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IMG_6872I’ve gathered myself enough to write about Prince. I’m still not all the way together, I’m still hurting a ton, but I felt the need to share how much Prince meant to me. So let’s talk about the great one, Prince.

Prince was so underrated, yet so legendary. You either loved him or you didn’t understand him. One of the sickest guitarist I have ever heard in my life, he could make a guitar do anything. One hell of a songwriter…I aspired to be just like he was. The way he could work metaphors, similes, song structure, and his creativity was mesmerizing. He was a hidden comedian in a sense because he could always make you laugh…such a great sense of humor. He was a game changer. Prince broke all the rules about sexuality, music, the English language, digital distribution and presumed roles for musicians. Prince re-wrote all those rules. You all followed. Prince is the king of shade aka the king of emoting! His facial expressions were classic. You would know if Prince was rocking with you or not. I mean yall remember this one?
Prince Said Please
I'm Prince

Prince was a legendary genius. I really hate saying was in the past tense. PRINCE IS A LEGENDARY GENIUS. Prince is known by so many nicknames it is not even funny. Does your fav have nicknames ranging from “His Royal Badness”, to “The Purple Yoda”, to “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” to A SIGN to “That Skinny MF with the high voice”? I didn’t think so. Most importantly, The music! Prince gave us so many classic albums from his self titled debut to Dirty Mind to Controversy to 1999 to Purple Rain to Sign O’ The Times to Diamonds And Pearls to The Love Symbol Album to The Gold Experience to Musicology” to so many more classic albums. The list goes on and on. Those are just a few! Who could forget what he did to the Batman Soundtrack?! Legendary. Who am I kidding? His entire Discography is legendary. Go get a tidal account or go record shopping and enlighten your music life. Prince gave us so much music and you know what’s crazy that’s not even all of it. He has a vault of unreleased stuff! A VAULT! HE HAS A FALLOUT VAULT FULL OF MUSIC! That is insane! There aren’t many musicians that can say they have a vault of music! Paisley Park…mannnn I just wonder gems he left in there.
Rasberry Prince
Paisley Park is in our hearts!  IMPROMPTU JAM! I wonder if you know this one.
“The girl on the seesaw is laughing
4 love is the color
This place imparts (Paisley Park)
Admission is easy, just say U
Believe and come 2 this
Place in your heart
Paisley Park is in your heart”
Such a great song.
Prince 6
I love Prince. You how he said “love isn’t love till it’s past”. I really understand that now. I thought I got it then, but it really hits home now. You all just don’t know how much Prince impacted me in so many different points in my life. When I was alone, Prince and all of his music was there. When I was recovering from multiple surgeries, Prince along with so many other musicians kept me going. Whenever I felt down in the dumps, I’d throw on a Prince song and jam. It would break me out of my funk while getting down with the Funk. If you know what I mean. Prince….he did so much for me & so many other people. Some of us were fortunate to let him know directly. I wish I was one of those people to just tell him thank you. I wish I had personal interactions with Prince that I could share with you. I can share a little story about how much he impacted my life. I hope you enjoy it and helps, because I enjoyed reminiscing about how I felt.


Prince in Egyptian carvings
Prince was my very first concert…..back in 2004 he was making his comeback, I was 15. I was a huge Michael Jackson fanatic. Yall remember the argument? Prince Or MJ? Back then I would pick MJ because I wasn’t as familiar with Prince. Of course, I knew of Purple Rain (obviously all of us did) plus the new record Musicology, but I wasn’t that deep in my Princedom yet. My aunt invited me out to see Prince at essence fest. I figured sure why not go! I could finally figure out why is Prince always being compared to MJ. Chris Rock was right & boy did I learn that night. Morris Day & The Time was opening up for Prince I believe. During the set, Prince was incognito playing a guitar solo and skating. It was hilarious, but of course none of us knew it was him. Once he came on, I feel like Prince let me knew personally why they compare him to MJ. HE tore the house down with his set. I wanted it to last forever. I saw magic. He blew us away. I was hooked. I converted. I still loved MJ, but it was Prince time now. Something changed. I was extremely happy to see him return to form. I told myself “the next time he comes to Louisiana, I’ll be ready”. I had a lot of listening to do.

I spent an entire day catching up with all of Prince’s music. I made an effort to find every little thing I could about this man. Any record or song, I found it. I gotta pat myself on the back for that one because I was determined hear every single album he put out leading up to Musicology. I wish I could put into words how I felt when I heard Sign O’ The Times  for the first time. It was a magical moment. I still feel like that is one of his greatest albums of all time. I didn’t get to experience 1987 (I’m 26 what do you want me to do), but I felt even then people were still comparing this to Purple Rain because it was so huge. Diamonds & Pearls along with The Love Symbol Album had me grabbing my head like “HOW DID THIS MAN MAKE THIS FIREEEEEEEEEEE!” I have so many favorite Prince songs it’s not even funny. “If I Was Your Girlfriend” is so experimental yet awesome. I mean who else could make a song like that?! “Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)” is lovely. “YOU think you’re special well so do I” love that line. “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad” is so damn good. I feel like that song is underrated. It was slamming man. “Live 4 Love” was epic! Simply epic! The band was cutting up on that song. “Gold” was just too much to handle. It felt like the ending to trio of epics. I felt like it was the finale to  “3 Chains O’ Gold” which was the sequel to “Purple Rain”. I absolutely loved it. “The One” is one of those songs you play for your lady to let her know you aren’t anything like those guys she has dealt with before. You gotta let her know some times. “Reflection” is simply beautiful. Just go and listen to it! It is just a beautiful song. “Sometimes It Snows In April” brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. I wish I didn’t have a new reason for that song 2 bring a tear to my eye. I guess it really snows in April. Sorry, I got on a tangent. The point is there are so many freaking Prince songs that I enjoy so much! If I listed them all we would never get to the end of my little story.
3rd Eye Prince
Okay back to the story! Fast forward 10 years later, I’m 25 and prepared. I finally get to see him perform again after 10 long years. This time I’m having the time of my life! I’m singing every single song that he would play. I knew all the words. I was surrounded by people who felt the exact same way I did. I felt like I was an fifteen year old again except this time a fifteen year old Prince fanatic. It was beautiful. It was magic. I wanted it to last forever. Essence fest 2004 & 2014 were simply amazing for me. I’ll never forget those concerts. To quote what everyone says about a fun time now a days, those concerts were lit. I remember once the concert ended I said “So another 10 years till we meet again? I’m up for it! OR I’ll come see you!”. I really had plans to see Prince because he was on tour…I had plans.

Plans change. Life throws punches you just can’t avoid.

2 years later, I’m writing this. Prince went into the afterworld. Electric Word Life you can call it. Prince is at peace. He is probably flipping heaven on its head. The biggest concert is going down up there (or wherever heaven is) right now. Those angels are about to be jamming forever. I never thought I would be writing this so soon to be honest. The moment I got the news I figured it was one of those silly internet hoaxes that kill celebrities all the time. Unfortunately, It wasn’t. It was horrifyingly true. I got scared last week when the news was reporting Prince was brought to the hospital. They were reporting he wasn’t feeling well & had the flu. Once he said “Don’t waste your prayers on me just yet”, I was fine knowing he was fine. He just got a brand new gorgeous guitar too….It is a shame we won’t be able to hear him shred on that instrument.

