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The State Of The Blog/ Year End Address.


Hello Readers!!!

I know some of you are like:
A new article? Do my eyes deceive me? Is this some sort of April fool’s joke? No we’re in December? WELL WHAT THE HELL? I thought the blog was over?  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHY DID YOU STOP”?

All of these questions will be answered reader. Let’s get this out the way to quote the Gabbie Show and any restaurant that see you twice in a night WELCOME BACK! Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back Matt-er….since my name isn’t kotter. I think this reference may go over a couple heads…well I showed my age I guess or my knowledge of old 70s TV shows lol. This is not a holiday joke, it is December.

December 31st to be exact. 2016 is coming to a close and yeesh it has been a doozy. Well it hasn’t been a complete doozy to me because I’m still in the land of the living continuing to see another year. It’s truly a blessing. It was just mentally taxing which made it a mental doozy? Does that make sense? Anyways 2016 has been cruel to the entertainment business. We lost so many talented celebrities from musical genius like Prince (I wrote an article about that the day it happened…it was a rough day), David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Billy Paul, Alan Thicke, George Michael, and so many others. IT is a long list of musicians people. We lost actors like Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Alan Rickman, Abe Vigoda, Anton Yelchin, Doris Roberts, and again plenty others. Muhammad Ali died…..just damn man. It has just been rough. Celebrity deaths is just the tip of the iceberg.

2016 is rude and it doesn’t care if you blame it if your favorite passes away. All I know is we won’t speak about it. AND 2016 DON’T CARE IF YOU MAD ABOUT ANY OF THE EVENTS IT CREATED. CONTROL YOUR REACTIONS

I think what makes this year stand out in celebrity deaths is that there were so many in so many different fields. TO play devil’s advocate though, this is going to happen next year and the year after that and so on and so on. Death happens in all facets of life whether we are prepared or not. I think the only way to combat this is to control our reaction to it. Trust me it sucks. Bowie’s passing to the galaxy felt like a knife going being permanently stuck in my heart, Prince ascending hurt my soul like a member of my own family passed away. The point is I took my time to grieve and I’m still kinda of grieving, but I knew a days like those were coming. I just didn’t want it to come. It take time to heal when you lose some one whether that is a celebrity or a family member…This will take time and this too shall pass.

Now where have I been and why did I stop? I’ve been on hiatus for a number of reasons. Reason number one: I honestly needed a break after the Parasyte review. I realized after that review I was not happy or felt like writing anymore. I LOVE WRITING, but I do not want to become one of these people that ends up hating it. I also don’t want writing to transform into a chore. You know I don’t want to just pump out a bunch of reviews, stories, thoughts, rants, etc if there is no quality or heart behind them. Quality over Quantity. I could have did more. I did go to Paisley Park and watch a Viking game, but that’s a story for another time. I’ve just been getting my mind together before I come back on here writing. I want to produce great material and explore different options of telling stories and doing my reviews besides writing. Maybe I should go to youtube or record audio versions of my reviews so you can listen instead of read? I’m not sure yet, but expect some experiments coming in the future.

Reason number two: Besides the break, I really got discouraged. I felt that this blog was pointless, no one was reading it, and none of my friends were supporting it like I thought they would. I really thought my friends would re-post or at least read the blog. I understand everyone has their own lives and they can be busy, but I know it doesn’t take that long to read something. Then it hit me, a lot of people don’t read. The way people receive information is different, and I need to cover all bases. I wish people had more time to at least read a story or a review and give me their feedback on it. I realized that I shouldn’t care if my friends support me or not. I’m doing this for myself. I shouldn’t compete with other bloggers, I shall continue to focus forward instead of looking at what such and such is doing or whatever. It is safe to say the discouraged phase is over.

Reason number three: I hit a creative rut. It happens from time to time. You want to write a great story or do an awesome review, but sometimes you can completely just blank out. I did that alot. My mind was not as focused as it is now. I’m gonna take my time with all of my projects instead of rushing them out there.

Reason number four: An inner battle with myself. Let’s be honest, depression fucking sucks (sorry to the sensitive eye readers…that’s the only F bomb in this post). It got a major grip on me in April and I didn’t break away from it’s grip till December. The Paisley Park trip changed my freaking mentality on life. Instead of sulking, I should be celebrating every day I get to breathe, to eat, and to ultimately live. I shouldn’t be depressed over such minute things like not having a girlfriend or the great paying job or being able to do special things for my parents like send them on vacation or going on random road trips with my small circle of friends. I shouldn’t focus on what I don’t have, instead I should focus on what I do have. People I must tell you I’m very blessed to live the life I live. I am able to even have a blog, hell to have a bed or roof over my head. I have wonderful family and friends. I have a small fan base on here. I’m thankful & grateful for everything. The good and the bad.

Reason number five: I was lazy. There is no excuse for that….If I complain that people don’t read this blog, but I don’t produce enough content who’s really at fault? I need to actually deliver content when I say it is coming instead of apologizing when I’m late. Late gets you fired in the real world. From now on If I say a review is coming this month or this specific date, it is going to happen on that date.

Now you know why I stopped writing. It’s not like anyone was asking lol. NOW EVERYONE KNOWS DELIGHTFUL!

This is starting to seem like a downer so here is some good news. The good news is I’m back. I’m going to try new ways to get my content to you all. I’m going to be on time. I’m not gonna make excuses. I’m going to be the best that I can be at this! Most importantly, I’m going to have fun doing all of this because that’s what life is about; Having a good time. There will be some good and some bad, but this is all in good fun. Who knows I might land a haymaker or two that propels me to the moon! I may start another blog devoted to just one topic too instead of having them all on one. I MEAN THERE ARE CATEGORIES, BUT YEAH WHY NOT!



Purple Galaxy 3.jpg


One Punch Man Review

One Punch Man 3.jpg

Hello Internet! Today is a special day to review a special anime that is becoming a phenomenon! I’ve been avoiding this show for a while because I just didn’t believe the hype. Also, I cannot stand shows that are hyped by the anime community as an awesome experience when in reality it falls short from its expectations. Thankfully, One Punch Man did not fall short. It has only been a year, but One Punch Man has achieved cult status. After viewing the show, I completely understand why because One Punch Man deserves all the praise it has been receiving. Welcome to my special leap day review of One Punch Man! In honor of Saitama, this review will be 1000 words or less.

Story: 8
One Punch Man.jpg

The story of One Punch Man is simply hilarious. It pokes a lot of fun of the traditional tropes of an shonen anime. You know a hero trains to get stronger, loses, finds out there is a big boss, loses, gets stronger, filler, gets stronger, and eventually beating the big boss for the grand happy ending leading to another big boss or season 2. This show does none of that. Instead our protagonist, Saitama, breaks all of those rules. He is a hero for fun who is extremely overpowered to the point he is bored of fighting. For a second, I thought Saitama was struggling with his humanity while exploring deeper ideas besides finding an opponent worthy of fighting.I guess that’s just me. Saitama is joined by a cyborg named Genos who has a very decent story as well. It was quite shonen-ish, but great overall. I’m not gonna go into too many details because who needs a long ass origin story or explanation. Just know when the adventure begins, be prepared to enjoy the journey because I did.

Animation: 10OK Saitama.jpg
IT’S A MADHOUSE! MADHOUSE is simply amazing, I don’t know what else to say. I don’t think I have ever seen a bad Madhouse show. The animation is flawless, crisp, and simple. The OK Saitama face is definitely a highlight along with just about every scene Tornado is in. I left it for you to laugh at. LAUGH WITH ME DAMN IT! LOOK IT IS MADHOUSE…MADHOUSE IS NOT GONNA LET YOU DOWN. THE ANIMATION IS VERY PLEASING TO THE EYES BECAUSE IT IS MADHOUSE!

Music: 10One Punch Man 5.jpg
ONE PUNCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Listen, yall this is one of the best opening theme songs I have ever heard in my life. I’m not exaggerating it is as simple as that. “The Hero” will get you so pumped, so hyped, so prepared to take on the world and punch stuff! I scream the One Punch part every time I hear it. Jam Project knocked it out of the park with this theme.


ISN’T THAT AMAZING?! This song alone gives the music score a ten! BTW the ending theme (“Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru (星より先に見つけてあげる)” by Hiroko Moriguchi) is pretty awesome.

Here is that theme for your listening pleasure.

Characters: 10One Punch Man 4.jpg

Saitama – The strongest hero in the universe point blank, I am declaring Saitama the strongest human in the anime universe. In order to become a hero, Saitama went under an intense training & diet regiment to obtain his goal to the point he went bald. He has acheived that goal and you would think he would be an egomaniac. WRONG. Saitama is a laid back, care free, frugal, hero for fun that world doesn’t seem to notice despite Saitama saving the city frequently. Saitama is the king of training and sales at the supermarket all at the age of 25.

Genos – The lone cyborg willing to get stronger under the training of Saitama. Genos is very loyal, but he is extremely serious like most shonen characters. His origin story created the classic “20 words or less” rule which I find very amusing. I was thinking the show was gonna shift more towards his story at one point. If this show as about Genos, this would have been your typical anime about one character’s journey to retribution.

SUPPORTING CHARACTERS -NOW listen I am not gonna name every single supporting character because EVERY SINGLE SUPPORTING CHARACTER IS FREAKING AMAZING! THEY ALL ADD SOMETHING TO EACH EPISODE! IT may be a little moment or a one liner, but damn I gotta admit this show made each one of the supporting characters feel important when they were on the screen. I absolutely loved the way this show treated their supporting cast because each one of them could have an episode or an series or OVA about them. Mumen Rider is hilarious while Handsome Mask the other word for a male rooster! The heroes association alone could have an anime & I WOULD WATCH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

Additional MentionsOne Punch Man 7.jpg
1. A huge thank you to Shingo Natsume for directing this anime and making One Punch Man everything it is supposed to be.

2.  I had thought that left me a tad conflicted. While Saitama is extremely powerful…ok over powered, would I be rooting for him if he was the villain of the anime? I think the answer would still be yes. Saitama is likable and I think that’s what sets him apart from antagonist that are considered cheap (I’m looking at you Aizen). What do you think?

3. Second season please?! PLEASE?!

ConclusionOne Punch Man 6.jpg

One Punch Man is simply amazing. It was a wonderful ride that pokes fun at the shonen genre along with tropes of anime. The story isn’t something too memorable, but it is hilarious. Everything else besides that is perfect. I can understand how some people may not like OPM since everything ends in 1 punch & the comedy may get a bit repetitive sometimes due to the punchline is the same despite a different setup. Besides that, One Punch Man is an amazing anime that I highly recommend you to watch!

Saitama can beat just about anyone…yep I said it. GET ON THE SAITAMA TRAIN

Final Score: 9.5

Till next review!



Hey all! May has just been an eventful month! I’ll fill you in later, but I have a very short story (I guess) for you! I wrote it like 2 hours ago and just finished it. I figured since it is the last day of the month and no story has arrived….I should share! June is going to be a fun month! New stuff is coming! Updates coming soon! Till then enjoy “YOU”!


