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I’ve Got An Issue #29: Love Is A Cruel Joke

Just when you think I’m gone forever! I pop back up feeling a little more clever! Well hello there! I’ve Got An Issue has been on hiatus for some time, but I’m back with it! I hope you enjoy this one. It is unlike most of the previous issues.  Consistency isn’t my strongest suit at the moment, but I’m working on it. I’ll be post more stuff soon…that is if I and I can get it together. Discipline and a schedule is needed lol. Enjoy everyone!

Love Is Cruel

Yesterday I had a thought: Love is a cruel joke.  This thought was followed by the expansion pack: Love is a cruel magic trick. You see I know that Love can be one of the most positive, negative, powerful, beautiful, and amazing experience that  a human being can go through. Let’s face it as cheesy and cliché love can be sometimes, Love is pretty awesome. Love is a wonderful feeling when it works out perfectly and a terrible after thought when executed poorly. I like to think of Love like mana in fantasy books and video games. You have limited uses of love mana, buy when it is created you have witnessed a spectacle. Love is full of magic that can build a lore that your grandkids will look back at and aspire to have one day. Unfortunately, real love is a rarity in this world. It is as rare as an unreleased album by Prince or unreleased studio session by The Beatles. So when you have it you should hold on as tight as you can. It makes perfect sense, hold on to awesome people because well other people can’t have them. It is natural to be selfish in this moment. Love is a beautiful gift from The Maker or whatever deity you serve. It is necessity we humans need in order to keep pushing through this thing called life. You can go it alone like Beck said, but isn’t it nicer to have a companion to go through life with? For most of us, the answer is undeniably yes.

One thing remains true, love is a cruel joke.

Why is it a cruel joke then? Why do I feel this way? You may think that what I said in the previous paragraph refutes that statement alone, but let me indulge you on why I think love is a cruel joke. I’ve seen this “joke” play out countless times in my life whether that’s personal or just an on looker from the other side.

Love is cruel because it can enable you to lower all your defenses at let a person see you for you. UH OH! There is a breach in your fortress and that person has made a room in there! You know so they won’t ever leave you ALONE! Love is cruel because you can show a person the real you, meaning you can expose your strengths and weakness to them hoping they will do the same for you. Spoiler alert: they never do. Darn it, they now know everything about me and will use it to their advantage! What do I win? Congratulations you have been courting a fallacy please enjoy our home version of the game: Cruel Lovers for great people! I swear that game is a best seller somewhere. Love is cruel because you can give yourself to a person freely only to be used. That’s right you just got punk’d only there is no Ashton Kutcher around to give you a hug and laugh at how dumb you looked. You thought those feelings were real?! Sir or Madam you are delusional. Love is cruel because you can give your all and it is not enough. Welcome to life ladies and gentlemen because that is going to happen a lot. Love is cruel because you trust someone just for them to eviscerate you and that trust. Oh yeah didn’t see that coming did ya? Have fun putting yourself back together. WHO KNOWS HOW LONG THAT IS GONNA TAKE HAHAHA! Love is cruel because truth and honesty just isn’t enough anymore. Do you have a side of cheating to spice up the relationship or I’m going to abandon you in general? This relationship was boring soooooooo somebody had to do something! Love is cruel because you can love someone to the moon and stars only for that person not to reciprocate that love to you EVER. Either you just aren’t forward enough or you are a diamond in the rough when the person doesn’t have the tools to dig you out of the rough.  They could be dense in the head or they know you love them dearly, but will never ever shoot that love back at you. Cruel isn’t it? Many reasons besides this classify love as cruel joke.

However, this isn’t a bad thing!

Maybe love is a cruel joke at times, but be thankful for the joke. Be thankful for that magic trick expansion pack. Be thankful for the experience. Guess what genius? I don’t know if you know this, but somehow you got through it. You persevered! You became a winner in your eyes. You believed in yourself to pull yourself out of the hole you were in. Sure it took you some time, but that cruel joke brought valuable lessons. You learned that everyone isn’t for everyone; some folks don’t love as hard as you do. This is okay! Hopefully, you know to rein your emotions back a little bit. You learned to sift through those who are untrue and false to find those who feel the way you do. I guarantee you will love them harder than any of your past loves because you are both sharing each other with each other. AWW SO ADORABLE!  Do you understand what I’m saying to you? You learned to catch on very quickly to situations where you aren’t making much progress love wise. You know where you stand and it is okay. Stand there, but don’t stay there! Move forward because it is the best thing to do. There are so many experiences down the road ahead! You learned how you love people. Each style varies. You may give it your all one hundred percent of the time, just to get hurt again, but that is who you are or you may be very cautious when it comes to loving people, but again that is who you are. Modifying that style and adapting to the way you love people is a process. Some of us can change it while others are either one style of many.

Yes, love is a beautiful experience crafted from magic, chemistry, trust, honesty, and real emotions.

Just remember one thing: love is also cruel joke yet you learned from it and now you can laugh.


I’ve Got An Issue #28: Valentine’S Day.

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue…

I’m gonna keep this one short. 500 words or less because who needs to be a crabby old young person complaining about being single for another year. Hooray for me yeah? I don’t see the point of doing that to yall because it would annoy me. I almost wrote an article like that today.


I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day with your sweetie or someone you love or family or yourself! DO I really mean that? Yeah I really do. I’m very glad that Valentine’s day is over.The only great thing that came out of Valentine’s day weekend was Deadpool! GO SEE IT! We are in the final hour of Valentine’s day! Now, we can go back to being our true selves for the rest of the year!!!