To me, Prince (physically) was going to live forever just like David Bowie. Those two were too strange for death. NOW they are gonna live forever. No one likes writing about their favorite musicians or people passing away. The truth is it is going to happen to all of our favorite people one day. The best takeaway is all the memories and experiences I had through Prince. Some people didn’t even get the chance to see him live. I did twice! His music will forever be iconic. Prince was iconic in so many different ways. I can go on and on about it, but the fact is Prince influenced everything and everyone around him. Many of us wanted to be like Prince. I know I do. What I would give to just have his aura and mystique or a voice like his! He was magic. You know what they say about magic? Magic doesn’t die. Magic lives forever, but I guarantee that NOTHING WILL EVER COMPARE TO PRINCE’S MAGIC!

The intro to “Let’s Go Crazy” is so fitting right now.
“Dearly beloved We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
Electric word “life”
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you, there’s something else
The Afterworld
A world of never-ending happiness
You can always see the sun
Day or night
So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
You know the one, Dr. Everything’ll-Be-Alright
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby
‘Cause in this life
Things are much harder than in the afterworld
In this life, you’re on your own
And if de-elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy, punch a higher floor!”

You punched a higher floor! Enjoy paradise Prince.
Prince I love you. Thank you for all the memories I’m grateful for every single one of those. Live 4 Love. Rest In Paradise, Power &Funk. You are free now. Godspeed Prince.














I’ve Got An Issue #15: Black & White Music?

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

Today is about music! My sweet love, music. I don’t have an issue with music, but I have an issue when I hear a certain phrase said about music. A phrase that tries to divide music and segregate it into groups only for certain people. The phrase “Rap music is only for black people” or “Rock music is only for white people” or any variant of that with different types of music whether it is rock, techno, J-pop, Alternative, etc. Don’t you just hate that?! Granted some genres of music do feature more black or white musicians in them. It doesn’t mean that it is exclusively for them. You probably are confused like I am whenever you hear it. Then again you can be apart of the group of people who  go with public opinion and agree that certain music is only for certain races or ethnicities. If you think that is the case, I’m sorry buddy we cannot be friends. I don’t think I want you to even read the blog because of that thought. You and I know deep down this is not how music works.

Music is universal. 

I’ve always had a unique music taste that ranged from Pop to Hip-Hop to Rock to Electronica. You name it I probably listen to it. I’m still trying to get into country (sorry I’m not a fan of the “let’s drink beer and drive our trucks in the mud” narrative), but besides that I can listen to just about anything. Of course I’m picky about my music, I just don’t listen to something because everyone says it is hot or popular. I have guidelines too (great production, meaningful/clever lyrics, storytelling if possible, and that mysterious factor)! The point I’m making is I have a plethora of music spanning various genres that I listen to. I will never understand why people will label genres of music with race or demonize it doesn’t fit with their comfort zone. I will never get it. Why should a person be prosecuted for what they listen to and why should someone be surprised you know a song they listen to because you are a different race than them? It shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is always a shock every single time.

Let me tell you a short story. This was about nine years ago, a string broke on my guitar and I didn’t know how to fix the strings myself at the time. So I got my dad to bring me to Guitar Center to get it fixed. I signed in and brought my guitar to the guys behind the counter. These fellas were Caucasian if you are wondering. I was greeted and I patiently waited for my Guitar to get repaired. The guys were talking about something I can’t recall at the moment, but “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet (or The Sweet) came on. I knew it was that song the minute I heard the first note. I watched these two guys struggle about what was the name of the band and song. I interjected and told those two dudes who it was. I’ll never forget the look on their faces. It was a cross between “A black guy knows who Sweet is?” and “Holy crap that’s the song”. It was confusion recall. After this we talked briefly about our favorite bands (mine at the time were the Foo Fighters & Rush), got my guitar back & I went home. I never really thought about it much then, but now it hit me like “wtf why are you surprised or confused?”.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised because it is the nature of people to make fun of or ridicule things they do not understand. When some white guy says “Rap is crap” or when a black guy says Rock music is “white people devil shit”, all I can do is laugh or grit my teeth at how wrong they are. People who say this don’t understand certain genres of music and feel better about themselves by insulting or demonizing it. Once you do that you never have to listen to it right? Why is it that some people can only do one style of music, but if anyone outside that race does that style they are looked at as some rarity, treasure, or appropriater? When did music become exclusive to our skin color? For example, why can’t it be Eminem is a very talented wordsmith? Why does it have to be Eminem is the best white rapper? Why isn’t Living Colour or TV On The Radio considered a great Rock band instead of a Black Rock band? I will never understand that. Good music is Good music.

My message to you if you don’t have a broad taste in music, GO OUT AND EXPLORE DIFFERENT GENRES. Get out of your comfort zone. Open up your mind. Don’t be that narrow minded loser that listens to one or two genres of music. You are missing out what the world of music has to offer. Trust me on this one you won’t regret it. STOP LABELING GENRES OF MUSIC WITH COLOR OR RACE TOO. Please stop doing that. I repeat just because a genre of music is dominated by one race doesn’t mean that the genre of music is just for that race. Stop being lazy making fun of art you don’t understand. Language barriers can’t stop music from reaching people m.o.v.e. taught me that because they reached me. Look at PSY. Most Americans don’t have a clue with Gangnam Style is about, but that song is extremely fun to dance to. Music is a beautiful, vast sea that is waiting for you to dive in it. I along millions of other people swim in that wondrous sea everyday. Music is an universal, powerful gift for everyone in this world.  So don’t be one of those idiotic people who don’t understand music because…..

“Good music is good no matter what kind of music it is.” – Miles Davis.

Till next time!

Grammy Awards 2015: The Year of Salt or Sugar?

It’s that time for everyone to be extremely mad that their favorite musician didn’t win an award for their hard work; It is Grammy Season!! Today is the 57th Annual Grammy Awards! You don’t know what the Grammys are? Have you been living under a rock for years? Are you isolated from society? Are you acting? Maybe you just don’t care, but have do not fear I got you covered! Basically, the Grammy Awards is a celebration of the music industry and recognizes the achievements in that industry. It’s an award show pretty much. It is music’s version of the Tony’s, the EMMYS, and the Academy Awards. I’m sure you know what those are so no need to explain and if you don’t know please use your brain + computer.

Since the Grammys will occur later on today, I figured why not write a prediction piece about who I think will win the prestigious Grammy? I decided to go with a certain method to write my predictions. I wasn’t going to write about music I did not listen to last year. So if you see certain genres missing like Americana, Latin, Country, etc. that means I did not listen to either enough of the music or any of it. For example, I can tell you now I didn’t listen to a lot of metal last year. Slipknot is one of my favorite bands and they are nominated this year to win a Grammy. I didn’t listen to the album or the other 4 choices so why would I write about who I think would win it even if I think Slipknot will win that Grammy? To me that’s an empty opinion and I don’t do empty opinions.

So instead, I’ll write my predictions for what I did listen to that year. I’ll break them down into three categories: Popular Vote (based on popularity and Grammy voting committee), MC’s Choice (based on my personal feelings/bias), and The Shocker (based on a win that will come out of left field). I feel like tonight I’ll be right and wrong about some of these. It’s not like wrestling where you can be 90 percent correct most of the time lol. However, I think I got a fair idea on who is going with a Grammy.

In the end, fans of these artists will be happy or mad about the results. We all know about the big Kendrick Lamar snub that cut hip-hop deep. We all know Macklemore shouldn’t have won, but he was all the Grammy voting committee knew about so what can you do?  Hopefully that doesn’t happen again in hip-hop or any genre, but I got a feeling it will. A lot of us will be salty and the other lot will be sweet filled with joy.

The Grammys should bring about a surprise or two tonight. I heard Prince is going to be doing something tonight and I love surprises. I am excited to see what the show will bring tonight. Holograms? Big Jam Session with huge artists? Some drama? Who knows! It’s the Grammys baby! Win or lose the true fans know who deserves a Grammys and who simply does not.