You see people like you make the world such an awful place. Yet, you are can make the world such a wonderful place. You types are needed to bring balance to this world. You aren’t ideal, you aren’t the first choice or maybe you are all of those things. You perceive that you can catch the eyes of people who never thought someone like you could get someone like them to feel how they felt. You are an anomaly in their world and maybe this world. You are special, but you made them seem normal for a while. You brought them to their highest highs and their lowest of lows within your speech, gaze or decisions. You are aware all of those attributes mentioned hold heavy weights on your heart, mind and spirit. You notice that everything you do is difficult despite how easy you make it look. You see some of those people you touched in your time here really need and love you. They aren’t clingy, but they rely on you sometimes to assure them that “everything is fine”, “you are loved”, “you are special” and “it all gets better in time”. You told them that. You believed that. They sometimes were skeptical. You knew they would believe you in the end though. Despite that, you chose to take that little sense of normalcy away from them. You had to do what you had to do. You deserve freedom too right? You can’t save them all!? You are correct. Nonetheless, you reassured the notions they had all along in their minds. You made them feel damaged, broken, heartless, and bitter to the feeling of positivity again. You really did a number on them!

You know the saying though “if it is too good to be true…it is” they should have learned.

They should have looked for answers within themselves and fight all the negative thoughts away instead of relying on a sole person to do that for them. They should have been their own support system if they could. They should’ve love themselves as a child loves their imaginary friends. They should look at life through the lens of a child to be quite frank. Their experiences should all be looked at as new ones so they don’t compare those to the experience of you. They don’t know why they love the essence of themselves so much, but they do it because they can. They should think positive about you besides the fact of what you did to them. They should know the world is full of possibilities, people and presents that can be waiting at their door. They should know you didn’t mean any harm what so ever. You recognize that all this is easier said than done. They aren’t going to change in a day. They are going to feel as if revenge is the only answer or forgetting all this happened. They could accept the present, but it won’t feel right to them. They now notice that they shouldn’t have relied on you like a warm shoulder during a break up or a calming hug after a bad day. They notice this. Still, you cannot blame them for feeling the way they did because they held you in such a high regard. They don’t do that for anyone, but you were special. They held you as if you were their impregnable lifeboat to save them from the storm of misery that plagued their lives. Unfortunately, they didn’t think an unbeatable lifeboat could capsize sending them back into the waters.

You see every word written here is to remind you what you did to them. However, it is to remind them not to think it is ok that you suffer just as much as they suffered. You both are conscious enough to know that no one is to blame for something you had no control of in the first place.

You are both realize fairness is when everyone gets everything they need. The keyword is need not want. You both may not get what you want, but it is important that you both get what you need.

Maybe both parties can start by forgiving their “you” or “them”. You do have the choice. You also can “forget” everything too, but you won’t truly forget when someone has touched your life like that. You have the power to change how you feel about anything. You are much stronger than you think you are; you will not downplay the greatness of you because you can’t get over “them” or vice versa.

So I have one question for you.

Have you made a decision?



Hello all! Welcome back! It is story time! This one is called TMI. I applied some information I just learned from a book I just finished along with a joke from one of my closest friends! What up Wheelman! This is the one about the stalker comment you made bruh bruh you made it! Of course, it isn’t what you think because when I get a hold of something it changes. The idea changed overall and my big heart decided to write a story. It turns out I’m not as cold hearted as I thought I was. I am just a bit cold.  This story could have took a dark turn quickly, but I’m glad it didn’t. This is a fun one. Please enjoy TMI! Thanks! – MCZX


It is Saturday, the clock reads 9am. I am resting from a wild night of partying. It is senior year of college and I’m enjoying the last of it. I’m not looking forward to the big leagues, but it will happen eventually. My sleep from my drunken stupor is interrupted. I am not a heavy sleeper if you can’t tell. I hear shuffling feet in the grass. I live alone and I did not go home with anyone so I know it isn’t anyone leaving my place. Normally, I would be more alert. “Could it be burglars?” I softly said to myself. I thought about and it couldn’t be. Burglars don’t rob houses at 9am that would be asinine. I stopped reaching for my weapon next to my bed and began to think a little more. “Oh….it’s that” I said. You see I already know who it is in my backyard, near my window or even at my front door. It is a person I have history with. A very lengthy history. I wouldn’t considered her an acquaintance or a friend. Just one person I was a bit too nice to back then.  Gosh, I wish I was a bit meaner at times. I’m about to confront her for hopefully the final time about this because someone doesn’t understand what a restraining order is. I have a unique plan that may work and may rid me of this “problem”.

If you haven’t read between the lines, I have a stalker. Her name is Krystyna. My name is Rob and this is our odd story.

Before, I get into what exactly happened that caused all of this I want to tell you a little bit about Krystyna and myself. Krystyna was an odd ball. She was a 5’4” bombshell with beautiful skin that all the girls were jealous of. She was a brunette with long hair that she would rarely let down. She wore glasses. I don’t know if it was for reading or style.  Krystyna’s eyes were hazel. They were mesmerizing. I swear if you stared at her too long you would fall in love. Her personality was very awkward to most people and normal to a few. She was very selective of who she would converse with. I can tell she was an introvert. Krystyna also had this habit of collecting information about people. People gave her the nickname of “CITynA” based on what she could find out. I’ll repeat, Krystyna was an oddball. An oddball who looked like an absolute diva slash walking supercomputer.

On the other hand you had me, 6’6”athletic with curly jet black hair. My eyes were dark brown with spark. A spark of intimidation yet welcoming to all that would look. I was your typical jock slash popular guy in school. I wasn’t a heartthrob, but I could have been if I wanted to because I looked amazing (and still I do well at least I think so). My jaw line alone could make a 1950’s star jealous. I was my own heartbreak kid. I was also the smart class clown. I emphasize the word smart because old Robby boy didn’t fail to disrupt a class or fail a test. Oh…yeah closet nerd with great genetics. Genetics that allowed me to be the captain of our basketball team where I took us to the finals. We won our championship for the second time in a row. A great gift to close out senior year of high school. That is a humble brag for myself haha. Let me stop talking about myself.

You see all of this started in senior year of High School. It was our second to last week of school and the juniors were plotting their big prank on the seniors before we left. Pranks were a bit harsh back then. It was either to make an impression, be hilariously clever or to really let someone know you could not stand them.  I considered myself the shield for all of my fellow seniors at the time. They could count on me that they would not get pranked unless it was by one of us. I had been successfully pranking juniors while foiling their plans to get me or my fellow seniors. My girlfriend at the time told me about a rumor that some of the junior girls were going to do a real mean prank on Krystyna. The prank was inspired by the film “Carrie” except it would be a lot worst. Plus I don’t think Krystyna has physic powers to kill them all, it would just be emotionally damaging. I told my girlfriend at the time we should help our fellow senior, she laughed and simply said “No. let CITynA get whats coming to her”. I didn’t get it. I helped everyone. I didn’t discriminate. It was like I was the only one who was going to help Krystyna. I was determined. The day of the prank, I approached Krystyna despite everyone’s wishes and told her not to go to the cafeteria. I told her about the mean prank that was going to happen in there. She looked shocked and relived. I offered her to hang out with my friends by the gym. She just stared at me for a while. It was creepy yet adorable. She smiled at me. It was a smile that shouted “thank you”. I guess she knew about it too. Krystyna nodded and went with me to my group of friends. She was very shy and quiet around me and my friends. My girlfriend was not happy about it. I assume she was threatened by Krystyna and that’s normal because…a lot of girls were. I could tell Krystyna appreciated that I cared enough to foil the juniors prank. Overall that’s all that mattered right? No seniors getting pranked by the juniors.

Fast forward, I got my scholarship to my college of choice and graduation comes around. My girlfriend, my friends and I are celebrating. We are planning one last hurrah on the town before we say our last goodbyes. I am going to be a couple one last weekend before we break up and go to different colleges because we don’t want to hold each other back. It was a normal thing to do. Before we all met after the ceremony, I saw Krystyna. She walked up to me, got on her tippy toes and handed me a note. I know I’m tall, but she didn’t have to be that dramatic about it. I read the note and it simply said “We should keep in touch”. I looked at her, smiled and said “Sure, why not! Good luck in college” and I gave her a big hug. She was smiling from ear to ear and excitedly said “You do the same. Keep in touch”!

I didn’t know that “keeping in touch” in Krystyna language meant “I am going to learn everything about you and eventually become your stalker”.

Krystyna attended my college, I thought it was just coincidence. It isn’t crazy for someone from your high school to go to the same college as you. It just got weird all the other times I would see her. Krystyna would pop up at parties I went to, come to any event, basketball games, debates, even concerts. It was creepy. However, whenever I would wave to her or even say hey it would be normal conversation. It was more like she was my watchful eye I guess. I ignored it till it became annoying and then It got crazy. Hacking, break-ins, hiding outside of my apartment, you name it she did it. She did it for 3 years. I guess she planned everything in freshman year and just acted from sophomore to senior year. Smart lady I must say.

I yawned and got up from my bed. I looked out the window and there she was. Krystyna either making sure I’m alive or she plotting another break in to hide in the closet. Either option, it was finally time to really throw Krystyna off her game. I threw on a shirt along with some sweats and headed out to the backyard.

I yelled “KRYSTYNA, you don’t have to hide…come on out. You are pretty easy to see”

She replied “Rob…I’m sorry. I know you are mad…I know-“

I interrupted “Listen…come inside we need to seriously talk”.

Krystyna’s face was confused exactly how I planned. She said “What about the restraining order? If I come near you I’ll be going to jail…that’s what you want right”?

“No that’s not what I want…just come inside and let’s talk about this. I promise you won’t go to jail”.

Krystyna stared at me for a while and nodded just like she did in high school. I gave her a hug so she didn’t feel so scared. I walked her inside. She took a seat by the table and I proceeded to talk to her about the big elephant in the room that’s been growing for year. I also wanted to talk to her about a minor issue I found about through my friend Derrick.

“So Krystyna before I get to what I invited you in for, I must ask you a question” I said calmly.

“If this is about the Derrick thing—“she said.

I shouted “YEAH! That! Why in the hell are you stalking my friend now? The audacity of you to stalk someone else that is not named Rob”? I stared at her intently waiting for an answer. Phase one of my plan was in effect.

She looked at me bewildered and said “I have to have options…it is senior year and I need options—“

“Are you crazy!? HE is not an option. You committed to this and I got used to it. And that is why I am going to ask you to go home” I said.

She got up frustrated and looked like she was about to cry. “FINE” She said “I knew you were just bringing me in here to humiliate me and make me feel bad about all the wrong I have done”.

She began to make her way to the door until I stopped her. Yep I stopped her. I looked in her hazel eyes and said “I wanted you to go home to get ready for dinner. You and I are going to have a long talk over dinner. Let’s say 7PM, Cheesesteak Factory. I want both of us to look nice. It’s a meeting slash date ok? You never thought that you would hear that right? I’ll come and get you ok? Now you can get to know me without being creepy. Now see you at 7”.

Krystyna’s jaw dropped as I walked her out the house for the upcoming dinner tonight. All she did is nod. She couldn’t even say a word to me and I knew phase two of my plan is working and all that is left is to initiate the third and final phase at dinner. I know most people would have called the cops and have the security buffed, but you have to understand something…Krystyna was harmless. She has been hanging around for three years doing this and I honestly was annoyed with it, but I figured now was the time to turn the tables.

7PM rolls around, There is a knock on the door. I told her I was going to pick her up, but I guess she thought I was joking. It was Krystyna front and center at my door. She was as eager as me to hatch my final phase tonight. I awkwardly laughed about how she was on time and she joined me in the laughter. She tried to full hug me, but I brushed that off with a side hug. We headed to Cheesecake Factory. I’m not going to bore you with all the chit chat, odd pleasantries and what we ate. It was good food. I am just going to cut to the chase.