Now I hope you weren’t a bitter, self centered, lonely, sack of sadness like me this year because you don’t have a special somebody in mind plus you feel like you don’t have anything to offer to anyone when it comes to love. Please don’t be me. You deserve love. I do too. Depression catches me sometimes you know? Thankfully, I wasn’t completely emotional this Valentine’s day. Most of the time I get extremely depressed and just sulk. This time around I wasn’t really sad this year, it just was another day. I spent that day watching One Punch Man! The review is coming very soon by the way. Besides that my day was just meh.

I know this has been said at least once, but why do we treat Valentine’s day as the only day of the year we go all out or treat our significant other like they are the greatest thing that has ever happen to us? Don’t yall think that is a little silly to buy a ton of stuff for bae one day out of the year? SERIOUSLY, why do yall put all this pressure on yourselves for this day? WHY SET THE BAR SO HIGH OF HOW YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER OUGHT TO BE TREATED FOR JUST ONE DAY? Why do we do that? Is it easy to just have one day of expected gifts instead of being a bit spontaneous in the relationship? I guess so because some people make Valentine’s day seem like it is a life or death situation.

I don’t know about you, but if I was in a relationship, gifts could come at any moment when we are together. I feel if we are together and you are an awesome person AND you make me extremely happy in the process, I’m gonna spoil you with a gift or two.Who am I kidding? I’m going to spoil the crap out of you. 100 percent from me if you give me the same. *Sigh* Love is gonna ruin me I bet hehe.

In closing, I think Valentine’s day is absolutely stupid and the history behind it is disturbing. Go google that!

Till next Issue.


I’ve Got An Issue #27: #WASTEYOURTIME2016

Welcome to I’ve got an issue!

Not to long ago on Twitter there was a trend with the title of #WasteHisTime2016 or #WasteHerTime2016 where men and women would basically post some of the most heinous ways to hurt a person emotionally. Examples were like thisWasteHisTime2016 3 WasteHisTime2016

WasteHerTime2016 2

WasteHerTime2016 3

WasteHisTime2016 4


And that’s just the cusp of the Waste Her/His Time tweets. I will admit there were two that really cracked me up because you can clearly tell it was all in the name of comedy. One was from Whataburger. I have declared them extremely petty.WHATTAWASTE

The other was something I’m sure actually happens to women, but it would be hilarious if it happened to a dude. It just really cracked me up!Preg

With the exception of those two, I asked myself should I just look at this hashtag for what it is. A trend. It is just a trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is just social media right? Just look at it as fun and games. It is another silly trend where people can steal other people’s jokes and repost them as there own! These people posting couldn’t possibly hold any truth to what they are saying right?


Some of these do reign as truth. I cannot look at that trend like good time between fellow tweeters because there are people out there that really do this. I feel like some of these people are proud of potentially creating a monster, serial killer, stalker, or a broken shell of what someone once was. Do you know what it is like to completely look at someone in a different light because they intentionally used or hurt you? I hope you never have to. I hope no one gets their shine stolen because some sicko things it is just “cute” that you love them or it is just “nice” that you care about them. People like that don’t deserve you or your time. Cut em off immediately because they have nothing for you if they take you being serious about them as some sort of punchline to a joke.

My question to people who actually do some of this stuff is simple. How could you do that to someone? Do you get off on hurting people to the point that person completely changes who they are? Is it fun to have someone emotionally connected to you? Is it fun to just have them in your backpocket? Their heart in your hands? Is it fun to crush that heart and watch them evolve to something better than you or something more devious than you?  I just want to know! I wish these people who find wasting someone’s time for pleasure get the absolute worst for them ten fold. Personally, you don’t deserve love till you realize that being a complete prick towards people isn’t the way to go about life. Who hurt you? Everybody hurts love, but who hurt you for you to get to this point?!

What pisses me off the most is that the same people posting these stupid jokes or actual life experiences are the same ones to complain about how they can’t find a real companion or how everyone is out here playing games!!!!? @SpaitoGaming nails it here!

*Swap guys with girls and good man with good woman* SWAP WHATEVER FITS FOR YOU.

I wish every single person who does this to people in their lives understand the irony of their complaining. That’s just hilarious to complain about no “good men and women” out here while you are just a dark abyss of a person who really shouldn’t be near people since hurting them emotionally and mentally gets you off you psycho.

You want the perks of romance, loyalty, and chivalry, but you love stupidity? What gets me is yall have the nerve to want to be treated like royalty when you act like villains? Come on…. Works.jpg You don’t get the perks of those is you decide to intentionally hurt people in the process. How dare you complain? The nerve! You deserve to sleep and date a dumpster. You deserve every STD and STI you encounter because we know you aren’t smart enough to use contraception. I hope your car fails on an important job interview. I hope you get cheated on, your side piece leaves you, and you get evicted from your house. I hope you get a hang nail. I hope your friends never pay you back what they owe you. I hope you the person of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare. I hope you never get weekends off. I hope your weaves cause you to be bald. I hope you get food poisoning at your favorite restaurant. I hope you fail your finals. I hope one of your friends cheats with your spouse/partner and go on to live happier lives while you be miserable for a solid 10 years hopping from person to person, station to station, and getting messed over every single time. Seriously, get bent. This is starting to sound like Chance’s verse on “Baby Blue”, but I don’t care. I truly hope you educate yourself on what love truly is because your definition is asinine, childish, and just plain stupid. Get it together. Apologize to those people whose time you wasted. Karma is a stone cold, unforgiving Beeyotch and will get you!

