Don’t Love Me

You don’t love me

I shouldn’t have to second guess when you say It.

This entire game is frustrating

I feel you don’t know what your saying.

What you don’t wanna hurt feelings?

People pleaser

You just trying to be nice though? Huh

Lovely teaser

I don’t know what to do with this woe

Is it real

Or is it to keep me thrilled

I think deep down you already know what you want whoa

Game plan been set

Decisions been made

Can say I don’t know

When Im already ln or on something or someone

Definitely someone for sure

Your actions were written in stars

Predetermined like pro wrestling

When I hear I love you, I just keep on guessin

Such a dilemma in which you have the choice of stressing

Truth is me loving you could be a blessing dressed up as a curse to teach me a lesson

I shouldn’t have to question your intentions when you say those three words.


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