Let’s get to the predictions of Salt & Sugar that is Grammys 2015!

Best R&B Song

“Drunk In Love,” Beyonce ft. Jay Z
“Good Kisser,” Usher
“New Flame,” Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross
“Options (Wolfjames Version),” Luke James ft. Rick Ross
“The Worst,” Jhené Aiko

Popular Vote: “Drunk In Love”.
I think it’s obvious that this award is basically a gimmie to Bey & Jay. I mean when I think of the voting committee Jay-Z and Beyonce are the most well known out of the four. Plus it is Jay-Z & Beyonce! I think that is enough for them to win it. A stellar combo with an catchy yet annoying song lol. This is most likely your winner tonight.

MC’s Choice:  “The Worst”.
I love Jhene Aiko. Let’s get that right out of the way. I think “The Worst” is one of my favorite songs of last year and 2013. It is a perfect letter to someone who hurt you. The production is top notch, the writing is stinging and I guarantee after one listen of this song you’ll feel some emotion. Don’t take this personal, but The Worst should win a Grammy. 🙂

The Shocker: “Options”
I’m not as familiar as I should be with Luke James. After all he is from the same state that I’m from, the Boot, Louisiana! I should know his music well, but I never heard any of it. Maybe that’s because I don’t listen to the radio enough. Any who I would be surprised & proud if a hometown native won a Grammy.

Best Rock Song

“Ain’t It Fun,” Paramore
“Blue Moon,” Beck
“Fever,” The Black Keys
“Gimme Something Good,” Ryan Adams
“Lazaretto,” Jack White

Popular Vote: “Lazaretto”
Face it, Jack White is a musical genius. This is a fact. I am a huge fan of Jack White, so I would not be surprised if the committee voted for him to win that award. This was one of of my favorite songs last year too! It would be a fitting win for Jack White.

MC’s Choice: “Blue Moon”
I was going to choose the Black Keys first, but I like the song “Turn Blue” way more than I like the song “Fever”. Sorry guys. As much as I love Jack White, BECK freaking Beck should win best Rock song. He is freaking Beck! Blue Moon hit me right in the feels with lyrics such as “The songbird calling/ Across the water /Outside my silent asylum” and “So cut me down to size So I can fit inside/Lies that will divide Us both in time”. Songs about feeling alone or feeling abandoned always get to me. This song is beautiful and what will make even more beautiful is a shiny golden Grammy!

The Shocker: “Give Me Something Good”
As of now I just heard this song for the first time, and I am pissed I did not buy this man’s album. I’m going to take care of that shortly. Ryan Adams beating out Beck, Jack White, The Black Keys & Paramore would be shocking to some. From research, it shouldn’t be too surprising because Adams has a lengthy background with music. He isn’t some new comer, he’s been doing this for a while! Thanks Grammys nominations for introducing me to a new musician in my world!

Best Rap Song

“Anaconda,” Nicki Minaj
“Bound 2,” Kanye West & Charlie Wilson
“i,” Kendrick Lamar
“We Dem Boyz,” Wiz Khalifa
“0 to 100/The Catch Up,” Drake

Popular Vote: “Bound 2”
I really don’t want this song to win best rap song. I just don’t. I hated that Yeezus album with so much passion. However, this song is one of the two songs (other being “Blood on the Leaves”) that were good on this album. I can see Kanye winning tonight. I used to really like Kanye and I’m still a fan. A disgruntled fan at the moment, but a fan none the less. I won’t be happy he beat Kendrick, but at least one of the good songs earned a Grammy.

MC’s Choice: “i”
KENDRICK DESERVES A GRAMMY. Simple as that. THIS song is everything. Isley brothers sample + Kendrick Lamar = Greatness. It is so positive, fun and up beat! This song contains one of the best messages a lot of people need to hear. LOVE YOURSELF! You should be in love with yourself! I really want this to win a Grammy! I am doubtful though. I feel like if a song has a positive message or any message it’s going to be drowned out by the popular vote every time. I wish that will change one day. K Dot deserves a Grammy man. Don’t screw this up twice Grammy committee.

The Shocker: “i”
Last sentences of MC’s Choice sums it up well. I’m pulling for you Kendrick!

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

“Blak Majik,” Common ft. Jhené Aiko
“The Monster,” Eminem ft. Rihanna
“Tuesday,” I Love Makonnen ft. Drake
“Studio,” ScHoolboy Q ft. BJ The Chicago Kid
“Bound 2,” Kanye West & Charlie Wilson

Popular Vote: “The Monster”
Why wouldn’t the dynamic duo win a Grammy? I really thought “Love The Way You Lie” was going to win a Grammy or two at the 2011 awards. I feel this time Em and RiRi have this Grammy in the back. I just can’t see this song losing to “Bound 2” Or “Tuesday”. I feel like it is on the same level of LTWYL. I would hate if Em And RiRi don’t win this won. It’s my favorite song out of the 5.

MC’s Choice: “The Monster”.
See above! MMLP2 was a big favorite when it dropped lol. I really relate to this song too, well not the fame part, but the acceptance of being a little coo coo lol.

The Shocker: “Blak Majik” or “Tuesday”
Blak Majik was my second favorite song in this list. It’s my favorite song on Nobody’s Smiling. I would be shocked because the voting committee actually listened to the song or the album. Common should get a Grammy this year…I would like to see that.

I would be pissed though if that stupid ass song “Tuesday” won a Grammy simply because Drake is on it. I’m still salty about Take Care beating Life Is Good at the 2013 Grammys. I don’t care if the song is popular, it isn’t a great song compared to the other four in my opinion. Please don’t repeat the salt from 2013.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

“Fancy,” Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
“A Sky Full of Stars,” Coldplay
“Say Something,” A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera
“Bang Bang,” Ariana Grande, Jessie J & Nicki Minaj
“Dark Horse,” Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

Popular Vote: “Fancy”
Come on you know why this is going to win! DJ Mustard. Well the style jacking of DJ Mustard. When this song came out, I knew instantly Iggy was going to be a big star. I didn’t know she was going to get a bunch of hate too, but we will get to that later. I think this song great. I completely understand why it would win. People just love the song a ton plus it’s easy for it to get stuck in your head. I wouldn’t mind seeing Charli XCX get a Grammy for the hook. I mean that’s another reason why this song is so amazing because of Charli. I would look at this as Charli’s award. Anyways “Fancy” is a top contender to leave with that Grammy.

MC’s Choice: “Dark Horse”
To quote Charlamagne Tha God, I pick “The Nubian White Queen” Katy Perry to defeat everyone in this category. I feel that “Dark Horse” is a bit stronger than “Fancy” song wise and maybe radio play. I just like this song way more than I like “Fancy”. Everything about it is just awesome. The production, subject matter, the feature everything just clicks in this song. I would like to see KP leave with Grammy.

The Shocker: Any of the other three songs.
I wouldn’t really be shocked that any one of those three songs took home the award. I would be more surprised at the fact that it beat “Fancy” and “Dark Horse”. Two songs that were on the radio all the time and practically everywhere! You could not avoid “Fancy” or “Dark Horse” they were around every single corner! This would be shocking indeed.

Best Rap Performance

“3005,” Childish Gambino
“0 to 100/The Catch Up,” Drake
“Rap God,” Eminem
“i,” Kendrick Lamar
“All I Need Is You,” Lecrae

Popular Vote: “Rap God”
Have you not heard “Rap God”? Please go take a listen to it. The lyricism plus production plus the delivery of that song is just….how did he do that? It contains one of the best double times in recent rap history, the song won a record for most words in a single, and it became one of those party songs that everyone thought they could do. 6 mins and 4 secs of straight up bars and rapping  gosh damn! I mean come on if EM doesn’t win this I call some bullspit. I think this song win best PERFORMANCE over all of them.