The server came around asking if we wanted desert. I was stuffed, she was smiling a little too hard. She said “I’m stuffed too please tell her no…Don’t order your favorite desert please”.

I said “Oh what is that?”

She winked and said playfully “A triple chocolate cake” I obliged and pointed to the waiter. “Exactly what she said”. She put her head in her lap and said “Oh my gosh, why did I even say that”. I laughed and playfully said “Hey it was your idea”!

You see this was going to be needed for phase three and exactly what I wanted to happen. I have her in the palm of my hand and now it was time to drop the bombshell. Phase three began.

I took her hand in mine, looked her in those hazel eyes, smiling and asked a simple blunt question

“Since you know so much about me, do you think you could date me?”

Her face was pale and the smile was that of a shocked grin. You know the face you make when someone catches you off guard with something you wasn’t expecting to hear? It was that face. I loved it because in that moment I had the power to either crush her completely or make fixation with me a reality. This was the whole point of phase three. I continued.

“I mean do you really think you could handle me? Sure you know just about everything about me from I assume senior year of high school to senior year of college. You know my favorite foods, shows, bands, teams, everything. And all this information you know about me hasn’t really benefitted you? Has it? Will it really benefit you if you say yes to dating me? Don’t think I didn’t notice you either Krysytna. You have always been a gorgeous woman…a bit weird, but gorgeous. I’m just curious to see if your information can aid your actual experience with me. SO what do you say Krystyna? Do you want to give this a go or would you like to continue being an oddball? Oh look the cake is here”

The server sat the cake down and Krystyna just looked at it for a while. I began to eat as she continued to stare. I’m sure my barrage disrupting the norm had her stunned. After about 5 minutes passed, Krystyna looked at me as I smiled and continued to stuff my face. She took a piece of cake off of my plate and smushed my face in it. She then look up at me and said these words

“I accept. I am going to date you….and I decree this cake going in your face the first cute thing I do to you”.

I belly laughed and she did as well stuffing cake in her face. Dinner was over and we headed back to my place where she slept over. We both passed out on each other due to too much food. This was the beginning of Krystyna and I.

I wish I could say Krystyna was going to fail dating me. I wish I could say that she had no idea what to do with me. I wish I could say that Krystyna didn’t become one of my best friends and lovers over time. I wish I could say I never planned to fall for her. The truth is she surpassed all of those wishes. She didn’t fail dating me, she knew exactly when to back off and when to not let go of me. She knew me so well….and I can’t be surprised. Her information aided her well and I fell. Maybe this was all a part of her plan? She may have outsmarted me for the better. We are four years strong in our relationship. There were ups, downs, in-betweens and incident. So many incidents. So little time. Our periods were just a little more extreme than others. It isn’t life crazy? You never know who you are going to end up with. She went from this odd creepy stalker to the love of my life? WHAT??? Now I’m the one trying to learn everything I can about her. So I guess that makes me her watchful eye stalker. I know one thing though, phase four is going to involve a ring and me smushing her face in a triple chocolate cake.

The Photo

Hey everyone! I wrote this story today. I don’t know why my imagination took me to this place, but here you go. It is one of my shorter stories out of the few I posted on here. I guess I wanted a story where the characters weren’t really set or the time or place. This is all up to the reader!  March’s story of the month! I call it The Photo. I hope you all enjoy!

The Photo

10 years ago, I took pictures with a friend in a photo booth. It was simpler times back then. We were teenagers and didn’t have much to worry about besides high school. Simpler times.  We made a pact that no matter what could happen in the future we would keep a copy of these pictures with us.
We had a strange bond.

I don’t know why we were friends, but looking back I know why. You and I were very different from each other. I was a type a while you were a type b. You were more confrontational than I was. I was passive and handled things silently while you were aggressive and loud about everything. We were opposites of each other, and that’s why we worked. We were strange friends who could always find a middle ground.
We were the type of friends who had trouble explaining to our other friends why we were friends. We were the type of friends who could have built an empire together. We were secretly each others heroes. We were each other’s unexplainables. We were close friends who thought each other was the weird one. Close friends… Deep down, we both wanted to be like each other even just for a moment. Opposites attract right? As weird as this sounds I thought we would never grow apart despite our differences. We conquered high school together, freshman, and sophomore year of college too.

Life had other plans for us.

You grew distant around junior year of college. We stopped hanging out, but kept in touch with social media and a text here and there.
I tried to be you once and I failed miserably. I remember seeing you around at a party and I decided I should let you know about yourself for not making me aware of your presence. I did something completely out of my character.
I confronted you. I decided that I should be aggressive, brash, loud for everyone to hear. You just looked at me and smirked. You knew it I couldn’t pull it off. So in response, you tried to be me. You failed too and this made it more hilarious. You did what I normally would do when anyone would come at me like you do. You dissolved the situation in a quiet tone, being overly agreeable whenever I said something that you shouldn’t agree with and shooting passive, yet clever digs at me.  After that exchange, we both looked at each other laughed about it saying “what are we doing?!” I wondered if both of us still had our photos from the photo booth so I asked and to my surprise my friend had their copies still. So did I.
The bond still existed even if we grew a bit distant. I know it was strangest way to break the tension back then, but hey that was us.
It was just like old times again. We hung out more after that. The strange friends conquering a night, shutting down the town, and taking back the night like we did in the past.

Till senior year came by.

We both stopped talking to each other completely. No social media, no phone, nothing. I don’t know what this bond was now. I kept my copy of the photos from the photo booth. Who knows what my friend may have done with theirs. My rationalization was we were focused on finishing up in college. It was crunch time so we had to finish on top. We would finish and reunite at the graduation I would hope. Did that happen? Nope. We had to at least speak at the graduation. Did that happen? Nope. Matter of fact we didn’t even see each other. We may of had differences, but you just don’t do that. “To hell with this bond” I said ” I don’t need any friends like this”.
You see when you spend that much time with someone and they just disappear with no intent to tell you why they are leaving, it hurts. Those people hold a special spot in your heart whether you like it or not. I looked at the pictures one last time and put them in a box on graduation night.

I never looked back at them until today.

It has been 10 years since I have seen or heard from my strange friend. I have been doing pretty well for myself. I have a wonderful family, beautiful companion, stellar kids, awesome friends and a great job. Life has been great and I can’t complain.

I turned on the news today and there was a confusing report about a crime that happened in my area.
The area I stay in is relatively quiet and secure so crime doesn’t happen a lot around here. Murder though? That was extreme.

What I heard from the reporter sickened me to my stomach
The police could not determine if this was a murder or a suicide. Apparently the victim was tortured to death or did this to themselves. When the person was found, The victim had the words S O R R Y carved into their forehead before and a photo left in their right hand
The press describe the photo as two friends in a photo booth eerily similar to the photograph I’m looking at now.


Lovestruck: Marcus And Delilah

Hello everyone! It is the end of Feb! February! Mercury’s retrograde is gone everybody! I finally finished up the story for this month. I know this is cutting it very close, but I had no choice. Life started up and time was limited so I had to improvise. I wanted to have a story up on Valentine’s day, but I was working a parade called Endymion. I must tell you that was a fun time, exhausting, but fun. I missed all of Mardi Gras because of it. Anyways I delivered another story for your reading pleasures.

Here is a little backstory on today’s story. I thought you may appreciate that.

I revisited some of my old notes on my facebook. Embarrassing as they may be to me, I came across a series I started on there back in 2008 I believe. It was back when I was doing a stupid sign off as a catchphrase. Bad times lol. I noticed I was writing about two character, Marcus & Delilah. It was the adventures of this couple in every day life. The series was going to explore a trip they took accidentally to France because of a mismatch in flights. I can tell you now they were going to figure out how to enjoy being stranded in France while trying to get back home. Setbacks, missteps and hijinks were going to occur. I thought it was funny at the time, but I never continued it.

I never forgot about the characters either. I never visited the day/night they became a couple. You see these characters and a couple of others are going to be in a book I write one day. I figured “once I get better at writing I should craft a book”. Marcus, Delilah and couple of others were going to be apart of that series called Lovestruck. I’m not going to tell you everything about Lovestruck because I don’t know what the future holds and I’m still figuring out what the book will be about. It is still in the works. Lovestruck is also one of the many major projects I have going on in my head. Also you don’t give away potential money making ideas for free. All I can tell you is Marcus and Delilah are one of the couples from the series.

I have to say it felt fitting to revisit these characters and flesh some of them out. The draft for this story was utter trash…just trash. I am beginning to hate all of my past writings for being awful. This story is written like a play with little stage directions instead of a traditional story. You fill those in till I revise this story some day. You can act it out with your friends and put your own twist to the characters!  Also here are the characters in this story. I feel like this should be there.


Marcus Cohen (17)

Delilah Ortega (18)

Geff Corbin (18)

Allison Paxton (17)

The Narrator

I hope your heartstrings don’t get tugged too hard or something! As much as I hate valentine’s day and currently not a fan of love, I couldn’t stop the hopeless romantic side to write a love story this month. It seemed fitting. I hope you enjoy this story. I enjoyed writing it even though I’m a numb stonewall. Blah don’t mind me. Enjoy. Peace.

March 16, 2018

Narrator: Hello… Who am I? Don’t mind me, I’m just here to bring you up to speed on what’s going on with two people you may or may not regret meeting. I am also here to tell their story of what happened on March 16 & 17th of 2018. Welcome to 2018. There will be no history lesson. Welcome to Vale Springs, California where our story takes place. Today is March 16th. The weather is nice, breezy, but nice overall. The moon isn’t fully out, but tomorrow it definitely will be. Tomorrow two people at Sparks View High School’s lives will change. For better? For worse? I don’t know I’m just telling you the tale. Enter Marcus Cohen. An average African American seventeen year old senior at Sparks View High School. Standing at 6’1”, Marcus has an average build. He is certainly not ugly, or a big attractive athletic fella. You can say Marcus is well liked, but he isn’t extremely popular. Marcus was probably labeled as one of the strange, but approachable kids. Of these kids, his best friend Geff Corbin, a 18 year old senior, is a complete recluse. Extremely smart, quick witted but very weird. You could call him the head honco of this group or as most call him “The weird nerd” or “don’t talk to him”. Marcus is in a crisis.
Enter Delilah Ortega. A mixed Hispanic & Caucasian eighteen year old senior at Sparks View High. She is known most popular girl at school, Prom Queen, and voted most likely to succeed. She is a total bombshell. No seriously. She is 5’ 5” with long brunette hair, a body models are jealous of, extremely attractive. I told you total bombshell. Delilah is also very charismatic…to the point where she can out act theater major or over-actor to shame. This her being normal. Delilah’s best friend is Allison Paxton. They are childhood friends and particularly inseparable from each other. Of course, this makes Allison popular by association and well in her own right captain of the volleyball team…let’s not get into that though. Delilah is also in a crisis. You see Marcus & Delilah have been close friends since freshman year. All over some joke they are going to touch on eventually. Of course, some popular people don’t understand their friendship, hell half the school do not get it. Delilah gets it. Marcus gets it. That’s all that matters right? Due to association, that little odd group of Marcus’ friends and some of Delilah’s friends are also friends. Friends by proxy everybody! They have had each other’s backs for four years now and something has come up….something they will tell you. That’s enough from me. Let’s go to both Marcus & Delilah about to call their best friends to TALK.

We cut to Marcus’ house. Marcus is in his room, laying on his bed and staring at his phone. He looks through the contacts through his phone to find Geff’s name. Before Marcus hits the number to call Geff, he looks at the time and says “9PM”.