#WasteHisTime2016 and #WasteHerTime2016 is disturbing. It is a great reason to have trust issues with everyone. You just can’t like someone without there being a mound of bull$hit attached to it. We are supposed to be adults, yet some of us play these stupid games with people. You cannot aspire for a dream relationship when you think wasting people’s time is cute. You cannot have things both ways. How does it look to play games with someone who absolutely adores the living $hit out of you? No matter how you spend it you will always look like the bad person here. You pick one or the other. You either stick with what you have or you take a chance or a new experience. No one likes their time wasted. MOST IMPORTANTLY SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, IF NOT GO AWAY!

Society is freaking weird! It seems like getting messed over is the new norm while actual courting and getting to know someone is rare anomaly. Screw it, you are better of staying single working on your goals until you can find someone who actually gives a damn about you. Someone who actually loves you for you. I know there are good people out in the world. I have a message for you wonderful people, keep being awesome! I’m sure love is gonna catch you. If you are victim of you time getting wasted, don’t waste your time trying to hurt them like they hurt you. It isn’t worth it. Make the decision to either forgive them or forget them and move on with your life. You are all hidden treasures the world needs more of. Don’t let these negative idiots steal your shine! Some of them wish they could be in your shoes! Stay amazing!

Till next issue!!!


I’ve Got An Issue #26: Kickers

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!!!!!

Picture this, we are watching a divisional football game where the visiting team has come back from a major deficit to possibly win the game. We are fans of the visiting team. The home team’s morale is dwindling down to its final gasp. We have this one in the bag! The visitors drive up the field only to be stopped on the ten yards away from the goal line. The clock ticks slowly to three seconds left in the game. The coach calls time out and sends the kicking team out to the field to clinch a major comeback and advancement to the championship game. IT’S GOOD! IT IS GONNA BE GOOD! WE CANNOT LOSE! Home team’s coach calls a timeout in a attempt to ice the kicker. Commercial break. This is the longest three seconds of our lives. We stand up, praying to whatever deity we are devoted to, bargaining for a victory, and shouting obscenities and threats to the kicker if he messes this up. Our kicker is 10 out of 10 from this range. It is basically a chip shot. A practice shot. We got this! So much drama. We return from commercial break. The commentators are hyping up this comeback and soon victory. The ball is hiked, set for sure victory, the kicker kicks his field goal 2016……………



Our jaws drop, the 10 out of 10 kicker misses the easiest shot in the game sending the home to the championship game next week. Our anger becomes uncontrollable as we turn into savages screaming at the TV while one of our douchey, but cool friends records us to upload to YouTube.

It’s the playoffs baby!

Nothing infuriates me more than seeing a kicker miss an easy field goal. A kick they can make blindfolded. Even when there is not a lot on the line, just missing an extra point because you can’t kick makes me sick. I’m not saying I could make these kicks because I am not a kicker. IF I was a kicker though, I would make sure I at least make all the easy field goals. I know Minnesota Vikings fans were absolutely crushed and probably were waiting with axes and torches for the kicker. I remember back when the Saints were going to go to the playoffs against the Jaguars back in 2003. WE were screaming and cheering at the miracle play prior to this kick! Then he hooked it and that kicker was dead to us. I feel your pain Minnesota. However, I do understand why the kicker could have screwed up something so easy.

In situations where a lot is on the line, you may screw up majorly at even the easiest actions. The nerves may get the better of you. However, you get paid to kick a ball for your entire football career! I’m sure from middle school to the big leagues you have been training every day to make big kicks like this. So when the time comes you should deliver!!! I’m sure coaches and fans alike expect you to deliver! Why is it so hard to block that thought of missing the kick? Why make it a reality? Tell me fellow kickers of the internet? What does that actually feel like? Missing Difficult kicks are one thing, but if I put the goal post dead center and you still go far right I just don’t know how you got this job.

I feel the same way towards missing free throws when you are Godlike at them. It’s one thing if you are like Shaq with free throws, you aren’t gonna make many, but when you are like Steve Nash with those free points and you just air ball em and miss that makes me blood boiling mad.

I know fatigue and the mind can play a role in these misses, but damn it kickers you have to relax! SURE the rest of the season lies in your foot! SURE you are gonna miss a few! JUST don’t miss those field goals that are gonna make or break your team! You are the ball, be one with the ball, be one with your foot, and send it home.

Jeeze I got real Happy Gilmore there.

Till next issue!


I’ve Got An Issue #25: Bad Parents

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

Remember the very first installment of this series? If you don’t, I spoke about how one parent shaved their step-son’s head because of bad grades and smoking weed while she was doing way more dirt than he was. Unlike math, both negatives did not equal a positive. I pointed out how hypocritical it was for that person to teach her step son the right thing to do while secretly that she was dong the wrong thing. Maybe I was wrong for making that my very first entry, but I was making a point back then. I do not know her and she may or may not be a bad person. It was wrong for me to judge her. I’ll admit that, but her actions was what I judged overall and they were wrong. So I apologize if any hurt came from it. One thing I do not like is bad parenting, but something I hate more than bad parenting is bad parents. Bad parenting doesn’t necessarily mean bad parents. I may disagree with the methods, but I understand for some cases why parents use some of these destructive methods (shaving of heads, breaking systems, mental abuse, spanking, etc). They do it out of love, however they should be corrected because those methods can have long lasting effects.

