I’ve Got An Issue #27: #WASTEYOURTIME2016

Welcome to I’ve got an issue!

Not to long ago on Twitter there was a trend with the title of #WasteHisTime2016 or #WasteHerTime2016 where men and women would basically post some of the most heinous ways to hurt a person emotionally. Examples were like thisWasteHisTime2016 3 WasteHisTime2016

WasteHerTime2016 2

WasteHerTime2016 3

WasteHisTime2016 4


And that’s just the cusp of the Waste Her/His Time tweets. I will admit there were two that really cracked me up because you can clearly tell it was all in the name of comedy. One was from Whataburger. I have declared them extremely petty.WHATTAWASTE

The other was something I’m sure actually happens to women, but it would be hilarious if it happened to a dude. It just really cracked me up!Preg

With the exception of those two, I asked myself should I just look at this hashtag for what it is. A trend. It is just a trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is just social media right? Just look at it as fun and games. It is another silly trend where people can steal other people’s jokes and repost them as there own! These people posting couldn’t possibly hold any truth to what they are saying right?


Some of these do reign as truth. I cannot look at that trend like good time between fellow tweeters because there are people out there that really do this. I feel like some of these people are proud of potentially creating a monster, serial killer, stalker, or a broken shell of what someone once was. Do you know what it is like to completely look at someone in a different light because they intentionally used or hurt you? I hope you never have to. I hope no one gets their shine stolen because some sicko things it is just “cute” that you love them or it is just “nice” that you care about them. People like that don’t deserve you or your time. Cut em off immediately because they have nothing for you if they take you being serious about them as some sort of punchline to a joke.

My question to people who actually do some of this stuff is simple. How could you do that to someone? Do you get off on hurting people to the point that person completely changes who they are? Is it fun to have someone emotionally connected to you? Is it fun to just have them in your backpocket? Their heart in your hands? Is it fun to crush that heart and watch them evolve to something better than you or something more devious than you?  I just want to know! I wish these people who find wasting someone’s time for pleasure get the absolute worst for them ten fold. Personally, you don’t deserve love till you realize that being a complete prick towards people isn’t the way to go about life. Who hurt you? Everybody hurts love, but who hurt you for you to get to this point?!

What pisses me off the most is that the same people posting these stupid jokes or actual life experiences are the same ones to complain about how they can’t find a real companion or how everyone is out here playing games!!!!? @SpaitoGaming nails it here!

*Swap guys with girls and good man with good woman* SWAP WHATEVER FITS FOR YOU.

I wish every single person who does this to people in their lives understand the irony of their complaining. That’s just hilarious to complain about no “good men and women” out here while you are just a dark abyss of a person who really shouldn’t be near people since hurting them emotionally and mentally gets you off you psycho.

You want the perks of romance, loyalty, and chivalry, but you love stupidity? What gets me is yall have the nerve to want to be treated like royalty when you act like villains? Come on…. Works.jpg You don’t get the perks of those is you decide to intentionally hurt people in the process. How dare you complain? The nerve! You deserve to sleep and date a dumpster. You deserve every STD and STI you encounter because we know you aren’t smart enough to use contraception. I hope your car fails on an important job interview. I hope you get cheated on, your side piece leaves you, and you get evicted from your house. I hope you get a hang nail. I hope your friends never pay you back what they owe you. I hope you the person of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare. I hope you never get weekends off. I hope your weaves cause you to be bald. I hope you get food poisoning at your favorite restaurant. I hope you fail your finals. I hope one of your friends cheats with your spouse/partner and go on to live happier lives while you be miserable for a solid 10 years hopping from person to person, station to station, and getting messed over every single time. Seriously, get bent. This is starting to sound like Chance’s verse on “Baby Blue”, but I don’t care. I truly hope you educate yourself on what love truly is because your definition is asinine, childish, and just plain stupid. Get it together. Apologize to those people whose time you wasted. Karma is a stone cold, unforgiving Beeyotch and will get you!

#WasteHisTime2016 and #WasteHerTime2016 is disturbing. It is a great reason to have trust issues with everyone. You just can’t like someone without there being a mound of bull$hit attached to it. We are supposed to be adults, yet some of us play these stupid games with people. You cannot aspire for a dream relationship when you think wasting people’s time is cute. You cannot have things both ways. How does it look to play games with someone who absolutely adores the living $hit out of you? No matter how you spend it you will always look like the bad person here. You pick one or the other. You either stick with what you have or you take a chance or a new experience. No one likes their time wasted. MOST IMPORTANTLY SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, IF NOT GO AWAY!

Society is freaking weird! It seems like getting messed over is the new norm while actual courting and getting to know someone is rare anomaly. Screw it, you are better of staying single working on your goals until you can find someone who actually gives a damn about you. Someone who actually loves you for you. I know there are good people out in the world. I have a message for you wonderful people, keep being awesome! I’m sure love is gonna catch you. If you are victim of you time getting wasted, don’t waste your time trying to hurt them like they hurt you. It isn’t worth it. Make the decision to either forgive them or forget them and move on with your life. You are all hidden treasures the world needs more of. Don’t let these negative idiots steal your shine! Some of them wish they could be in your shoes! Stay amazing!

Till next issue!!!



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