MC’s Choice: “3005”
Even though “Rap God” might be the most technical performance out of all the nominees, the song that held the most meaning to me is “3005” by Childish Gambino. If you didn’t know, I am a huge Childish Gambino/Donald Glover mark. I relate to CG so much in his music. “3005” hit home for me. As one of those supplement songs, it makes me feel like I have something or someone to rely on whenever I hear it. I feel safe and happy whenever I hear “3005” despite how sad the song actually is. I think Childish Gambino needs to be recognized as one of the illest by the mass and Grammy win would definitely prove that. Who can say he beat Eminem, Kendrick Lamar & Drake? CG can.

The Shocker: “i”
Why? I feel some type of way about the Grammy voting committee. I feel like they don’t want to give Kendrick a Grammy. We all know good kid, m.A.A.d city deserved that Grammy last year. Sigh it’s the salt talking. I would be shocked if “i” won.

Best Pop Solo Performance

“All of Me,” John Legend
“Chandelier,” Sia
“Stay With Me,” Sam Smith
“Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift
“Happy,” Pharrell Williams

Popular Vote: “Shake It Off”
One of the biggest hits of the summer, “Shake It Off” is going to take home a Grammy. T-Swift has this one locked in if you ask me. It is absolute fun also another one of Taylor’s “FU I’m happy without your loser thoughts and comments” songs. A great post breakup song with someone I gotta say. I see Shake It Off winning tonight.

MC’s Choice: “Chandelier”
I personally want Sia to just win a Grammy for herself. I know she was nominated for “Wild Ones” with FloRida and didn’t win in 2013. This time I would love it if she won on her own with one of the best songs of last year. A very sad upbeat song, but awesome all together. I would love it Sia beat T-Swift for the Grammy. It would be cool to see her acceptance speech too!

The Shocker: “All Of Me”
Listen. I don’t like this song. I like John Legend. I absolutely dislike this song. If it won, I don’t know how I react. It’s too happy about finding that person who makes your world all happy. I on the other hand cannot stand it and makes me very, very mad. I really hope this song doesn’t win.

Best Rock Performance

“Gimme Something Good,” Ryan Adams
“Do I Wanna Know?”, Arctic Monkeys
“Blue Moon,” Beck
“Fever,” The Black Keys
“Lazaretto,” Jack White

Popular Vote: “Blue Moon”
I said it before in my pick for Best Rock Song. It hit me the most emotionally. Such a beautifully haunting record. I think voting committee can agree that Beck put out a great record and the performance is amazing. I also feel like Beck is the underdog. We all love underdogs winning right? Make it happen tonight committee.
MC’s Choice: “Blue Moon”

The Shocker: “Do I Wanna Know?”
This song is amazing. I rarely see indie rock bands winning Grammys, so if the Arctic Monkeys can pull it off. I would be pleased to see them win! They are another band whose album I should have brought last year, but unfortunately did not. Another band I should have been more familiar with. Don’t worry I will this year. I will probably be kicking myself once I listen to AM. A true “where have you been my whole life” type of moment.

Best R&B Performance

“Drunk In Love,” Beyoncé ft. Jay Z
“New Flame,” Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross
“It’s Your World,” Jennifer Hudson ft. R. Kelly
“Like This,” Ledisi
“Good Kisser,” Usher

Popular Vote: “Drunk In Love”
Two Names. Beyoncé & Jay-Z (You will forever have that hyphen Jay). This song versus the other songs is laughable. Out of all of those songs, it is the most commercially played and the voting committee likes that. This a gimmie to Jay & Bey again. The winner is on top and you don’t need to look anywhere else.
MC’s Choice: “Drunk In Love”

The Shocker: Any of the other four songs.
There is no need to really explain. I would seriously be shocked if Jay-Z & Beyoncé lost to anyone that is not Jay-Z & Beyoncé.

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media

American Hustle
Guardians of the Galaxy
Get On Up: The James Brown Story
The Wolf of Wall Street

Popular Vote: Frozen
“Let It Go” alone can win Frozen this award. I will not see the movie and I will not say a lot of things about it. I know the power of Frozen and It won’t let go a Grammy.

MC’s Choice: Guardians of the Galaxy
Sure Frozen has “Let It Go”, but does Frozen have “Moonage Daydream”, “Hooked On A Feeling”, “I Want You Back” Or “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”? I think not! This soundtrack is basically a very well done mixtape. I can’t complain about it. Every song on the soundtrack is great and fitting for Guardians of the Galaxy. Let’s hope in 2017 the soundtrack continues being great.

The Shocker: I don’t have one.

Best Music Video

“We Exist,” Arcade Fire
“Turn Down for What,” DJ Snake & Lil Jon
“Chandelier,” Sia
“Happy,” Pharrell Williams
“The Golden Age,” Woodkid ft. Max Richter

Popular Vote: “Chandelier”
This is such a tough decision. I feel like “Chandelier” or “Happy” could be in this vote. 500 million+ have seen both of these videos which makes it a tough decision. I’m trying to think like the Grammy voting committee. I feel like they would “Chandelier”. It’s not because of Sia, it’s Maddie Ziegler; She makes that video so strong! If the concept was different, “Chandelier” would just be another powerful song watered down by a lame video. It’s like if it followed a late night dancer or depressed stripper it wouldn’t be as strong to me. I feel like this can very well take home a Grammy for Best video. If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it.

MC’s Choice: “Happy”
I dare you to go watch “Happy” and try not to smile. It is impossible. I tried and I was smiling the minute the video started. Pharrell’s “Happy” contains everyone. I mean everyone. There is every shape, race, size, age, and gender in this video. There are celebrities and normal people. There is not one frown in this video. EVERYONE IS HAPPY and I know the song can be very annoying, but if you watch the video you will fall in love with the song again. I know I did. I hope this song win Best music video. It’s too damn good not to, but it has tough competition in “Chandelier”.

The Shocker: “Turn Down for What” or “The Golden Age”
I will say “Turn Down for What” is one of the silliest videos I’ve seen in a while. It made laugh the most out of the five. I don’t know if the over the top silliness is worth a Grammy, but it is an impressively shot video. If it beats “Happy” or “Chandelier”, I will have some questions though on why did it win. Is it because it is so much fun or so ridiculous? Grammy voting committee you are weird.

The Golden Age is over. This video is a gripping ten minutes long. I think the message behind it was childhood was the Golden Age and since we are older now it is over. I’m a bit confused by the video yet I understood it. I don’t know if that makes sense. This is definitely worth a Grammy.

Best Music Film

Beyoncé & Jay Z: On The Run Tour, Beyoncé & Jay-Z
Ghost Stories, Coldplay
20 Feet From Stardom, Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer & Judith Hill
Metallica: Through The Never, Metallica
The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne, Pink

Popular Vote: Beyoncé & Jay Z: On The Run Tour
Well once again, It’s Jay and Bey. Why not? I didn’t see the movie, but plenty of people did. So there is that. It’s basically concert footage and some behind the scenes stuff right? Yeah let’s go with that.

MC’s Choice: 20 Feet From Stardom
Oh my lord, this was one of the best music documentaries I have ever seen. You will really learn what back up singers are. They are more than just backing vocals, they are freaking stars. Some of the singers in this movie should have been big stars, but watch the film to see why that didn’t happen. This movie was powerful and to me it deserves a Grammy.

The Shocker: The Truth About Love Tour
Wait this was a movie? I didn’t even know. You know I didn’t see this then. I would be surprised if it won tonight. I would be happy that P!nk won a Grammy.