Now with that out of the way, I have an issue with bad parents.

What is a bad parent?

My definition of a bad parent is simple: A person who does not want to take responsibility in raising or taking care of their children. Also a person who only brings children into this world, but abandons them. Bad parents can also fall under people who just abuse their kids for their sick psyche or just a horrible person who shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.

The Issue

What I cannot understand is how your kids could not be your all? You and your partner brought a kid into this world or adopted a child now all of a sudden you do not want to take the responsibility of being a parent? I don’t get that. I feel like all of the “me” stuff has to be put on the side for great development for the kids because they become first priority. There are exceptions where the kids aren’t first because the relationship with the partner is toxic and you have to come to an agreement to not go insane. Infidelity does not count as one of these exceptions. All of my comments go to those who feel like they don’t have to take of their kids or teaching them morals or guide them in life. ALL of you who think your poop don’t stink, all of you who think they are going to be fine without you. I hope all of yall meet pike to the face. The minute you brought a life into this world, you signed a contract for 18 years or more to be a superhero to your kids. Why would you want to be a villain when they are gonna rely on you the most? Folks, it is not fair to act like they don’t exist while you are living the bachelorette or bachelor life. I mean what was the point of conceiving them if you weren’t going to do the hard work that comes after that? Was it to go on Maury, Hit The Quan, and make an ass of yourself on national TV? Was it to go on paternity court knowing damn well you got someone pregnant or got pregnant just to be like “HEYYYYYYY I’m ON TV!!!”.  15 or 30 minutes of fame is sickening if you are willing to go through all of that. I fear that is becoming a trend that will not die.

The kids did not ask for this drama, so why put them through it? Once the results get read and the courts have closed the case, you bad parents do something even worst. You play the manipulation game with your kids to make yourself not only feel better, but look like that superhero you signed up to be when they are gonna eventually find out you were the villain the entire time. That stuff seriously will mess up a kid’s mentality guaranteed. All in the name of the trend right? You gotta be trendy now a days even if that means being child raising children. Childish behaviors by adults are the dumbest thing an adult can do. Mature adults don’t involve their kids in their problems. I thought common sense and logic would point that out, but you know just like education that’s lacking in a lot of people.

Here is a side note still relating to those bad parents. I noticed that as I’ve grown older, paternity suits and Maury just are not funny any more. Remember this is where Bad Parents can hit their best Dougie or I told you so. I suppose shows like that are for our entertainment, but those people on those shows are going through a life changing storm which is no laughing matter. Then again it could just be a group of actors trying to make an audience feel in the name of entertainment.  It is worse when you see it happen to people you know and all you can do is watch the storm touch down because you have no power here *King Theoden laugh*.

Bad Parents seriously think about what you are doing because you owe your kids, and you are their superheroes…or villains they will eventually get rid of.

Till next Issue!


I’ve Got An Issue #24: Divorce

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue.

Today, we tackle the best alternative to being cheated on and taking it like masochist you are, divorce. Divorce is when you used to love someone, but you have to leave them because of a legit reason or because you are a complete piece of garbage who shouldn’t have never gotten married in the first place. You know who you are, you are like the person who can’t keep their eyes on their plate of food. You just looking at everyone else’s food, setting up appointment talking bout you are going to a meeting when you are really meeting up at a hotel to get a taste of the new food. Of course you have food at home, you committed too, but you just have a problem being faithful to the food that loves you so much. I see you ya sly dog you. A couple of years ago I would have said this was a sensitive topic, since I am a child of divorce, but I have matured. Amazing what a year’s time can do. This may be one of the worst Christmas presents for some families tomorrow. I think you are a complete jerk to ruin Christmas with yourself bullcrap. I hope that does not happen to any of you.

With that being said, let’s see a couple reasons why it would be ok to get a divorce.


  • Partner is abusive
    Let’s face it some people suck. These people can deceive you for years till you figure out how awful they actually are. From coming across as a knight in shining armor to a queen who has her own, people are great at faking it. They can hold a stance on not hitting or breaking down their partner, but after they get comfortable they hit either mentally with a hook or with an actual hook. By no means you should stay with someone who will put their hands on you or make you feel less than a person even if their sex game is top notch. You do not stay. Respect yourself at all times. Your partner should follow suit. A person who loves you would never cross those lines. Get that divorce and be safe.
  • Partner is toxic to your family and future.
    Toxic meaning poisonous to the family you are trying to build or your actual family. If your partner isn’t doing anything to benefit their life or simply refuses too once you are married you should absolutely leave. You cannot make a person do something they do not want to do. Your partner doesn’t have to like your family per say, but he or she should respect them since both family are becoming a union. Someone who is constantly fighting with your family is not gonna result in a healthy marriage. Again, your partner does not have to like them as much as you may like them, but respect is something definitely needed. Moments like this require action. If talking sense to them won’t work, divorce maybe a very smart action to escape the black hole your partner is trying to drag you in.
  • Marrying too soon
    Love can cause us to make some stupid decisions. Nothing is wrong with getting married quickly. Sometimes it works for young couples, while others end up regretting marrying someone without really knowing them. Sure things may have been sunshine and roses the first couple of years, but maybe you come to a point where you ask yourself “Is this what I really want”? If the answer is no, you need to sit your partner down and have the talk about divorce. Personally, I think it is key to get to know someone before you make the big decision to propose. If I don’t know you well enough or know deep down I’m not happy, it would be pretty silly to make a fool out of myself proposing on camera of course.  I advise you not to marry a person off of a one night stand or pressure because everyone likes y’all together. Do not get pressured into anything. Your happiness belongs to you and you do not belong to anyone. The same rules apply to dating.
    Pretty much self explanatory. I don’t know how long you kept your relationship alive with all the cheating on the side, but the audacity of you to propose or accept a proposal knowing you aren’t gonna be faithful. Shame on you. People like you should just stay bachelors and bachelorettes till you have that cheating bug out of your system. You are wasting someone’s time, someone who truly cares about you and wants to make things work out, but you can’t keep it in your pants or your legs closed. More power to you if you get a divorce because someone cheated on you.