Marcus: School is about to end soon…and I cannot let this elephant in the room continue to be in the room. I know what Geff is going to say. I have a feeling I know what he is going to say…Screw it. It’s better to hear confirmation from people you know right self? Yeah I’m right.

Marcus hits Geff’s number in his smart phone and the phone begins to ring.

We cut to Delilah’s house. Delilah is on the couch in the living room. Delilah is also staring at her phone on the couch with her hair down covering her face. She is looking through her contacts and immediately pulls up Allison’s name and number.

Delilah: The end is near…like a deer and I’m the overseer. I have to call my main Allison to discuss some stuff. My Allibear is going to fix all this up for me because I don’t like feeling this way, but I can’t deny that I feel this way. *Delilah bounces up and points at air like a Captain* I WILL CALL ALLIBEAR AND DEFEAT THE ELPHANT IN THE ROOM!

Delilah hits Allison’s number in her smart phone and the phone begins to ring.

We cut to Geff’s home, Geff is writing to some music when he sees his phone ring. He sees it’s Marcus, stops the music and picks up the phone We cut back to Marcus.

Marcus: Hello dearest Geff you there?
Geff: Well, yea I am Marcus since I clearly picked up the phone
Marcus: You are such a dick. You free to talk about something?
Geff: I prefer the term smart ass, you prefer the cousin of smartass, but yes I am free to talk. I stopped operations to pick up the phone so…what is it?
Marcus: Oh cousin dumbass…like you?
Geff: Yeah….that one…I mean you are that one…don’t stray away from whatever you called me for. You are good for doing that. *laughs*
M: stop reading me…I don’t do that a lot. Anyway back to the topic I called you about…
G: This topic is?
M: It has something to do with my freshie friend
G: Freshi—-*sigh* seriously that’s what you call people you met in freshman year? Delilah right?
M: WHAT is wrong with that?
G: Delilah right?
M: NO! it could be about my other freshman female friend
G: What other cubed friend from freshman year could you possibly be talking about?
There is some silence on the phone
G: Marcus…you are so predictable at times. Am I right?! I just want to hear confirmation I’m right.
M: (to himself) Come on life!? How did he know? I have other female friends….in freshman year…not as close as her though.
Marcus is silent.

We cut to Allison’s house. Allison is in the middle of a workout when she sees her phone ringing. She stops immediately, sits down on the couch, drinks some water and picks up the phone. We cut back to Delilah.

Allison: OOOH LAH LAH hey deaaaarrrrrr! What’s up?
Delilah: ALLIBEAR you know what’s up?
Allison: The sky?
Delilah: Yeah that and the school year is about to end??!
Allison: *frowns* I know! I am having so much fun I don’t want it to end!
D: Me either AlliBear. I don’t want to end on a bad note!
A: what do you mean a bad note?
D: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I want everything to go right. Just like that Gambino song.
A: You do know that song is about cheaters right?
D: Listen that is not the point, I want to make it go right! And my Allibear there is a problem!
A: What type of a problem? Boy problem? Ex problem? Shoot?
A: So in your language that’s feelings?
Delilah is quiet, but after a moment
D: Yeah I want to talk about those….
A: (snobbishly) and it’s about THAT boy *rolls her eyes*
D: (slightly annoyed) I felt like you did that eye roll and he has a name!
A: I DID NOT and protective aren’t we?
Delilah gets quiet again.

We cut back to Marcus pacing around his room, thinking of what to say next and Geff smirking.
G: Well are you going to talk or just be dead air?
M: I KNOW THAT! (returns to normal tone) I just have been thinking a lot lately about Delilah.
G: oooooooooooooo continue
M: And I think tomorrow I should…no
G: You should what? Tell her?
Marcus blushes a bit
M: Maybe that.
G: Tell her what? How college is going to be a defining moment for both of you and some other shit? Or are you going to man up and tell her how you feel. I mean you telling me this is pointless in a sense, but (mimics Delilah’s voice) I am here for you babe (laughs)
M: Fuck you man lol.
G: Nah I don’t swing like that bruh bruh lol
M: Piss off. Man…listen I think I really like her though.
G: I think that was obvious…to a lot of people.
M: No it is not. She was with Collen for two years…
G: Yes, Sophmore & Junior year. You were also with Clare. Also known as the dark years (laughs).
M: The dark ages…why do you remind me of that?
G: To spite you of course lol.
M: Shut up. Clare was ok. Tomorrow Delilah and I are going to hang out…
G: Really now?
M: Yeah…and I think I should tell her how I feel instead of holding it in. After all she was there for me when Clare decided to be a—
G: Stop
M: You are right…
G: I knew you always liked her, but I can tell yall really bonded after those break ups. Listen Marc, you gotta do what is right in your heart man. You can’t hold on to things like this and then be surprised when they are with someone else you know?
M: Exactly. I don’t want to mess up the friendship—
G: Listen, sometimes you gotta take a risk on things you love buddy. I am going to be in your same position when it is the right time.
M: Oh with—
G: Yeah yeah yeah her.
M: Stop cutting me off bro. As much of a cock you are, you are very wise and insightful. Thank you for confirming something I already knew Geff. I pray she responds positivity to your “confession” or whatever that may be.
G: Right. Be safe tomorrow and have fun. Don’t be an idiot. Be honest with your feelings and be mindful of how you react. Don’t think too hard. I get back to writing Marc.
M: Writing? Songs?
G: Yeah…as weird as I may be, I feel like I am going to make it in the music industry or I can be one bad ass poet!
M: Thanks Geff. Good luck! See you at school Monday.
G: Thanks bro! See you. Have fun! I expect results Monday when they come around.
M: You are insane man hahaha. Peace.
G: Peace.

Marcus hangs up the phone and stares at Delilah’s contact. Marcus smiles at the picture and lays back down.
We cut back to Allison relaxing and Delilah shaking her head and blushing
D: Allibear, he does have a name.
D: Allibear…come on that’s not cool.
A: Marcus. Yeah HIM.
D: You are still salty about what he told you last time we all hung out.
D: OK DRAKE! Get over it! He didn’t mean anything by it, he was just looking out for Geff.
A: Yeah I know…I know. Anyway girl what is the deal?
D: Well Marcus and I are going to hang out tomorrow, and I’m think of putting it all out there?
A: Putting what out there? I thought you were going to shut him down and go back with Collen?
D: HELL TO THE NO! I refuse to be treated like that anymore. I’m far more worth his lame ass.
A: Collen was so great though…Yall were so cute together.
D: Football captain & the reigning prom queen. Sure. You sound like everyone else at the school. They are just outsiders looking in. You should know that it wasn’t that great.
A: You are right…I’m just looking at it on paper
D: (annoyed) what the hell is that supposed to mean Allibear?
A: you know?
D: NO, I don’t know. Is there some sort of stupid hierarchy to dating?
A: No…I’m not saying—
D:  (yells) BECAUSE GUESS WHAT ALLIBEAR I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT I been there and done that!
A: You are right! I am sorry OOO LAH LAH!
D: Plus I can finally say that I really really like Marcus!

Delilah’s face grows pale, she drops the phone after she says that and borrows her head in the pillows!


Delilah takes a deep breath and picks up the phone

D: I…I……I said it. I really like Marcus…You shouldn’t overlook people because they aren’t as popular as us.
A: OOO LAH LAH I thought that was obvious after the break up with Collen…you two became very close.
D: Should I tell him all this tomorrow or?
A: I think you should follow your heart! THIS IS SO AWESOME! POTENTIAL RELATIONSHIP INCOMING PLUS NO CAT LADY 20 years down the line!
D: Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to mess this friendship up…we both went through breakups and helped each other through them, but I don’t want to lose the friendship if we are to start dating?
A: Didn’t we have a similar conversation with about Collen?
D: Yeah and it was like “Hey he’s hot” and you said “date him” and I said ok. This time is different. Collen and I weren’t really friends first.
A: True true. Am I hearing the great Del does not want to take a chance on love? OOO LAH LAH!
D: IS THAT A CHALLENGE? Because I am not scared…I am petrified. Shut down from him would suck so much!
A: well if you are going to be with him….be sure you want this.
D: I am…OMG ALLIBEAR tomorrow is going to be crazy. It can go either way and I’m so scared.
A: I think you don’t like being vulnerable since you are such a character.
D: Do not point out my flaws please hahaha. I don’t need a session.
A: If you want a confirmation, then I say go for it. Plus his friend Geff and I can tease you two if it happens.
A: Well the school is going to do the teasing for the greater good!
D: STAHP please.
A: What?
A: Ok I’ll try my best not to.
D: It is ok.
A: huh?
D: I don’t have anything to lose…all he can say is NO right and I will just have to accept that.
A: See…you surprise me sometimes when you get all serious. It’s going to be all ok. Plus he would be crazy to not want to be with you!
D: No he would have a good point not to. I know. I—
A: Shhh shhh shh do not beat yourself up. Just be honest tomorrow and hopefully you will be fine.
D: You are right ALLIBEAR!
A: I know…I am smarty pants. I gotta get back to this workout girl, call or text me about it after the day is over! I will see you Monday!
D: Of course I will Alli, I WILL WIN!
A: And there is the character again
D: Shut up I love you too! I’ll see you Monday…potentially off the market…power coupling it…you know.
A: Girl bye…I love you too silly!

Delilah hangs up the phone with a huge smile on her face. She looks at Marc’s contact and shoots him a text that simply said. “I’ll SEA U 2 Morrow”. Marcus’ replied with “I C WHAT YU DID DERE! See you tomorrow!” They both smile as they prepared for tomorrow.

March 17, 2018.

Narrator: Today is THAT day. The day I mentioned before the last time I spoke to you. Unbeknownst to our two protagonists, their feelings match each other’s! Now it only takes a dummy to mess that up? Am I foreshadowing that is what happened today? No. I am saying what I mean. Seriously it would only take an idiot to mess up telling someone how they feel. That is like knowing the person likes you, but then you talk about someone else and just kill the mood like how dumb are you? Sorry…I went on a tangent. I am not going to bore you with their day…I want to bring you to the moment where everything changed for a long time. If you must ask though, their day went like this. It was 4PM. Marcus got ready for the big day and so was Delilah. This was unlike any of their other hang outs though, this time it was different. Something was in the air. Delilah picked Marcus up around 4:45. Delilah came in the house spoke to Marcus’ siblings and parents and of course berated Marcus’ outfit. It’s a thing she does playfully. This lead to Marcus throwing out a challenge to Delilah on a video game. Followed by a challenge in a card game by Marcus’ younger brother. Delilah mocked Marcus and his brother and said “I, The D, do not back down from any challenges”. Marcus and his sibling burst out laughing at how serious she was. The games and jokes went on for about 3 hours. Finally the two left the house. It is 7PM. Delilah is driving while they both figure out what to eat. This leads to driving around the city debating on where to go eat because this is what they do. It was a playful type of debate yet extremely serious. “I’m in no mood for super salad bars or strictly salad crap. Let’s pig out not too much though! Super healthy stuff is out of the question” Delilah said. Marcus nodded his head in complete agreement. The unspoken rule was spoken. The eventually settled on Italian food followed by really bad Italian accents. They ate for about an hour and a half. They did indeed eat like pigs…so much consumption. The conversation they had during dinner was mostly light hearted. No really serious topics. This was about to change when they decided to get ice cream and go to the park. Here is where the big change happened…

It is 9PM. We cut to the park. Marcus and Delilah are taking a seat on a park bench. The two decided to finally talk to each other.