Best Rap Album

The New Classic, Iggy Azalea
Because the Internet, Childish Gambino
Nobody’s Smiling, Common
The Marshall Mathers LP2, Eminem
Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q
Blacc Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa

Popular Vote: The New Classic
I feel like history is going to repeat itself again this year. The best album won’t win instead the most popular one will. The New Classic is not a terrible album, but it is definitely not the best out of this list. I feel like the Grammy committee will vote this album as best rap album because of the critical acclaim of “Fancy”. To me, this album as a whole cannot contend with my pick. I really hope popularity does not trump music because if so the music won’t matter anymore. I won’t knock Iggy though. She worked hard to get to this point and if she wins she earned it. I just don’t want it to feel like it was handed to her. It felt like it was handed to Macklemore last year. I want the music and the best album to win. I don’t want any bullspit from this. Azeala Banks will be very salty if this happens.

MC’s Choice: Because The Internet & The Marshall Mathers LP 2
A hidden website, hidden music videos, a script to go along with the album, amazing production, sick lyrics and just genius. HOW COULD THIS NOT WIN? I feel like this was the best album of 2013 hip-hop. I really loved the Marshal Mathers LP 2, but Because The Internet was something I played every day. It is one of the few albums I brought twice. The best way I can describe it is like listening to a movie. If you read the script that Donald wrote for the album, you will appreciate the album much better. I don’t know if the committee looks into all of this. If the committee did, they have to appreciate the effort he put into this album. It wasn’t just a bunch of songs thrown together. It was something so much bigger. I have said this a thousand times don’t sleep on ‘Bino. He is one of the best musicians out. I hope tonight he finally proves to all of you naysayers. ‘Bino got a Grammy.

Even if he doesn’t win, my other choice is Eminem because MMLP2 was the second most played album of that year.

The Shocker: Oxymoron & Nobody Smiling
I would flip my lid if Oxymoron won tonight. I am not expecting it, but if it does I am going to be so happy for TDE and Q. I don’t know who is on that committee, but if they really listened to O X Y A MORONNNNNN they know it was awesome. I am glad it got nominated. If it wins I’ll be just as happy.

With all the racial drama that went on last year, Nobody Smiling would be the safest choice for the Grammy committee. This album has some of the most social conscious lyrics over the other nominees. Plus it was freaking awesome. People should have definitely gave this album a listen. You wouldn’t regret it. Common winning a Grammy would bring a huge smile to my face. Oh I mean a grin.

Best Comedy Album

Mandatory Fun,”Weird Al” Yankovic
Obsessed, Jim Gaffigan
Oh My God, Louis C.K.
Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, Patton Oswalt
We Are Miracles, Sarah Silverman

Popular Vote: Mandatory Fun
Weird Al has been a part of my childhood and development ever since I could remember. He is comedy legend. He is one of my heroes. I would love to see “Weird Al” Yankovic win another Grammy because darn it he deserves it. Al still got it! HE is the King of Parodies and there will never be another. Mandatory Fun should be the winner tonight hands down.

MC’s Choice: Mandatory Fun

The Shocker: Any of the other four
I would only be shocked if Al didn’t win. I love the other four nominees as well. They are all great comedians and winning a Grammy would be great for them. I would be happy yet, a little salty the king Weird Al doesn’t win.

Best Alternative Music Album

This Is All Yours, alt-J
Reflektor, Arcade Fire
Melophobia, Cage The Elephant
St. Vincent, St. Vincent
Lazaretto, Jack White

Popular Vote: Reflektor or Lazaretto
I think Arcade Fire can win this award. In the past, this indie group won album of the year. So why wouldn’t they win best Alternative album? I think they may pull it off again, but enter Jack White. I loved Lazaretto so much…a bit more than Reflektor so I’m torn. If I was on the committee, I would vote for Lazaretto based on how many times I have played it. Either one of these albums can take the Grammy.

MC’s Choice: St. Vincent
My real choice is my favorite lady from last year St. Vincent. I really want Annie to win a Grammy because she reeks of awesomeness. This albums was definitely on repeat last year and I consider it to be one of my favorites. I think it was one of the best albums of 2014. I don’t know if plenty people heard it, but I feel like it was slept on. I really want to see St. Vincent hold that Grammy in the air! I don’t think Annie cares if she won or lost, I think she may just think this whole nomination is cool, but winning is so much better.

The Shocker: St. Vincent

Best Rock Album

Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams
Morning Phase, Beck
Turn Blue, The Black Keys
Hypnotic Eye, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Songs of Innocence, U2

Popular Vote: Morning Phase
MC’s Choice: Morning Phase
I’m not going to beat a dead horse. Listen Beck’s Morning Phase helped me smile a lot more. It was like the continuation of Sea Change, but with a different outlook. Morning Phase is the Sequel to it. It is a peaceful outlook on potentially negative circumstances. This is the best way I could put it. Life can get tough, but don’t let it get you down. There is always a bright side and I saw it in Morning Phase. I hope the committee saw it too.

The Shocker: Songs of Innocence
The only reason I would be shocked by U2 winning really stems back to the backlash of this album. People were not happy getting this album for free. Hell iTunes had to give a detailed walkthrough just to get rid of it. I know it wasn’t that bad…it couldn’t be right? It would just be odd to see them win after all the anger people showed towards them.

Best Pop Vocal Album

Ghost Stories, Coldplay
Bangerz, Miley Cyrus
My Everything, Ariana Grande
Prism, Katy Perry
x, Ed Sheeran
In the Lonely Hour, Sam Smith

Popular Vote: Prism
1st the Superbowl, now a Grammy. I have feeling this could be the new formula. After all, Bruno Mars won a Grammy and did the Superbowl last year so why wouldn’t Katy Perry? I’m sure that performance got her a bunch of exposure and boosted her record sales. It also made Left Shark a star. Maybe the Grammy committee will vote in favorite of Perry. Prism was a great pop album after all I don’t see why it couldn’t win.

MC’s Choice: In the Lonely Hour
This album really affected me. I wrote a freaking review for the album for crying out loud. Out of the five albums, I played this one the most. Well make that four. I really enjoyed x as well. Focus me, focus! Every single song on In the Lonely Hour is relatable to the listener. You don’t have to go through it to understand. I think that’s what makes his album great. It’s soulful sadness at its finest. I got a strong feeling In The Lonely Hour will take home a Grammy. Even if it’s not this one.

The Shocker: x
I believe this is the first time Ed Sheeran has been nominated for a Grammy on his own. I would a bit shocked well not really. I mean the album is great and the radio play is going very well for him. I just think compared to the other five names Ed Sheeran may seem an unknown amongst a bunch the big names. Sheeran is great in his own right, but I think average listener may not know who he is. This would be a nice win for Sheeran.

Best Urban Contemporary Album

Sail Out, Jhene Aiko
Beyonce, Beyonce
X, Chris Brown
Mali Is, Mali Music
G I R L, Pharrell Williams

Popular Vote: Beyonce
The Bey-Hive is strong. I think their presence will be felt this year. She is the biggest name out of all of the other artists and the most popular. Surprise albums = Surprise Grammys.

MC’s Choice: G I R L
Out of the 5 albums listed, I only listened to two really. Sail Out and G I R L. I thoroughly enjoyed both of those albums, but if I had to choose I would pick Pharrell’s album to win. G I R L it had more hits than Sail Out. I wish G I R L  was longer, but that’s my only real gripe. I am want Pharrell to leave with another Grammy!

The Shocker: Mali Music
The thing is I don’t know who Mali Is. Therefore if he won, I would be surprised. Maybe this is someone I should learn about. This is really my reason lol.