    Seriously, this is one of the most common reasons people get a divorce. Instead of sitting down with their partner, talking about their transgressions, and looking for options to fix those transgressions, they decide to cheat and prowl for new vagina or penis. OF course, the secret will go underneath the radar for a couple of years until the person doing the cheating is sure they are going to get a divorce just to get married to the person they cheated with. Logically it makes no sense to get married, divorce, and get married again to someone you may divorce for another person. The process makes no sense, but it is bound to repeat. If your whole reason to get a divorce is to marry someone else, then you are not only idiotic and spineless, but you shouldn’t have been married in the first place. I feel like once two people get married they become a team and they should talk about their problems and try to work them out. As adults, we should at least do that. IF two people can’t work it out, then it is reasonable to get a divorce. I find it very unreasonable to get a divorce because you wanted to marry someone else. It is heartbreaking to hear stories and even see some of them play out in life.
  • Selfishness
    Compromise is a real aspect of marriage. Everything cannot go your way. If one tiny disagreement causes you to automatically want a divorce, then you should reevaluate why you got married in the first place. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. I know for a fact healthy relationships do not work like that. Grow up and speak to your partner. Quit jumping to extremes.
    Listen, if you have kids, your kids are going to be affected by the sudden divorce. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHAT DIVORCE MEANS. Look at me! I think I turned out ok! Anyways, I understand all marriages don’t always work out in the end, yet you should always consider your children. I feel like sometimes it is worth sticking together, working out problems, more deliberating on certain topics, and eventually coming to an agreement to make the marriage work for the children. Who knows a part of that agreement can be getting a divorce once all the kids are taken care of with joint custody. Seriously, you do not want a custody battle or your kids resenting you because you chose happiness over them. Both of those are ugly situations with terrible consequences. Finally, do not try to convince yourself that they are going to be ok because of your decision making…stop that.  Always keep your children in mind if you are considering a divorce.

And there you have it! To recap, you have every right to get a divorce if you are being abused or if the person you married turned out a toxic monster. I mean of course you stay with them if they turn out to be the toxic avenger because they are a superhero….from New Jersey. Sorry I couldn’t resist. You get a divorce if you married too soon and if you know deep down you can’t stay faithful. Definitely think about your children too before you go through with a divorce. No respect for you if you get a divorce for new penis or vagina or just being a selfish loser.

Till the next Issue!!!


I’ve Got An Issue #23: A rant about something or nothing?

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue.


I have something to share. It is a little rant. This rant came out of a dream. A dream of subtle realization that lead to this rant.

Nothing is the same and won’t be the same ever. I wish everyone would cut the bull and understand that. It takes work for things to get fixed. It takes work for things to change properly. It takes effort. And all I can tell you is I barely see any effort which makes me think “hey this isn’t gonna change, we are walking in circles”. I’m tired overall, but I’m tired of walking in circles. Nothing won’t change. YOU CAN CHANGE it. You have the power to. This is obvious. I’m just saying nothing won’t be the same ever. You’ll never have cake and eat it too unless it is physically cake. This the only time you get to have cake and eat it. I thought you knew that already.  Nothing won’t be the same ever. You have to accept this in order for progress.


Friends come, Friends go, relationships start, relationships end, ties get cut, people change for the better or worse, people change, people change, you change, you care, you don’t care. What is important is how you take all of this in. Everything is going to change while it may feel like nothing. Your reaction is important. You either react like a little child who won’t let anything go and will do anything to get that feeling, relationship, friendship, job, money, etc back. You’ll change for the wrong reasons because you are chasing a ghost of your past. Did I mention things are gonna change? You know you have power right?  Option two requires you to let it all go, burn all those memories away,  say goodbye to this burning field of memories as much as it may hurt, hold on to one memento from it for nostalgia purposes, lock their ashes in a box, walk away, cry a little bit, cry a lot, hurt a lot, reminder yourself not to chase ghosts, flip em all off, be bitter, be upset, be pissed off, let it out, let it go, pray if it helps, forgive if you can, and live magnificently. You have the right to feel all of these emotions at once so don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel towards something. I cannot express how much I don’t like someone telling me they have been through the exact same thing. NO you haven’t. They aren’t in this at that moment. Sure the past offered that experience to a person, however, it won’t equal to however you are feeling. It doesn’t count once you have let all of the pain go to me anyways. So when they say they understand, make that into white noise. Some are legit trying to help so be aware of that and try to tell them as nicely as possible that they aren’t gonna get it. Listen to what they have to say though.