M: (curiously) I was going to ask you this when we were at the ice cream shop, but why did you get the plain vanilla this time?
D: Oh ummm *Delilah thinks* (confused) why did you get the plain chocolate?
M: I always get the chocolate. You always get the over the top ice cream which is weird.
D: (nervously) yeah…that’s right 17 you always get the plain stuff!
M: *sigh* you are one month older than me…
M: And acting weird like the 17 year old.
M: You are acting weird though Deli. What’s wrong?
M: SHHH Delilah come on man!
D: (quiets down) yeah you are Marc.
M: How so?
D: You have been acting odd all day 17.
M: Again how so? I feel like it has been a normal day for us.
D: Not so true! I can tell when you are a little different (smirks) I know you like a book.
M: SO do I! 18! I know you like a book too!
D: SO!
M: So I know you are acting weird at the end of this crazy day to mess with me as usual!
D: (blurts out) YOU THINK I’M THE CRAZY ONE FOR *Covers her mouth*
M: Crazy one for what?? D what were you about to say?

Delilah looks at Marcus, up and down and back to his face again…Marcus shrugs at this odd staring.
D: Come with me 17, we are going to go driving. We have to talk.
M: (gulp) (nervously) what do you mean talk?
D: I didn’t want to get too serious all of a sudden, but I feel like the time has come
M: The War of the Gods?
D: *sigh* there it is…the thing you do. Song references I don’t know about. I see why you and Geff are great friends. I won’t fall into what you are doing though silly. We need to talk. There is a tension in the air.
M: *sigh* I’m not the only one who can feel it in the air either Sam.
D: No Smith I do get it that reference. We have been avoiding this moment.
M: You are right. Let’s go 18.
D: Roger 17. Finish the ice cream first, when you shrugged a little bit hit your pants.
D: Fresh ice cream pants!

Marcus jumps up while Delilah laughs at him and hands him napkins. Delilah laughs all the way to the car while Marcus feels embarrassed that he just did that.

Narrator: The walk to the car felt like one of the longest walks ever. Both couldn’t really focus on each other. Delilah kept laughing, but underneath the laughter was a scared girl and underneath the embarrassment Marcus was a very nervous boy. The anxiety was high in the air as both entered the car and began to drive around. This drive was very quiet till Delilah pulled into an empty parking lot. This was the parking lot of an old supermarket to be renovated one day. This parking lot was one of those parking lots where kids learn the basics of driving, get high dates make out, couples fight, and where some people go to read. It was a quiet parking lot this Saturday night ideal for what was about to be discussed. It is 9:45PM.

We cut to Delilah and Marcus inside of the car. Delilah cuts the radio off. Both take deep breathes and in their minds they are telling themselves to focus.

D: We are here.
M: Why did you pick here?
D: It is a quiet place and we can both focus. (to herself) This is where we defeat the elephant.
M: (to himself) and this is where I die…sorry to do this to you heart. No turning back now. (to Delilah) you have a point.
D: I always have a point. See POINTS!
M: I don’t understand how someone like you gets that.
D: And that is supposed to mean something?
M: Well you are the popular lady! You know how in movies the popular girls barely know anything.
D: On the surface it looks like that, but in reality it is completely false. PLUS dum dum, @midnight is a show, anyone could get the POINTS reference.
M: Well 18 since you like to brag about you are older than me, I think you should go first.
D: Good point Marc, but I am going to use my superiority of a month’s time to make you go first. You look way more nervous than I am….I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. You didn’t hear that.
M: I knew it…plus damn you. Fine I’ll go first. *takes a deep breath and a pause*
D: *takes a deep breath* go on Marc. Say what you have to say.
M: Ok…you know the end of the school year is coming up right?
D: Of course.
M: Of course. That was a redundant thing to ask.
D: Very.
M: Listen Delilah, I want to get this off of my chest. I don’t know how to say it without being a nervous wreck, but if I don’t say it is going to eat me alive if I don’t say it. Delilah Ortega—
D: Will you marry me? (laughs)
M: That wasn’t it! Please let me finish Deli. Delilah Ortega I, Marcus Cohen, 17 years of age really like you…in a more than a friend kind of way. Before you say anything, Ever since the day we met in freshman year I really love our friendship that no one can really understand. Remember when you said “I’m the Queen Bitch hehe to your Moonage Daydream see I know the stardust known as David Bowie too!” to me? That moment has never left me. You get on my nerves and I get on your nerves I’m sure of it. I don’t want to lose that. I had to tell you how I felt before we went off to the next stage in our lives. I don’t want you to think that I have always wanted to be yours because you’re really popular and beautiful. I don’t want you to think I’m like these jerks who want you for your body and don’t even get the chance to know you. Truthfully, it was great to really get to know the real you and have a friend like you. I am thankful for meeting someone like you. As for my feelings, I think I realized these feelings when you continued to be there for me when I dated Clare just like I did for you with Collen. When we broke up, it really killed me on the inside because Clare at the time was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I only bring this up because I never thought I would like anyone again. I knew it would take time, but thanks to you being a great friend, sparked something more. I always saw you as an unattainable dream girl. I never really thought you would like me the way I like you…I thought you would think it was cute at most. Guys like me and Girls like you don’t normally hang out or even have a friendship like ours. Girls like you don’t like guys like me…you like the jock asses like Collen…what am I talking about? You like who and what you like. I had to stop myself because I was sounding like everyone else. I don’t know why I went on a tangent like that, but you know me. All I wanted to let you know is I really like you in that way Delilah.

Marcus looks up and Delilah is tearing up. She is speechless for a minute or so after hearing of all that. She wipes a couple of her tears away. She stares at Marcus…in which she slaps him across his face.

M: OUCH! What was that for? Did I say something wrong?
D: No reason…you made me cry which is why I slapped you.
D: Well maybe it is. 17…did you say I was an unattainable dream?
M: That’s how I thought about it when I talked it over with Geff and others. You are—
D: *Slaps Marcus harder this time* uh huh…
M: THE FLIPING FRACK D? That was much harder than the last time
D: Don’t you ever say that ever again…you hear me?
M: That was much harder than the last time?
D: *Play slaps Marcus* Not that stupid 17…the unattainable dream. Don’t ever say that again. You sounded really dumb saying that which insulted your intelligence and mines. I don’t think of myself as that.  I could never be like that towards anyone. Now give me a hug Marc.
M: I don’t know if I should because I don’t want to get slapped again.
D: It is my turn to speak now anyway and I can’t do it while looking at you. So give me a hug and don’t let go until I’m done talking. It is time to slay the elephant…and drop a bomb on you as well.
M: Alright… *Marcus Hugs Delilah*
D: Not like that. Hold me tighter than that like I’m going to disappear or be eaten by a dragon or like we won’t ever get the chance to speak to each other again.
M: *tightens the grip* this good?
D: Damn it 17! TOO MUCH PRESSURE! RELEASE! Only you can take a moment like this and somehow make it odd
M: *loosens a little and smiles* OK…your turn to slay your elephant Deli. Your turn to speak.
D: *Smiles* I’m glad you said all the things you said. I have got to tell you Marc that is one tough act to follow. I don’t know if I, the great Delilah Ortega, could follow that up Mr. Cohen. Let me tell you something though I think I can. Listen Marc…I asked you to hug me tight, so I could hear your heartbeat and I gotta tell you 17 your heartbeat is matching mine in the manic way it is beating. I’ll be honest I never thought I would be confessing to you what I am about to confess. I never saw this happening in a million years, but that’s how love works isn’t it?
M: Love?
D: Yes 17 love. Can I finish? (Marcus nods) You see…you really helped me see that my social status doesn’t mean much at the end of the day. From the day we met in freshman year, you were nothing, but a genuine person to me. Yeah your friends were weird, but aren’t we all weird in a way? At first I was caught up in the popular hype, but you were the person to ground me each time it got to my head.
M: except for Collen…
D: Let me finish! And yeah that was because well how can I put it. It just made sense on paper and I had to try at least. I truly did like him and I have you to thank for that because I remember a time Allison, Geff, Brad, Clare, you and I hung out and you said “You don’t date people for status, you date people because you really like them.” I had to learn him, but as I learned about him I didn’t like what I was seeing. The future was just bleak I tell you bleak!  Thankfully fate played out in a strange way where we were single at the same time. I honestly wanted to beat the crap out of Clare for doing that to you; You have Allison to thank for that not happening. To steal a page out of your confession, I realized my feelings for you during a conversation with Allison. I was describing the type of men I like and you fit the description, of course I then said something to throw off Allison, but I was talking about you. The end of the school year is indeed coming to a close. I could not let this elephant in the room mess up our friendship. I want to thank you for something…now you talk.
M: (shocked) Woah….Delilah…what do you want to thank me for.
D: I want to thank you… (Begins to tear up) for actually seeing the real me. For not looking at me because of my popularity or how beautiful I am. You SEE ME. I’m not transparent to you…you can see me crystal clear. I have tons and tons of people who just want to be my friend because of who I am or to be popular or to be in the position that you are in right now just to sleep with me. You don’t do any of that…I never once thought that you were someone who was not being genuine or using me. I had a hunch you always liked me, but I never thought about because of our friendship. I didn’t want to mess that up. Plus the impact of Clare took a toll on you. I always thought about that. I felt like that combination made you an unattainable dream. You would be the friend that got away and I never really got to love with all of my heart. I know that’s crazy right?  you….Saw….ME….. (tear hits his shirt) and I….Saw…You… For this I’m grateful for you. *sniffle* So Marcus Cohen…I, Delilah Ortega, wanted to let you know…that I….DELILAH THE SUPERIOR ORTEGA…..Love…You. Now…let go.

Marcus lets go of Delilah and he is visibly shaking by her comments. He is trying to hold back tears of joy. Delilah sees this and hugs Marcus again. Delilah is smiling through the tears.

M: Let me go please…
D: What?
M: I never thought this would happen….you thought I was…wow.
D: Dreams come true don’t they?
M: Yes they do
D: And they are attainable aren’t they?
M: Yes they are.

Marcus picks up Delilah’s chin and looks her in the eye. Delilah stares back smiling. Marcus goes in for the kiss, but Delilah stops him.

D: Wait…
M: What is it?
D: I want to confirm something. Are we now a “thing”?
M: We have always been a thing.
D: Yes. This is true. But are we officially together? Because if we are going to be there is one thing you are going to have to do before you kiss me.
M: (confused) what is that…It better not be a blood oath or something odd?
D: (laughs) who do you take me fore!?
M: A crazy person who uses silly wordplay like that hahahha.
D: Point taken. It was great wordplay with no clubs.
M: (laughs hard) what is the thing? I cannot deal.
D: You are going to think this is silly, but I always wanted to do this. Everyone else I dated always laughed at this. Give me your hand.

Delilah hold his hand up and extends his pinky. She locks her pinky in his.

M: A pinky promise? Why?
D: Because why not? Plus pinky promises are serious shit Marc.
M: You are correct about that Deli.
D: So…you gonna promise me something because I really want to kiss you now.
M: I promise to be there for you through the thick and thin. Through the fire and the flames. I promise to try my best to be someone you can rely on—someone to
D: This would be the time you go on a long speech…
M: Pinky promises are serious shit. Regular promise are made to be broken, but pinky promises are serious shit.
D: This is fact Marc. How about I speak for both of us.
M: Go ahead.
D: I promise that we will always be there for each other no matter what happens in life and hopefully if the fates allow be together for a good time and we will make each other better people…and all the stuff you were about to say babe.
M: Babe? Hmm I like the sound of that.
D: What can I say babe….pinky promises are serious shit.