Best New Artist

Iggy Azalea
Brandy Clark
Sam Smith

Popular Vote: Sam Smith
Last year was the rise Sam Smith pretty much. So it seems fitting that he would win best new artist. I am confused why Iggy Azalea is in this list, but I digress. Sam Smith has been taking over pop music ever since “Stay With Me” hit radio airwaves. This London bloke is going to leave with Best New Artist and maybe song of the year. I don’t know. We will find out tonight.

MC’s Choice: HAIM
If you don’t know Haim, what are you doing? This is one of my favorite new bands and Days Are Gone is a must listen. The sister trio is definitely a group you should keep your eye on. I am very eager for their second album and would be extremely happy if they won best new artist. I wouldn’t see it coming!

The Shocker: Brandy Clark
1. I don’t know who she is really.
2. I know she is a country artist.
3. If she beats Sam Smith…well wow.

Album of the Year

Beck, Morning Phase
Beyonce, Beyonce
Ed Sheeran, x
Sam Smith , In the Lonely Hour
Pharrell Williams, G I R L

Popular Vote: Beyonce
I will tell you one more time. Beyoncé. This is all

MC’s Choice: x or In the Lonely Hour
Honestly I would be happy if Ed or Sam won this award. Overall, both are solid album worthy of a Grammy.

The Shocker: Morning Phase
I don’t expect Beck to win album of the year, however I am not against it. Simple as that.

Song of the Year

“Chandelier,” Sia
“All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor
“Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift
“Stay With Me (Darkchild Version),” Sam Smith
“Take Me to Church,” Hozier

Popular Vote: Shake It Off
The biggest hit of the summer and possibly the year may walk out with the Grammy. I think Taylor Swift wrote the hell out of this song. I mean if this is her first big plunge into pop music she is doing a hell of a job. I think soon she is going to take over pop music. I was going to put Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in this spot, but it probably won’t beat this song. It’s strong enough to beat it, but I feel like the committee is going to vote toward T-Swift.

MC’s Choice: Take Me to Church or Chandelier
I am torn between “Chandelier” and “Take Me to Church”. I really love “Chandelier”. It’s such a sad song yet it so beautiful while “Take Me to Church” is just amazing. People think this song is an attack on faith, but it is not. Hozier said “But it’s not an attack on faith… it’s an assertion of self, reclaiming humanity back for something that is the most natural and worthwhile.” It’s such a beautiful song that became huge and I would love for it to be rewarded.

The Shocker: All About That Bass
It would be a big surprise if newcomer Meghan Trainor walked away with a Grammy. I mean this song is very popular and has a great message about loving yourself for the way you are. I think Meghan Trainor has a chance of winning, but it would be crazy if she beat T-Swift and Sam Smith tonight.

Record of the Year

“Fancy,” Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
“Chandelier,” Sia
“Stay With Me (Darkchild Version),” Sam Smith
“Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift
“All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor

Popular Vote: Fancy
If Iggy doesn’t win Best rap album this year, I think Record of the year is going to go to her. I figure if she can’t have one they will give her the other. It didn’t get song of the year, but record of the year sounds more fitting. T.I. will be happy while Azalea Banks will be extremely salty.

MC’s Choice: Chandelier
To keep it short and sweet, I think Sia completely deserves it. She works way too hard to get snubbed because she isn’t as popular as the rest. Chandelier may win this award and song of the year. I just see it happening.

The Shocker: All About That Bass
Again the new comer winning two big awards would simply be shocking.

The end! I had fun writing this and I hope some of my predictions come true. The Grammys will be airing very soon so make sure to watch! till next time!

Bye bye!



Here it is everyone! My first music project….Monster! It’s a journey through my mind when I was creating it. It’s dark I must say. It samples songs from my favorite anime of the same name. It was inspired by anger, darkness, disappointment, resolve and hope. Also, I figured dropping it on my birthday would make a lot of sense. This was a ton of progression!!! I hope you all enjoy!!!


You can listen to here at my soundcloud.

If you want to download it you can download it here.



– MC

In The Lonely Hour Review!!!

In The Lonely Hour: The MCIT Review

When I heard about this album back in April, I didn’t think too much of it or the artist. I had no idea who Sam Smith was. I looked him up on wiki and found out he was a British singer also he was the fella behind that huge disclosure hit “Latch”. I have a thing for British musicians, call me crazy, but they just have this charm about them. It’s hard to explain! So I saw he was coming out with an album called In The Lonely Hour. “What could that mean?” I thought to myself and decided to look it up on iTunes. I found it in the pre-order section and I previewed the track “Money On My Mind”. To be honest, I didn’t really think much of it because I was listening to the beat and his voice, NOT the lyrics. (Hey I never heard the guy really sing before and I was curious to know) Since this was the only track at the time to be previewed (I believe it was or the only one I clicked), I thought “This is going to be just another pop album from Britain.” Until I repeated the preview of the song to hear the lyrics and when I heard “I do it for the love…I don’t have…” I knew something special was happening. So I decided to go back to wiki and read up more on this album.

That’s when I found this quote from an interview Sam did with Digital Spy.

This album is my ‘f**k off’ to everyone and basically say, ‘No, I have been in love and, if anything, it was much more painful than your version’, because I’m not getting what I want and it’s so close.”





Let me calm down…

What I’m saying is after reading that quote, I knew then that this wasn’t just be a pop album that has some dance songs, love songs, breakup songs and blah songs on it, this album was going to be a journey. This album was going to take all my heartstrings and play them like a beautiful guitar. This album was going to make me confront how I felt about my love life in an honest way. THIS ALBUM WAS GOING TO MAKE ME FEEL!

So I had to fight the urge to buy this album because I knew it was going to be something amazing. I would look at the album and try to convince myself “DON’T BUY THIS ALBUM”. This only made me want to buy it more especially when I heard “Stay With Me” for the first time. SAM CAN SANG. Sam Smith is a definition of a SINGER…no A SANGER! Music heads know what I mean! I knew that “In The Lonely Hour” was definitely going to be something I would be playing once June 17
th rolled around. When it did, I brought it and didn’t listen to it for a good 3 days because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to hear what I was about to hear. I thought I was going to be a mess after this album. You know I thought I was going to be in glass case of emotion or worst behavior like Drake when he’s on his period. Thankfully that didn’t happen, but I DID FEEL SOMETHING!


I know I’m two months late, but if you haven’t guessed it “In The Lonely Hour” is going to be my very first music review on my blog. I’m not going to try to break down each of the songs and tell you the back stories! I ‘m just going to talk about how those songs affected me and my favorite lyric from the songs.

This album is a beautiful lesson in love. It repeats a message that has been sung by many singers of the past and it’s very simple: Sometimes love is very painful. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Love is going to hurt.


  1. Money On My Mind”

    The honesty comes in immediately with the opening “Money On My Mind”. It’s basically an artist being honest saying“I didn’t make this album for the money, it’s for the love”. I am glad to finally hear an artist start an album being honest. The song lets everyone know that I’m not here for the money or my album isn’t just a dis genuine record for you to buy. I feel like Sam wants to make a lasting connection with his fans, not just some record so he can pay some bill and buy some things for himself. This is “Money On My Mind” and this is a genuine singer.

    Favorite Lyrics: “Cause I’m not a Puppet, I will work against your strings” and infectious hook of course.