No one owes you a damn thing in this world despite the smiles and promises. You have to work at everything to get a little bit of something. Don’t be fool and fall for it. Be so self aware it is scary. Go get what you want. Be reasonable, don’t be a giant fool. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I learned that the hard way (That dream also made me realize why men and women talk to multiple partners at once. You gotta have options before you lock one down right? Another issue for another time). I have no idea where I’m going with this.  I know one aspect if any I would like you to take away something from this. Understand that nothing is going to be the same, everything changes, people & life are gonna let you down sometimes, you understand yourself better than people do, YOU have the power in most situations life throws at you, sometimes you won’t have any power due to everything being out of your hands, your reaction is important, and your past doesn’t own you. You own your past. The only useful objects the past can offer is things to avoid in the future or things to chase in the future. You are a winner, pink starburst, billion dollars,  fallout 4, the essence of love, the best thing since sliced bread, and royalty in your own little world. Don’t be a fool though.  Don’t let the world beat you down even though it may throw haymakers and quick jabs every. single. day. Stay strong. Compete with yourself, not others or the world. Don’t lose yourself in your sorrow or depression (been there done that rose from it). Go follow your dreams. Go find your wings. Go on an adventure. Go taking life one day at a time. Go at your pace.

Go Team You.

If no one is rooting for you, I’m rooting for you and I don’t even know you that well.

Till next time


I’ve Got An Issue #22: Candy Corn: The bane of candy

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

In honor of Halloween, I have decided to write about the absolute worst of the worst of the candies, candy corn. I’m not a huge candy consumer. On rare occasions, I’ll chew gum and even rarer ones I’ll have a Reese’s peanut butter cup. This all started yesterday, when I was browsing through Facebook. I came across a status that stated “Why do people hate candy corn so much? They’re so good”. My friend who I’ll call T Liza posted this and little did I know a small rage slash rant was building. I found myself silently screaming at my phone yet calmly writing why I felt this way towards a candy I used to eat when I was younger. Younger me could care less about what it taste like. The candy corn was awesome then along with all the candy that could possibly damage my teeth because self control never developed as a child. Let’s be honest, it never develops as a child. The id is the king while ego and superego just nod in agreement.

I pondered what was the big deal? It is just candy. Plus I don’t even eat candy so what’s problem?






Maybe three years ago, I had some candy corn from a mix of candy left over from handing out candy. This was a rare event. I figured it would be fine since we had some gum that I abused because gum is my weakness. I mean candy corn can’t be that bad I thought. You know what I took away from that? Crippling realization. I TASTED NOTHING. I TASTED AIR. I TASTED A BLANK. IT TASTED LIKE ABSOLUTE DESPAIR AND REMINDER THAT YOU WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. IT TASTED LIKE THE BAD PART OF ADULTHOOD. IT WAS SOUL CRUSHING. THIS CANDY I USED TO LIKE HAS BECOME A SYMBOL OF REALITY AND BLANDNESS.

I say if you handed out any candy corn this year, you have insulted those children who knocked on your door this year. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY REALLY WANTED! NOT THIS SAD EXCUSE FOR A CANDY, NOT THIS COLESLAW OF CANDY (Ok I like coleslaw shoot me lol). They came for the decent sized Snickers, Milky Way, starburst, those little pretzels, M&Ms, Skittles, NERDS, Kit Kats, Twixs, Reese’s, Gum, and maybe an occasional apple because that one neighbor has to make a stand that “candy isn’t good for kids, but this apple sure is”.  YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS A STUPID STANCE FOR CHILDREN, BUT IT IS BETTER THAN GETTING A PILE OF USELESS CANDY CORN. NUTRITION FOR THE WIN RIGHT? HOWEVER, DO NOT BE CELERY OR CARROT PERSON, YOU ARE WORST THAN THE CANDY CORN PEOPLE. MY POINT IS, YOU KNOW WHAT THE KIDS TRICK OR TREAT FOR! The kids came for the elite of candy! They didn’t come for sadness, silent sighs, the realization you aren’t a cool for this, and confused looks. They aren’t trying to be reminder that reality is knocking soon and you’ll have to change your entire diet to not be ridiculed, lose your teeth or just die. Candy Corn is that reminder.

TO counterpoint, my own point there are some people who absolutely love candy corn. People who taste marshmallows instead of blank box I taste. That’s fine and dandy for them. Great for them I say. Maybe this candy doesn’t represent crushing defeat, reality and a slap in the face. The weird thing is I would probably be amazed that you could stomach more than one of those. I would want to be your friend, but never would say it. I would want to understand the happiness candy corn brings to you. I have so many questions and observations to make of you. Did I mention I would become a robot in this scenario?

To Counterpoint the Counterpoint, NO.

Candy corn will remain the bottom of the barrel of candy. It is the bane of candy on Halloween. DO not hand that out to trick or treaters. Do not be celery or carrot guy because candy avoided you as a child. You weird weird child. If you are going to give out a healthy alternative, do an apple or some naaaaaaaaaaatureeeebox. If you are gonna be the cool house, get that good stuff for the treaters. Spend a little money to bring a smile to some kids faces and frowns to the parents. You ruined their teeth. Remember, candy corn is the bane of candy and shouldn’t taste like one of these _____. That’s a blank.

Don’t be a candy corn.
Be your favorite candy of choice.
And if it’s candy corn….
I may have to interview you.

Happy Halloween and be safe!!!