They pinky promise and passionately kiss then look up at each other smiling.

D: you are a great kisser…I will look for more of those in the future.
M: Likewise baby.
D: Baby? I am no baby, but I’ll be your baby.
M: This is so cheesy and you know it.
D: I was trying to one up you in the cheese and I think I did. Oh crap it is 11:45 and I need to get home before my parents think something explicit. It is not like it matters, but you drained me.
M: Shoot! I have to get home too. You drained me.
D: Both of us are drained dear…we need rest. We are a thing now 17.
M: I know this 18…We are. Feels good.
D: My feels feel good.
M: Can we go home on March 18th and just drive around?
D: I like that idea…gimmie some love Marc-ky
M: Of course my DeliDel.

Marcus and Delilah kiss again as Delilah starts up the car.
D: I love you.
M: I love you too. Now onward 18! Onward!!!
D: I’ll let you get away with that this one time.
M: Also turn on the radio!
D: I was getting to that!

Delilah turns on the radio and David Bowie is playing.

D: How ironic…Bowie! Freaking Bowie!
M: I Know…it is like Bowie knew.
D: You thinking what I’m thinking?
M: Yeah!

Narrator: Marcus and Delilah ride off into the night lip syncing David Bowie’s “Suffragette City” to each other. Marcus pointed at Delilah when the lyric “she is a total wham bam” came up and she smiled of course. I thought that was nice to point out. I should let you know both of them made it to their respective homes around 12:30AM and 12: 45AM on March 18, 2018. Ever since then their lives have never been the same. They have always been together ever since having many more adventures along the way. Of course they have had ups and downs just like any couple, but they have been together for a long time. I heard they are going to be getting married soon…engagements happened y’all ENGAGEMENTS! She still teases him about being a month older than him to this day. Some things never change. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about their adventures and some other adventures regarding their best friends. A lot happened with them too…so many issues…so little time. The time has to be right for me to tell those. Timing is important. Till next time, don’t ever think a “dream” whether it may be a person or job or anything is unattainable. Who knows? The fates may feel the exact same way.

Case Dread

I told you at the beginning of the year I was going to attempt to a write a story each month! Well I delivert! I mean delivered lol! This story comes to us from a random monologue I wrote when I was on break last year. I found it and decided to write a story around it. I must tell you the original draft is nothing like this. It came about from a cut I had on my tongue and yeah it was stupid. It sucked. I changed everything about it and came up wit this story on the fly instead. Enjoy or pick it a part like animals. SO STORYTIME EVERYONE!!!!!! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! There is nothing or no one there…so you should just LOOK DOWN!!!

Case Dread

Hello rookie. My name is Rob Pearsons. I am a detective for the Las Vegas Metropolitan police force. Back when I was a rookie, I am going to tell you a story….a life changing story. I feel like it will help any rookie that comes joins the force. I don’t want any of you rooks to make the same mistake that I made back then. Please don’t ask too many questions. Take more initiative whenever you have the chance.

The date was May 5th, 2019. It was a typical Friday evening at the office. At the time, this case was going on for a couple of years. It was a case that bothered me and my partner, Luis. Luis has been in the detective branch for about 9 years and has tenure you can say. Luis took me under his wing the first day I joined the detective branch of Las Vegas. He taught me a lot and I learned I am much more patient than he is. He was a hotwire who would quickly shout, slam and turn interrogation rooms into disaster sites. I was the calmer, reasonable detective. I guess you can say this was a perfect match. I can’t say he didn’t rub off on me in after my rookie days. As much as Luis has seen during his time here, he never came across nothing like this…and this was an ideal yet terrifying case to begin your career with.

We’ve been working on this odd case of people going missing for a day or two and then reappearing in society like nothing ever happened.  This case sounded like it was from something from a twisted novel and the victims never wanted to speak about what happened. They were traumatized clearly. Some of these people turn pale or would just be silent whenever we found them and tried to get any information from them. What could this person have done to disrupt their psyche like this?

All of my wondering was about to come to an end though because finally the police caught the guy. This man was caught around Wednesday night after someone was reporting strange noises from a warehouse. An abandoned, locked warehouse. There should be no one in there however it was the perfect place to commit a crime. Was our suspect just sloppy this night or did he purposely let us catch him for something bigger? Who Knows? The victim was also brought in for questioning. I told the chief that Luis and I wanted to interrogate the victim first because I had to know what they wouldn’t tell. However, chief demanded we interrogate the suspect first….and so we did.

I wish we didn’t though….because maybe just maybe we could have gotten a hint to what was going on.

Luis & I went to the line up to see this man face to face. I was shocked to see this 5 foot seven inch lean Caucasian man wearing what looked like prescription glasses.  At first I thought “This must be a mistake. I was expecting a hulking brute or a tall mongoloid who had a record.”, but then I thought “anyone is capable of crime…remember that”. It just bothered me he didn’t fit the description I was envisioning in my head. I could totally kick this guy’s ass without breaking a sweat. He looked like those geeky kids in high school. I knew better than to think only a certain type of person commits crime, but this was just ridiculous. Luis took one look at him from the line up and burst out laughing, but stopped immediately once his eyes met with the suspect. Luis walked out to the hallway waiting on me. I walked out, grabbed his file and began to read. He was squeaky clean. His name was Colton, a law abiding citizen with no record prior to coming here. I must say I was confused why he was there. I don’t know why he was caught in the warehouse with possibly his next victim, Ronald Wayne. Could this guy be the one behind all of this or was someone else pulling the strings? I was about to find out.

“Something is off about this guy Pearsons” Luis said.

“Says the guy who was laughing at him a couple of minutes ago” I responded.

Luis fired back “Seriously, man something is wrong with him. I laughed, but I saw something in his eyes and that guy can’t be right”.

“Luis. I got that vibe once you walked out. It felt like this little pip squeak was someone you didn’t want to be alone with right?” I said

“Exactly man…I had to get out of there. I don’t know how you stayed in there any longer”.

“Well Luis, he is going to be alone with us. We are going to find out what is going on. You got my back?” I said.

Luis said “Of course brother.” as we headed to the interrogation room.

Once we made it to the interrogation room we took our seats, went over notes and began to wait. My excitement at the time was bubbling like a volcano as each minute went by. It normally doesn’t take twenty minutes to bring in a suspect around here especially one with no record. I didn’t get it. At the thirty minute mark, Colton was brought to the interrogation room with a grin. It was more of a grin that little kids make when they are caught doing anything bad. I know I saw a grin, but everyone else told me at the time he was expressionless walking in. Luis immediately stood up once Colton walked in. I wanted to ask Luis why he was acting so weird, but I didn’t want to alert chief & company behind the glass or Colton. I have no idea what this guy is capable of. I got through the pleasantries of introducing myself and my partner as we began the questioning. I noticed that Colton was really eager for the interrogation. It’s like he wanted me to ask him why he did it….

Anyways Luis & I began.

“Colton, you know what you are in here for?”

He laughed and nodded his head.

Luis slammed his hands on the table in the traditional good cop bad cop fashion to intimidate Colton. Colton didn’t flinch at all. Instead he stared at Luis in way that made me cringe. Colton’s eyes look like they were saying “come on tough guy…I eat guys like you for breakfast”. Luis sat down and put his hands in his lap like a scolded child. I paused for a bit out of shock because I never would have thought the hotwire Luis would be reduced to a small child. I bet chief and company were shocked too. You don’t see this every day. Our usual shtick was not going to go down today. I continued after Colton broke his stare off of Luis and focused back on me.

“So Colton why did you do it? Rather what were you about to do to Mr. Wayne in that warehouse?”

Colton smiled like his crush noticed him and bashfully said

“Oh…nothing. Just a little branding.”

“Just a little branding Mr. Colton?” Luis said

“Yeah…branding Mr. Luis…you both know what that is right?” Colton said.

We both nodded and the room grew silent till our next question. I was confused by that response. Most suspects reply with the go to “I’m not talking”, “I want to see my lawyer”, “I’m not telling you anything” or the very classy “Fuck you”. Colton on the other hand would just stare and a smile at us. Colton also put his hands on the table and cracked his knuckles with his thumbs. Such an odd gestures.

“Pearsons this guy can’t be serious right??” Luis whispered to me.

Colton must have heard Luis “yeah I’m serious. Hehe what’s the big deal about a branding? Animals need to be branded after all Mr. Luis”

“You heard me Mr. Colton?” Luis asked Colton

“You don’t need to whisper Mr. Luis. I can hear you. If you need to say something speak”.

Colton began to wave and type at the mirror. He must be alerting chief that he could see him and the boys behind the mirror. Most suspects don’t think the room has a fake mirror. No I can tell you then none of the suspects we brought in that room knew there was a fake mirror. Colton was a different breed. I continued my interrogation.

“Colton is it possible that you are the man behind all those people missing and reappearing all those years? Are you working with anyone? Are you—?”

Colton stopped smiling. His face grew a bit somber as he looked down and simply said in a menacing tone “You should know the answer right detective? Why do you ask so many questions? There was a mark that probably went unnoticed once they reappeared in society, but each of their stories should be the same. They are found…they don’t speak. Am I correct detective or no?”

A chill grew between Luis and I. Luis slammed his fist on the desk again

“What do you think we are fools? YOU ARE THE ONE BEHIND THIS!”

“Am I the one behind this…or is it you want a face to blame behind the happenings Mr. Luis? I suggest you take a seat if you want me to speak anymore” Colton said.

I put my hand on Luis’ fist and shook my head no. I gestured for him to sit down which Luis did. Luis look a bit disturbed because his tactics were not working. Normally I would let Luis continue to blow up, but now wasn’t the time to lose our cool. Colton was unlike any person we came across and in order to get the information we needed we had to play it smart.

He was right. Over the years each interviews was exactly the same. All the victims were petrified to utter a single word about what happened to them. The only thing they would mumble is something about a mark. A mark they could not pin point. This scared me then and it scares me now. Colton knew we knew all the details. He knew we did our homework.

So I cut the shit and just got to the point.

“Colton what is the branding?”

Colton looked up bright eyed, smiled, sticked out his tongue and pointed at his temple

“That’s the branding” Colton said. “It’s nothing life threatening, but…”

Luis cut him off and shouted “What is that supposed to mean?”

Colton said ” In due time both of you will learn..”

I cut in “Why did people go missing for a couple of days?”

Colton replied “Why does darkness envelope the world Mr. Pearsons?”

“What…What did you do to them? Why won’t they talk?!” I said.

“Mr. Pearsons, Mr. Luis….do you really want to know? The answer lies within us all”

Colton smiles again waving at the fake mirror again except this time with more energy. He began to laugh as the room grew silent. All Luis and I could do is grit our teeth and watch this mad man begin to explain in his twisted head what happened.

I wrote a note on a piece of paper and slid it to Luis. It simply said “Just let him talk…we are falling into exactly what he wants us to do”. Luis nodded and we both just stared at Colton.

Colton took a deep breath and chuckled. Colton looked at both of us and simply said

“Are you ready everyone?”

“The answer that you seek is fear. Maybe you two will understand and maybe you won’t. Fear. When safety is taken away, when that net people rely on so much is taken from them do you know what they do? Hehehe they panic. I…no we….no they…they love to see them panic….Some are in the wrong place at the wrong time…and some have it coming to them. I won’t incriminate them or myself. I am not stupid after all. The people who went missing and then reappeared those were the stupid ones. So where is the crime gents? A missing person turning up a couple days later alive? What is exactly the problem? Yes, it is true they are never harmed, but they are always branded.  Do you understand gentlemen?”