  2. Good Thing”

    Sam Smith said this is his most personal record on his album on a VEVO Q&A. He said he wrote it in his darkest hour. The title may not look like it’s going to be a sad song, but ohhhh you are wrong. This song made me want to cry a little. You ever held on to to something, but knew in your mind you had to let it go? It may be a good thing, but too much of it can hurt you, bringing more heartache to yourself especially if it’s one sided. Lines like “ Too much of a good thing won’t be good anymore, watch where I tread before I fall” and “ I have made a decision not to answer your calls, I put everything out there and got nothing at all” definitely make the point that no matter what the person does, he won’t get the feelings for that person from that person. It’s pointless. This is exactly how I felt when I heard the song. I mean it’s pointless to hope and hope that one day this is going to change. One day, they will get my feelings and show em back! Unfortunately, One day never comes sometimes in life & most importantly this song.

    Favorite Lyrics: The chorus. “Too much of a good thing isn’t good and you know. I watch where I walk before I fall, before I fall”.

  3. Stay With Me”

    Can the church say Amen? Amen! You ready for some soul to enter your eardrums? I wasn’t when I first heard this. This summer smash is very gospel and soulful. The choir on the hook is just amazing. Wait…that’s not a choir? That’s Sam Smith? Indeed it is Sam Smith as a choir. I was surprised! There is an interview online where he explains exactly how he got that sound by singing the hook around different areas of the studio. This is a perfect example how singers can use their voices to create a effect that’s not mechanical or fake. This song is about a one night stand. I have never had a one night stand so I can’t really relate, but I understand the song. “The sex is over, but I rather just spend the rest of the day with you falling in love”. It’s seeking love, but knowing that’s impossible because it was just sex. A beautiful song about a very prevalent thing in music.
    Favorite Lyrics: “Why am I so emotional? No, It’s not a good look gain some self control”.

  4. Leave Your Lover”

    I’ll be honest I dreaded hearing this song. When I saw it in the track listing the first time I looked up the record, I knew this was going to be the one to make not only me sad, but everyone sad. “Leave Your Lover” is huge downer. I mean it means nothing if you are in a relationship, but if you not in one….ouch. This songs rips your heartstrings out and replaces them with sad, depression, soaked strings. Let’s be honest, the theme of the song is common. I mean who hasn’t thought of this? It could be the girl/guy next door with some jerk, the popular person with another popular person or worst a close friend who you wished was with you, but with someone else. EVERYONE has been there once. If you haven’t you are lucky. It just sucks major when you are there and you still don’t get picked no matter how great you are. It also sucks when you never got to tell them how you felt and now have to just lock all your feelings in an emotional safe protected by three dragons, Cobra’s command force and Starscream because there is NO way Starscream can mess up this mission. Ok I’m being dramatic, but you know what I mean hehe. You put all that stuff aside for them and just go on about your life. The person will not leave their lover for you because this life and not a movie! This only happens in the movies and you know it!!! It sucks, but it’s true!

    Favorite Lyrics: “Don’t have direction I’m just rolling down this road, Waiting for you to bring me in from out the cold”, “But if I can’t have you I’ll walk this life alone, Spur you the rising storm and let the rivers flow”.

  5. I’m Not The Only One”

    After multiple listens, I can say this is my favorite track on the album. Hands down, this is my favorite. Two timing is never cool and when you are being two timed it’s worst. Sam said in behind the scenes video for this song that he put himself in the shoes of a married woman who was being cheated on by her husband and she knew it. I think this can also apply to relationships as well not just marriages. I mean wouldn’t suck to be with someone when you know they have someone else in their back pocket as well? I haven’t been in a relationship, but I can relate to this because it’s just a sucky feeling. Revenge will be sweet though. Any who, The production on this song is just sickening to me. Pianos do something to me. Drums + Pianos + Sam = victory. Sam just sounds amazing and then he shows off a bit towards the end.

    Favorite Lyrics: “You’ve been so unavailable, Now Sadly I know why, Your heart is unobtainable Even though Lord knows you kept mine” (Verse 2)

  6. I’ve Told You Now”

    What is one of the toughest things to do in love? Fall? No, that’s pretty easy to do. What about keeping the relationship alive? That’s a little challenging to do, but no. How about telling them your feelings? YES! This is so hard for people like me. When I do that it just comes out awkward and weird haha. Plus I don’t like ruining moods or messing up friendships in general. The lines “Still I refrain from talking at you, talking on, You know me well, I don’t explain” sums it up for me. If she know me well, then she should know when I like her right? It’s just tough to cross that line sometimes and let that person know of your feelings. It can go either way: bad or great. It’s terrible when you truthfully try your best and still no dice. Verse 2 summed that up and hits my heart every time. I almost cried when I heard it the first time. It’s like the person is everything and is always there for you, so why would I want to quit on them. This brings it back to “Good Thing” in a way because maybe this good thing should be left alone right? It make sense logically and emotionally. The heart wants the person while the mind prefers the smarter route of “Good Thing”. I love this song. “I’ve Told You Now” comes second in the favorite game. It’s the introvert’s anthem to telling our emotions. I know we need to just nut up and talk up to the person, but see the way my emotions is set up.

    Favorite Lyrics: You Know What I mean, Although I try my best I still let down the team, You’re everything I want, Why should I resist when you are there for me? (Verse 2)

  7. Like I Can”

    “Your lover can be anything, but he/she ain’t me” is what this song is about. I. AM. AWESOME. So you should be with me. That’s pretty much it. I mean I know I’m awesome, but that’s not why someone should be with me… that’s the reason hahaha. I’m joking. I know there is plenty more that needs to be considered for a relationship or whatever. I felt Sam was a bit P’OED with the person of his eye. He was saying on this song, “I am your one so stop looking fool”. It’s very frustrating to think you are that person’s one and they continue to search for “greener pastures”. What are you trying to say? My pastures aren’t green enough? You saying I’m not good enough? You saying I don’t even get a chance? Oh it’s cool nobody is going to love you like I would love so in the words of Ne-Yo “Go on girl” Bye bye.

    Favorite Lyrics: “Why are you looking down all the wrong roads, When mine is the heart and the salt of the soul”, “We both have demons that we can’t stand, I love your demons like devils can”

  8. Life Support”

    “You’re my Life Support” AWWWWWWWW! This song just was full of the “AWW” on my end. “Life Support” is a dependent song. It’s not dependent in a bad way, but one can look at that way. Basically, I love you so much that I’ll die if you weren’t here; You keep me alive just like those machine do, that’s how deep my love is for you. SEEE IT IS JUST AWWWW! It may not be that way for those who want a partner who is a bit more independent than this song. However, I think it’s possible to be independent and still feel this way about your partner because they just mean that much to you. “Life Support” Is just one of those cute songs you listen to while cuddled up with your partner giving them forehead kisses. You be S’CUTE to that song with your partner. S’CUTEEEEEEE!

    Favorite Lyrics: “I’ve been sleeping with the lights on, Cause the darkness is surrounding you”.

  9. Not In That Way”

    Rejection, Hi my lovely friend. I figured this theme had to be addressed somewhere on the album. “Not In That Way” is about rejection and not telling a person your feelings because you already know the answer. It feels like a continuation of “I’ve Told You Now” except this song explains exactly why Sam or other people won’t tell that person how they feel. I’ve been on this side plenty of times which why I remain quiet. I am very good at reading people. I can tell if someone just remain friends or if they may actually like me. Most of the time, it’s the friend option. So if I know that already, I have no use to tell them how I feel about them. The line “When you make it so clear, you don’t want me” can take on so many different means. It could be indirect rejection where one plays it off or it can be a straight up direct rejection. “Not In That Way” became a confirmation of what I already knew. I love the song for what it is. Also, it put in full sad mode when I heard it the first time.

    Favorite Lyrics: “I’d never ask you cause deep down, I’m certain I know what you’d say, You’d say I’m sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way” (Chorus), “And I hate to say I love you, When it’s so hard for me” , “I find myself singing the blues, Can’t bear, can’t face the truth”.