P.S. WHY CAN’T ADULTS HAVE TRICK OR TREATING? Oh wait we got sexy outfits for significant others and bars. Sigh, loneliness and straight edge lifestyle won’t get those. EH.

Till next time!


I’ve Got An Issue #21: The Conversation Between Reason & Depression

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue.

Today will be a little different than the usual format. I’m not feeling to good mood wise for some reason and I wanted to share something that’s been brewing in my head for I guess years. I want to share a conversation between reason and depression. I’ve got an issue with it, always have, so I decided why not share. I may follow up in the future with a normal format dedicated to why depression is such a son of a bitch, such an unsung mental illness that gets swept under the rug. This conversation may help people, I may feel better after writing what is going up there. Here it is the conversation between reason and depression.


(Fade in. Matt is sitting on the couch typing up the next issue while it rains heavy outside. We go inside Matt’s head to see depression and reason bickering)

Depression: You are doing this again?

Reason: He has every right to write about this if he pleases.

D: You know no one reads this right? You aren’t even that great of a writer.
R: Really bruh?
D: Yeah. I mean if he was wouldn’t this blog be blowing up? Plus you are kind of a couple years too late on this whole blog thing. You should have started in high school. You were always writing then.
R: Popularity comes with time and then again it can always go viral one day. You have no idea what the future holds. As for starting in high school, he was in a different mind state back then. Everything works out the way it is supposed to.
D: Really? Tell that to life. I suppose innocent people dying is for no reason is the way it was suppose to work out right?
R: Idiot those are two different things. I’m saying in his case the timing wasn’t right. Your dumb ass example doesn’t apply to what I’m talking about. No one knows the means or when a life can end.
D: Sure. I know I can make a life end. I know I can end all this pain for you Matt if you just listen to me. I can make all the pain go away if you just listen. All the pain this world has brought to you from family problems, divorce, rejections, bullying, not feeling good enough, feeling like the higher power is dealing you a bad hand, feeling like you’ll never amount to anything, you name it I can fix it. You know the saying you die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Just—
R: You aren’t ending this one despite your multiple goading. Cut it out. You are sick. Matt listen to me, you have a awesome life. You could be way worse my friend. It isn’t that bad. All good things come with time. Whether you believe or not sometimes, understand the higher power dealt you a very decent hand. Now for not feeling good enough, you need to understand that you have the power to change anything that is plaguing you. Whether that is people, family, friends, losing weight, gaining more confidence, you name it you can fix it. You can even get rid of depression
D: He can’t get rid of me. I’m his long term girlfriend/wife. We got married in middle school and he ain’t even know it. *Milly rocks and dances*
R: Yes he can. He can get rid of you. Depression please, everyone knows I’m the one he’ll never forget. As smart as he is, you already know I’m the one. We perpetual and you on some ephemeral forcing mistress shit.
D: I can get him to do it.
R: You can’t get him to do anything not as long as I’m around. He has free will, he isn’t ruled by you. All you can do is make him sad.
D: If it was just me and his id I can make it happen.
R: Not as long as his ego and superego are in check. You have no power here. Matt this depression is stupid bih. Cut that bish off.
D: Oh really? I have influence! I am the sole reason all of this exists talking bout I have no power here.
R: Bullshit. Don’t listen to D. Salty ass just mad at the world and wants everyone to feel it.
D: Believe me, Matt I’m the reason this exists. You didn’t create this to just write…you created this to get away from me. Every time something bad happens, I make you pick up that pen.
R: This isn’t true Matt, you did this because you always wanted to do it. It was a dream of yours to write, whether it is profit or just for fun. You love writing you don’t do it to run away from depression. You pick up a pen because you are creative. Don’t listen to this loser.
D: Don’t listen to reason, you know deep down I am the true reason for all of this. I am the reason you wrote those stories. Creative my ass. I am your fuel, you need me and all those bad things to happen so you can become a greater “creative” if you want to use that label. Think about it. Getting rejected by that girl you like so much made you do so much in response to it. How is that friendzone working out for you buddy? I mean you should be the mayor of it because you are always there. Think about it. Matt that’s why no one wants you because you don’t have any drive or initiative to take action. YOU LET THINGS PASS BY. Getting bullied made you embrace me more than anyone else. I made you create to cope. I made you become who you are. I made you see how people truly are. No one cares about you, but me. It is just me and you at the end of the day. No one will understand us. And your parents divorce haha—
R: YOU SHUT THE HELL UP. Matt please don’t believe anything D says. D absolute bullocks. This is the same spiel D uses on everyone. D takes all of the bad and uses it against the person that D’s effecting. D doesn’t care about you, D doesn’t understand you. D is simply a user who wants to take everything from you including your life if D got the chance. Depression is the greatest loser on the planet. You don’t want to become the embodiment of what you hate. Matt is a creative soul. He makes things to feel better. YOU don’t make him make the things, he chooses to! Listen, his parents divorce, the bullying throughout schooling, the rejection from the girl he loves, all made him stronger. Those things made you smarter too Matt. Those moments inspired things you have created or will create one day. You made the decision to create things and you felt much better instead of harboring those feelings. Creating is a healthy way to self repair. Understand, Matt knows Matt better than anyone ever could right now. One day there will be a person who knows you better than you, heck maybe there is someone who already does. Don’t ever feel like you are trapped with just Depression because Reason is always right here. Think and don’t listen to this bully.
R: That’s what I thought D. You had your little moment today with making Matt feel sad, but you can take a seat. Go away.
D: I’ll see you soon Matt.
R: AND I’ll be right here waiting! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! MATT let’s enjoy this rainy day, you love days like this! Plus Hell In A Cell is tonight :)……..