Luis & I were puzzled by this response. To this day I am not sure what he meant by that.

I asked “So you torture them to brand them?

Luis chimed in “You kidnap them to brand them and then let them go?

Colton just shook his head no, stared at us, took a deep breath and cryptically said

“The man with too many questions will never find his answers”. Colton faintly waves again at the fake mirror.

As soon as we were about to ask another question, the chief came in and had Colton taken away.

When Mr. Wayne was brought in, did not want to comment all he said was “I can’t find the mark…I’m fine.”

Luis and I were finished interrogating for the day. Before we headed back to our offices, I remember we had a short conversation.

“This has been a strange day hasn’t it Pearsons?” Luis said.

“Yeah Luis, I have no idea what’s going on and it seems like we got nowhere.”

“Nothing sat well with me for today and you are right. Something is not right in the air”

“Something does seem off about all this Pearsons. So close to finding an answer to this bizarrely long case”

“It is like we are right by the answer…what does this disturbing Colton or people do to everyone that has them scared to talk?”

“I have no idea. We will have to interrogate him again tomorrow. Be careful going home today Pearsons. Be safe and tell the wife I said hello.

“I will and we must interrogate him again. He is just trying to throw us off. You tell your family I said hello as well. Be careful going home Luis.” I said.
I went back to my office and sat at my desk. I was going over the file again to see if I was missing anything details until I got a knock at the door. The door opened, an intern handled me a file that had something related to the case. I took the folder, thanked the intern and sat back at my desk.

What I saw in the folder shook me to the core. I opened the folder to find polaroids of every victim that went missing and reappeared. Some of these photos were very old and faded while a couple of them were recent and fresh. All of the photos were the same in a way. Each of the victims were posed the same with their tongues sticking out, one finger pointing at their temple and another finger pointing behind them. The uniformity of the photos had to mean something. This is until I came across the very last photo. The last photo was a photo of Mr. Wayne in the same pose as all of the victims of the past. This picture was different because it had some backwards writing on it. This looked like a phrase or something written in a small font. I pulled out a magnifying glass, small mirror and held the photo to it.

All the phrase was…

“Don’t press charges….they will be back…better than before…follow”

When the photo was held to a mirror, you can see a man tipping his hat…smiling. A man who was being pointed at. A man who looked a lot like Colton. If this was Colton, he was in every photo…he never aged. He couldn’t have been alone because someone had to take the picture…someone had to position the victims…someone else had to be helping him.

Was this Stockholm syndrome? A bad prank? Fear incarnate? What did this branding do to them? I don’t know, but with all this evidence we had him. Luis and I could finally put this case to rest because we now have someone.

Or so I thought.

The next day I was informed that Colton was released and Luis didn’t come in to work.

He never came back to work…he went missing. The tough loose cannon who taught me everything I knew went missing. Something was up and It never felt right to believe Luis could be kidnapped or worst. I never saw him again since that day of the interrogation. I don’t understand why he was “chosen” or targeted, but it rips me to my core that he has never returned.

Despite having no leads on where Luis could be, I still look for him hoping I can end this case or before something happens to me.

The creepiest part of all these mishaps is what happened to the evidence. The evidence along with all of the photos that were in the file were missing.

It’s like Colton…never existed.

A Freeium Rant.

Today…I continued my quest of conquering the world of candy also known as Candy Crush Saga. IS it really a saga? I’ll get to that later. Anyways, I have defeated seven hundred and fifty one levels of this game (Yes….I unfortunately have been playing for a while now). Some levels were defeated by pure luck, some pure skill and others…by the not so hidden dark power known as in-app purchases.

I think I should give a tiny bit of backstory on how I got into all this mess in the first place. You see I have my best friend of opposite gender and I am pretty close (I think) with the family. One day when I was over there, her mother tells me about Candy Crush Saga. It’s a puzzle game that you can play for free if you didn’t know. You match candies to crush them for a goal. Some are filling orders and others is getting rid of all the jellies on the screen. It is fun I must say. At the time, I scoffed at the game because it looked like it was for kids, but oh ho ho how I was wrong. The mom proceeds to tell me about how fun and addicting it is….two things I happen to like a lot. I take her word for it and say “I am going to conquer Candy Crush…just watch”. When I say something like this…I mean it 🙂  If it’s a game, I must win and defeat it so I can put that in my achievement books or list or whatever. Point is anything I defeat goes in my little black book…you know the book people keep of the folks they slept with or may not have or that could just be a journal who knows!?

I played it the next day….and I zoomed through about 150 levels in a month. I was pass everyone that was playing it at the time and I was just unstoppable.

Until the game got remarkably hard for no damn reason.

There were some levels where you wouldn’t get enough turns to beat the level or the game would troll you because “nananabooboo stick your head in doodoo you can’t beat me because I’m made this way”. This brought up the prompt of continue playing for the in game gold or money that you got from just booting up the game. I think you get like 50 for playing, another 50 for liking the page, and another 50 for installing it on your phone. I used the free gold when the time came, but when I ran out I spent a dollar or two just to finish a really difficult level.

Till one time I spent like 14 dollars on one level and really had to question why the hell am I playing this?

I took a break from candy crush, popping up every now and then to defeat an episode and putting a limit on how much I could spent which was 5 bucks.

Seems reasonable right?

Till I spent 15 on a level because I wasn’t going to let it get away with screwing me out of a victory.

Again I take a long break….come back tell myself to not buy anything and successfully do that for a bunch of episodes. I took pride in beating 10 episodes with great strategy and not spending a penny of my money.

This is till I got to episode 51 where level 751 and 752 lie.

I only spent 2 bucks on 751 because I needed more moves. I didn’t go over my limit or feel that bad because I had two bucks and I never wanted to see this level ever again…I thought I was in the clear, but 752 had to be like “Nah bruh bruh…you bout to catch these unfair hands”.


I was stuck. When I say stuck I mean, stuck for a week or two playing the  same level over and over again hoping your “luck” would kick in. Of course, I got mad and I walked away from the game. I did something else till it was time for the next day. the pattern went, full lives, near victories, horrendous attempts, overall frustration, tempted to buy more turns, walk away.

Today I didn’t walk away.

Instead, I was going to show 752 who was boss in this land of candy. So while on break at work, I loaded up candy crush, I played 752 4 times, lost four times, played again, lost, I had 9 gold so one free turn, then I paid 99 cents for another 5 turns, another 99 cents plus a candy and I eventually paid for a chocobomb which lead to a victory.

Seven dollars….

Seven freaking dollars that I could have kept in my pocket if my willpower was strong enough to tell my impulse frustration to “let it go…it’s just a game”. I fell for it though. 752 teased a victory and I was not taking no for an answer this time…I WAS GOING TO WIN…and I did…

I didn’t feel happy about winning or finally getting this level away from me, I felt upset because I failed myself to not control my impulse. I didn’t need to spend that money and if I won it was not going to advance the story in the game. BTW wtf is the story in Candy Crush. 700 levels in and I have no idea wtf is going on. I’m just a girl in a candy crushing world! WHATEVER the point is I fell for the freeium game trap. I paid to win a level when I could have just won without paying. It’s not like I wasn’t going to see this scenario of me almost winning again eventually that was going to lead to a win and I knew that. It freaking sucks that I fell for because I’m smarter than that and I know better.

I’m not mad at KING either because this is how they make their money. Hell this how every freeium game makes their money. The game may be fun and addicting, but you will run into a stage where everything is impossible or grinding to level up is taking forever or watching a building or a force for your civilization take hours or days to build. Why speed that up with money? Hell if you have it, go ahead. I know I would. Clash Of Titans would be so much more fun if I had like a thousand dollars a month to throw at it. I don’t and games like that despite being temptingly fun don’t do it for me. There is no story in some of these games and winning for the sake of winning or saying “Hey look at me I have the best gear and I’m unstoppable * throws money at you and screen * oops I upgraded again…still unstoppable. Hahaha I have money you don’t”. IF you don’t have the money…please stay away you will make a huge mistake.

I really had to think about why do I play Candy Crush or any freeium puzzle game? Is it because I like puzzle games and working my brain? Or is because I like games where I have to pay to win when my brain isn’t enough? Do I like the gamer torture? Do I secretly like being teased by something I know I can beat leading to me winning and saying to the game “IN YOUR FACE I WON YOU DIDN’T!”. KING and any other game I gave money already did win when I paid for anything to win. That’s how that business works. I can’t get mad that I fell for it because that’s what any freeium business wants you to do. However, I can get mad at myself for not being strong enough to say no and accept the lost. Of course, I am upset at the moment without throwing a thousand obscenities because I already did that in my head and while talking to my little brother about this.

One more thing I thought of. Can you name a freeium game that is absolutely free and has no in-app purchases that is not Happy Wheels?

DO IT DO IT CAN YOU NAME ONE!? Comments are open!

Any who, I have gamer’s mentality. When a challenge arises, I’m the first one to vanquish it just to say I told you so or because I wanted to prove to myself that the challenge is not that difficult after all. You were just over-exaggerating or you just suck at the game or whatever challenge that’s troubling you. Haha I mock you…well not really, but haha I mock you!

It’s all fun and games till a game over screen is seen over and over and over again.

Game over?

Yeah…I’ll show you….one way or another.

The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Love Hate

Welcome to the final day of the 12 days of Honest ProCons! Today is the finally day of our special. I hope you learned something about me and could relate to a couple of these posts. I really had fun doing this! So it brings me to two simple questions. Do You Love? and Do You Hate? This is today’s topics. The power of love vs the power of hate! Who is the winner?

Before I start, I want to address the small elephant in the room. I know this is the same title of the-dream’s album. It’s a classic now, but this isn’t going to be anything like that. You see if the article was going to be about the definitions three, five, six, and seven would be all we are talking about. Hell then this could be like the-dream’s “LOVE HATE”! Sorry if you thought I was going to be Zane for a minute….so sorry. I’m sure there is a blog out there that can satisfy your need.

Now that is out of the way….let’s begin!!!


Pro: Love (n.)

  1. A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
  2. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
  3. Sexual passion or desire.
  4. A person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
  5. (Used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like)
  6. A love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
  7. Sexual intercourse; copulation.

“All you need is love *trumpets * Love is all you need”.

Love…such an odd rarity.

Love is freaking amazing.

Love is confusing.

Love is kind.

Love is patient.

Love is special.

Love is… I don’t know.

I don’t think those definitions above could do it justice because well love can be many different things. It can be just sex to some people and that’s how they show it. Love can also be a deep bond between two people or even more through friendship. Love can be strictly relationships to some people. Love can be hate and hate can be love to some people. It’s just how love works. The definition alone is subjective to whoever you are talking to! You just can’t pin it down with words because it’s too strong to be labeled.

Love is whatever you want it to be.

My heart has so much love in it. It scares me. I don’t think it’s normal. The love I have formed the person typing this article. If I didn’t have it I would be someone completely different. This blog wouldn’t exist…and sadness would envelope the already sad world lol. Ok maybe not, but I wouldn’t be here. All the pros I have mentioned from the past 11 days come from love. I couldn’t be passionate, optimistic, respectable, emotional, etc. if I did have any love in my heart. The love that is left there continues to be a beacon of light and positivity despite all the walls and chains around it. Yeah baby I got that heavy fortified heart package 😉 lol.

