburst, billion dollars,  fallout 4, the essence of love, the best thing since sliced bread, and royalty in your own little world. Don’t be a fool though.  Don’t let the world beat you down even though it may throw haymakers and quick jabs every. single. day. Stay strong. Compete with yourself, not others or the world. Don’t lose yourself in your sorrow or depression (been there done that rose from it). Go follow your dreams. Go find your wings. Go on an adventure. Go taking life one day at a time. Go at your pace.

Go Team You.

If no one is rooting for you, I’m rooting for you and I don’t even know you that well.

Till next time



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