(Reason continues talking, Matt smirks and takes a deep breath)

Matt: Everything is going to be fine. One day at time. Now where’s the food?

(Fade out)

I hope this helped anyone going through depression. Please listen to reason, don’t let depression bully you! Talk to someone, do something creative, have fun, don’t let depression get the last laugh! ALSO if someone says they are depressed, please listen to them and talk to them. Do not say “get over it”. Quite frankly you sound like a prick if you do say that to someone with depression. Keep fighting!

Till next time!



I’ve Got An Issue #20: The Friendzone

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

Oh gosh this is going to be a fun one! Today’s topic is this phenomenon called the friend zone! If you don’t know what this “zone” is, may I enlighten you? According to google, the friend zone is “a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other”. WHAT A CLEAR DEFINITION! Also, friend zone is a noun if you didn’t do too well in English class. I mean I thought that would be obvious, but you know some people just don’t know what those are. May I share a little trivia for the friend zone as well? Did you know there was a TV show on MTV called Friendzone who confess to their best friends in which the said friend would either give it a shot or just crush their dreams like Rusev crushes backs…and Lana. RUSEV MACHKA! DID YOU ALSO KNOW THAT THIS SHOW LASTED FOR FIVE SEASONS? FIVE ENTIRE BROKEN HEARTED & CHANCE GIVEN SEASONS! HOW THE HELL DID THIS LAST THAT LONG!!!? HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU WATCH A PERSON BASICALLY TURN INTO A MONSTER OR BECOME EXTREMELY HAPPY? HOW!? Wow is all I can say. The friend zone can be a awful place to be in because you want that person to look at you the way you look at them. However, I propose this question: What if the friend zone doesn’t actually exist?

Personally, I used to believe it was real. I used to think girls would do that to people they know like them a lot, but won’t give it a shot. I even watched the first season of Friendzone (SERIOUSLY THERE WAS FIVE SEASONS!) and related to the failures more than the success stories on there. It was liberating to see there was hope for some who laid it all on the table and got a shot. I gotta tell you when you are young and every person you catch feelings for does not reciprocate the emotions you have for them, you can believe anything to make yourself feel better about rejection. Oh rejection you ugly son of a bitch….stop eating all the snacks and pay your rent. At that time, the friend zone made the most sense in all my rejections, but as I grew older and matured I realized that wasn’t an answer I could accept in my life. Clearly it was flawed logic. It took time, but I had to accept that I was simply rejected despite how awesome I may think I am (at times, let’s be honest I ain’t shhhhhh ever). It was very humbling experience. Yes, I got rejected, but you know what? That is completely OK! I’m not going to say there are plenty of fish in the sea to make myself feel better or say I was “friend zoned” because no one could possibly not like me.

Guess what ladies and gents? There is no friend zone…stop saying that there is. You are only hurting yourself beloved. Rejections sucks, but denial is way worse!

I think there are 3 type of people in this love game.

  1. People who strongly share mutual feelings of love towards you as you do to them (I’m not talking the friend love where you care about them, but you aren’t about to be in no relationship with them. Anyone can care lol.)
  2. People who fake those strong feelings you have for them ONLY when you do something for them whether that be a gift, buying them something, taking em out to eat (If that’s not your man or woman, GO DUTCH all the time), paying bills, and being an emotional support only for them, but they are never there for you. Where those feelings now?
  3. People who just cannot like you in that way. Please do not force them to do so either

The second type of people are the worst.

Listen to me, you are worth someone loving you. It may take a long time to find someone who complements you very well or that person may be right around the corner waiting to put you in a headlock taking so long to show up while their heart was getting broken. I know yall had to see that video on some sort of social media site where the guy did that to his girlfriend and began to cry lol! I’m still waiting for the moment I meet that lady, everything changes, and I put her in a headlock. Playfully of course. Domestic violence is weak and toxic. JUST LIKE THE FRIEND ZONE. Don’t fool yourself with the idea that every person you have strong feelings for friendzoned you. Maybe they just don’t like you in that way. It is very reasonable you know? No one owes you an explanation on why you weren’t picked unless that person in question feels the need to explain clearly why. If the pain is too much for you, just stop being friends with them. Sometimes too much contact with the person who hurt you isn’t going to benefit you. You may need some alone time with yourself. It is going to be ok and life is going to move on trust me.

It pays to be optimistic. You don’t have to be blindly optimistic to the point where you aren’t sounding realistic. You want to be realistic while maintaining that optimism. Optimism is strong tool…it is a freaking superpower! Also, don’t think you need to be with someone to be happy either. It isn’t about needing a person to provide that. You can be happy all by yourself. Just be optimistic that you may meet that special someone who will play a huge role in your life. Whether that is your soulmate or best friend for life. Don’t let rejection ruin your character. Adjust and learn. Do not self destruct within yourself. Focus on you and your goals! Get things you want accomplished! Be comfortable in your skin! Travel! Read a book! Write! Play some video games! Watch some anime! Work out! Do what makes you happy! Enjoy this gift called life! You deserve love and one day it is going to come you whether that is with someone or within yourself!

Stay focused and remember the friend zone does not exist!

Till next time!