Love allows me to see the best in people. I just can see the value and what the person is worth if I really love them. I don’t want to lose them or see their greatness get diminished by others. This goes for friend, lover or foe. I want to see you succeed even if I do not like your punk ass. It’s just how my love works. I want everyone to get what they need or I don’t like being the bad guy harboring negative feelings for people. Now when those people I show love too that don’t do the same, I don’t get as mad as I used to. I get it, no one loves exactly like me or you. The mind may want us to have someone love us exactly the same way we love them, but a bit harder. It just doesn’t work out that way.

Love has made me stupid and ignore my logical common sense degree sometimes too. It has done it to everyone so don’t act like it hasn’t happened to you. I bet one of y’all are being stupid over love right now lol. I can tell you it made me stupid because it was new and I never experienced anything like that before. The girl I fell for seems happy now, but I was simply stuck on her for a while. She was the first love and those are the ones that cut the deepest. So using context clues you should know she was the first heartbreak too. We are still very close (best?) friends to this day, but yeah she made me a bumbling idiot. Of course I could have avoid this experience entirely by listening to what people would tell me about her like “she is playing you”, “she has sides”, and my favorite “she isn’t going to love you like that”. I ignored all that stuff and defended her whenever it was said. However maybe you guys were right about stuff because we aren’t together. That is something I wanted once I caught the feeling, but it didn’t happen. There is more to it, but that is none of y’all business. I should give yall a cookie because you were correct and nothing happened right? Naaaa you are still wrong. What I gained from this is a ton of experience, insight and a bond that only we can end if we choose. Point is love made me stupid and guess what? It’s going to happen to you too one day! Hopefully you can look back at it with like….well not a frown or a smile. Look at it with an “Ok that happened….something is better is to come” face.

Love has made me better. I have an amazing cast of friends. Yes they are a cast because when I die they are doing have their names show up like credits. My friends supplemented that love I didn’t have or get with their awesomeness. I am one awesome support system by myself, but when you combine that with my little rag tag bunch of friends you get something special. Love allowed me to meet them. Some of them can read me like a book while others can just figure it out offering great advice. I love them dearly…even though we bump heads at times. Trust me we do! I’ll tell you because a couple of my friends I’ve seriously considering get rid of because of a bunch of stupid crap. I’m sorry yall. I’m just trying to figure things out if I’ve been acting a bit odd. It took a conversation with my uncle to realize that friendships are more important than being right all the time. You don’t have to be correct all the time. Tell your pride demon to fall back!!!! I’ll tell you that because you’ll miss out some great people. Only drop them if they are really toxic to you! Don’t let people who make you feel like crap or are constantly negative stick around and leech off of you! You are amazing and deserve amazing people around you! Friendships are important! Relationships you form with people are important! So thank you all for making me a better person at times even though I, the lead, is going to take all the credit for it lol.

While Love is great and can bring wonders, a lack of it can bring out the worst in people.

Con: Hate (v.)  (Used with object) hated, hating.

  1. To dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest:
  2. To be unwilling; dislike

(v.) (used without object), hated, hating.

  1. To feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.


  1. Intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.
  2. The object of extreme aversion or hostility.

Two years.

I hated mostly everything for two years.

This hatred formed out of rejection, failure, coming up short and just overall losing. When it shows up…all I can tell you is try to fight. Try as you must, you are going to succumb to the feelings it brings.

Despair, bitterness, anger, rage, revenge, and of course super resting bitch face. You got to have S.R.B.F. when you are in this mode lol. Hate brought all these feelings and freaking amplified my cons to new heights. It was completely embarrassing and just awful. If you got hit, by any of those….sorry again. I didn’t mean it. The hate was strong in this one. I became a reverse black hole. I pushed everyone away from me because I had to adjust to this new feeling that I wasn’t used to. I was used to depression, but this hate deal was something new.

Recently, I said out of blind rage that I had no love in my heart. I had no love in my life and I had no love to give. I said that because at the time I felt like that. I felt like I needed to be completely alone in this world to recover from my hurt. It takes time to heal and I figured if I didn’t have love the thing that hurt me, I could get over it.

But that’s not what happened.

See what happened is I began to despise love, I despised people who found love (in a hopeless place…we found love in a hopeless place…a hopeless place), I just flat out began to hate love as a whole.
“What has it done for me lately? Why does everyone else get to find it? Why does love constantly avoid me? Why is life so unfair? What did I do to deserve this?” were just some of the questions that would pop up in my brain. Since I didn’t have the answers at the time and had no idea how to find them…it just motivated the hate.

It felt good to just be a raw version of fuse. It felt good to be pessimistic, cynical, unreasonable, jealous and numb. It felt good to mourn over a possible lost. Sometimes I am still mourning because there is always a chance I have to end some long lasting friendships to get better. Maybe that would be the solution to getting rid of the hate.

Or would I just hate myself for getting rid of them because I didn’t know how to cope?

Would it make sense to get rid of the girl who chose someone else over you because you don’t know how to cope?

Would it make sense to drop your homie because he is in the next stage of his life and it doesn’t feel the same?

Would it make sense to just stop being friends with people because hate tells you…”guess what I don’t like them any more”.

Honestly the answer is it depends. If all they bring is heartache and negativity, drop em. If they are bringing positivity and love still despite how you feel keep them. My uncle said a friendship is more important than being right sometimes. Don’t let your pride mess up something you love.

I can’t say I have completely gotten rid of my hate either because sometimes I need it. I use it for creative purposes only. I feel like if they are going to be negative I am going to catch you in this master ball and make you do positive stuff for me. J The winner is me lol.

ProCon: Love Hate

Something crazy happened over time.

I chose to love the one thing no one loves….and that’s hate.

I re-stock some love when I was building that big project around it. When I did, I decided to embrace hate with love. I tried to see exactly why those feelings weren’t as bad as people make them. I broke them down to understand them and needless to say we had a nice little party. Optimism, pessimism and cynicism are like the three musketeers no one expected lol. Selfless and selfishness are a couple, along with patience, irascibility, kindness, and jealously. It is a swinger’s type of deal. Intelligence, creativity and overthinking wrote a crazy story together. I heard apathy is very sympathetic when the doors are closed. Someone told me that the stubborn and numb crew really love the passionate and respectable crew. Can you believe they actually respect each other? Love and hate got back together for the billionth time. Oh and some guy named Matt is an emotional introvert. We had a great party!

See plenty of these pros and cons that come with hate and love are normal. The beautiful thing is you can find a common ground with all of these if you choose to look for one. You can make those negative things work in your favor. I turned hate into a form of love and love into a form of hate. I made them switch roles for me to get better.

And the great part is through this weird switch I am getting better.

I can realize when I am being completely unreasonable like ending a friendship over a late email or text because that’s not cool. Add overthinking, figuring people out and life you’ll get that decision without factoring in that they have a life too! They work just like you and everything stupid!

I now know when I really need to get rid of someone. I can’t do that just being an emotional wreck, I need to own up to my emotions because I am in control of them. I just need to have a real talk with the people in question to see what this friendship is instead of imagining what it should be in my head. Tsk tsk Matt.

I noticed if I like a woman, I am probably going to pick at her and get on her nerves instead of being how used to be all sweet with my talk and what not. Wait actually…part of that is true. I am a mix of both if I like you in that way. I’m probably not gonna let you know that though because the shy boy is in the build and I’m shive lol.

If I want to be friends with you, I am going to annoy you at times or be overly dramatic because hey I like you as a person and I think we should be friends. I am just expressing it, by going over the top instead of being you know….all cool about it.

Ok now I am going on a tangent, but that’s ok.

I just want to get the point across that it is ok to feel hate sometimes. Just don’t let the hate take over you. Remember you always have love around you even if you don’t have everything you want. You have love. You have hate. You have them both! It is up to you to choose how to properly use them. You can either be a black hole denying yourself love or you can be that beacon of light that is honest with their hate.

The choice is yours.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 12 days of honest ProCons.

This was a fun little special…hmm now to think about what to do for next year!!!

Till next time!

I hate you all that don’t read these

Just kidding

I love you all!

– Matthew Cyprian


The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Respectable Selfishness

Welcome to the 12 days of Honest ProCons! It was the day after Christmas and all through the house, Two kids stuffing their faces….now silent like a mouse! DAY 11!!!!  WE are almost at the end and guess what? I got a short read for y’all so this shouldn’t take that long! Enjoy this blunt article! Do not smoke it around me…just read it lol.


Respectable Selfishness

Pro: Respectable (adj.)

  1. Worthy of respect or esteem; estimable; worthy
  2. Of good social standing, reputation, etc.
  3. Suitable or good enough to be seen or used
  4. Of moderate excellence; fairly good; fair
  5. Appreciable in size, number, or amount

Aye so I have a rule….if you respect me, I’ll respect you. Simple as that.

Show disrespect and I’ll show it right back.

It isn’t that hard to follow or is it?

I don’t know, but I think that is an easy one to follow.

I love that I am person that people respect. It was just how I was brought up you know? Treat people how you want to be treated! If you do that people will respect you and not walk all over you. You know what is great when older people can tell you are a respectable individual. I get told this at work at least once every time I work with someone older than me and it makes my day because it’s just an awesome feeling. It’s like I am doing the thing most people are supposed to do. It shouldn’t be something you have to pull out of people to show you respect.

I know one time I asked my friends who smoke to not smoke around me because I don’t want to be around Nikki or Mary and her smelly smell. Nikki is Nicotine and Mary is Marijuana.

And you know what they do?

They don’t smoke around me and go elsewhere to do that. They didn’t have to do that, they did that out of respect for my boundaries.

I appreciate that so much!

Con: Selfish (adj.)

  1. Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.
  2. Characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself

If there is one thing I can tell you, it is I do not like to share.




I am a selfish person to an extent. TO AN EXTENT. I am not as bad as I was when I was a kid. When I was a child, I tend to get everything I asked for because I would throw fits and just get what I would want to shut up. I mean I wasn’t a bad kid with the silver teeth, I was a great little boy who happened to exceed expectations resulting in gifts. The only problem with this is, I expected a gift for every little thing I did. So in sense I was bad, good bad. I think selfishness must be one of the side effects of being a spoiled brat.

I was reminded of one example of my supreme selfishness from my cousin. He told me this story that I upstaged his birthday party because the spotlight was on him. Rightfully so it was his birthday and everyone should be celebrating that, but I guess at the time I felt everyone should be looking at me. So of course I had the resting bitch face during the whole party and just seemed upset. So he opens his gifts and he got a Super Nintendo I think or some game console at the time. I must have thrown a tantrum because that tantrum resulted in me getting a freaking Sega Saturn on HIS BIRTHDAY. I got a freaking gift on HIS BIRTHDAY. Now if that isn’t messed up I don’t know what is. I am so glad I am not selfish like that anymore! I was a problem then!

I think my selfishness comes out now-a-days when it comes to people, food and time spent. I play that mine card still sometimes and will be at somebody throat if they trying to impede on my time spent. Best go yo self somewhere else and leave me alone lol. Don’t pick off my plate and don’t impede on my time and we will be fine!!

ProCon: Respectable Selfishness

The motto stays the same, show me respect and I’ll do the same for you. Now understand with my selfishness at times to respect my time with people or my time alone. I’ll say it again, DO NOT PICK OFF MY PLATE. JUST do not do that. If you follow these steps we will be grrrrrrrrrrrrreattttttttt!

Till the finale, day 12

– MC