  10. Lay Me Down”

    We come to the final track of the standard edition of the album. This song was originally put out when Sam was 19, but it was re-recorded for the album. Honestly, I didn’t even like this song when I first heard it. I don’t know I didn’t like it…maybe because by the time I got to this song, I was in full on sad mode. “Not In That Way” brought me there…well the whole album did. So when I heard this song, I was like get this Happy sorta stuff away from me! Thankfully, I played it a couple of more times and it grew on me. Sam really showcased that SANGER voice on this track man. Every time Sam sings “Can I lay by your side, Next to you” I throw up my hands, shout or snap my fingers. The background vocals are perfect. I wish there was more of that “Who’s to say you won’t hear me” vocals in other parts of the songs. I’m glad he didn’t do that because that would have gotten annoying and just weird. The song in general made me sad that didn’t have this person now, but in the future I’ll be able to play them this beautiful song or even butcher it singing to them. “Lay Me Down” is just beautiful. I can see this as a wedding song. Maybe?
    Favorite Lyrics: “Who’s to say you won’t hear me?”, “I’m reaching out to you can you hear my call”, “Can I lay by your side, next to you”.

  11. Restart”

    Hellooooo Deluxe edition tracks!!! This is the first of the four deluxe edition tracks! You can count so you know which one is the last track everybody. I have to say next to “Money On My Mind”, “Reminds Me Of You”, “La La La” and “Like I Can”, “Restart” is the most up-tempo song on the album. I would call this the “I’m going to get over this break up” song by dancing my cares away. “Restart” is exactly that. If you think you aren’t going to dance, oh my friend trust me you are going to dance. Everyone wants to start anew after a break up. Everybody wants to a restart at one point of their lives and everyone likes dancing. Unless you are from that town in footloose that shuns dancing before Kevin Bacon came and saved it from its sins. It’s best to keep your head up in the mist of a break up and look forward. If you can dance the pain away and just keep smiling. “Restart” comes in third for my favorite song on this album.

    Favorite Lyrics: “It was a Monday night when you told it was over babe, and by the Friday night I knew that I would be okay”, “What do you want from me when I just want a restart”, “and the truth is I’m better on my own, and I don’t want to live in the past”

  12. Latch (Acoustic Version)”

    Latch was huge hit last year ending up just about everywhere. Don’t act like you never heard this song before. You have heard Latch before by Disclosure at least once in your life. You have heard in the background, commercials, youtube videos, vines, etc. Point is you have heard the song before. However, this version of “Latch” is much more personal and emotional. It’s stripped down to just a guitar and Sam’s voice. Perfection. In my opinion, this version makes “Latch” a much stronger song. The lyrics gain new powers and hit much harder. Instead of just waiting for the hook to dance to, you will be listening and emoting to it. Once you hear this version, go back and listen to the original. I can guarantee one thing. You will be smiling and most likely in the original while you simply reflect and want to hold the person you love the most close when you hear the acoustic version.

    Favorite Lyrics: “You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down”, “Now I’ve got you in my space, I won’t let go of you, got you shackled in my embrace, I’m latching on to you” (Chorus).

  13. La La La”

    If you live in the UK, you know who Naughty Boy is (I would hope you do because this conversation got very weird). Dear USA, Naughty Boy is like a Timbaland or a Calvin Harris. You know a producer who makes dope music and other people write and sing songs over his beats. That’s pretty much what this is. This song appeared on his album called “Hotel Cabana” and it came out last year. Sam didn’t want to put this on the album because it’s old, but I’m glad it he decided to put it on there. It’s a fun song about running away from your problems or how I saw it: a fun song about blocking annoying, negative people from your ear holes. Yeah that’s what it’s about. I know it’s rude to just go LA LA LA LA LA during someone’s conversation, but I swear that’s what I want to do. You try to understand them, you try to reason with them and still they won’t stop the backwards thinking or the annoyance. I mean “I don’t mean to judge”, but please stop talking. LA LA LA LA!

    Favorite Lyrics: “I can’t find your silver lining, I don’t mean to judge, bur when you read your speech it’s tiring, Enough is enough” (Bridge), “When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it”.

  14. Make It To Me”

    This song made me think of Bruno Mars’ “Talking To The Moon”. Both of those songs have that theme “I know you are out there somewhere looking for me while I’m looking for you”. Oh that’s just me? HOUSEQUAKE! BULLSHIT TO THAT NOTION. I know I’m not the only one * Winks * who feels like that. We all are looking for that one person to complete us and share our lives with. “Make It To Me” just echoes to whoever that person is that “I know you are there and I can’t wait for us to meet.” I really believe that person is out there for all of us. A wonderful song. Sam is waiting on that person, I’m waiting on that person, maybe you are waiting on that person too.

    Favorite Lyrics: “ A Distant Stranger that I will complete”, “So much I need to share, so much I need to get off my chest”, “I’m waiting patiently though time is moving slow, I have one vacancy, And I wanted you to know that”


  15. Reminds Me Of You”

    This track is available only on the Target exclusive edition of the album. This song is about trying to get over someone you really loved. They either broke up with you or they are with someone new. The hurt is so bad that trying to get over them by going to the club or dates your friends set up or whatever just won’t work. You tried, but it’s not going to work. Everything reminds you of he or she. So the best option is leaving town right? Nope…still not going to work. The best option is to accept it’s over. YET ACCEPTING THINGS IS SO HARD! I haven’t been there in that exact way, but I totally understand what Sam was trying to convey to us all. “How the hell am I going to get over this when you are everywhere?”

    Favorite Lyrics: “I’ve got to get out of here, This town’s no longer fun”, “You are moving on, moving on, And I’m stuck on the track”.

  16. Stay With Me (feat. Mary J. Blige)”

    Can the church do it again ah! Can ya say amen one more time! AMEN! When I heard the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul was joining Sam Smith on this song, I thought it was a joke or just mash up of MJB singing it live. The fact it’s a studio quality version of “Stay With Me”, The fact SAM GOT MJB ON IT, The fact this exits makes my soul extremely happy. I didn’t think this song could be improved, but MJB made this go a WHOLE. NOTHFER. LEVEL. This version of the song is a must listen. It’s available only on the Target exclusive edition of the album. If you don’t have that, just search for it on Youtube or Google. You will definitely find it. GO TO TARGET OR YOUTUBE GO GO GO!!!!

    Favorite Lyrics: Mary J. Blige. MARY J. BLIGE.

  17. Nirvana”

    Sam didn’t want to put this on the album because “Nirvana was last year and ‘In The Lonely Hour’ is this year”. I completely understand that, but I have to issue a big “DUDE THIS SONG IS CRACK, WHY THE HELL NOT”! THIS SONG IS TOO DOPE TO NOT BE ON HERE. JUST BEASTY! Wait it is on the album you say? How do I get it? GOOGLE PLAY THAT’S HOW! To own this track obtain the Google Play edition of “In The Lonely Hour”. If you just want to hear it, you can look it up on youtube. This song….listen oh baby oh baby oh baby this song is dope and that’s true. I think this is about falling for that person you have been running from or someone you have been denying feelings for when in reality you really love them. The second verse makes it clear it’s not the soulmate you found, but you did find something with this person. A relationship formed and it became something that takes you really high. A feel good relationship that you had no idea was coming to you. It may not last long, but it feels good now and what’s the point of denying the emotions that come to you. That’s Nirvana to me.

    Favorite Lyrics: “It’s too late to get away from it all, I’m done with running so I give it to you”, “This moment has caused a reaction resulting in a reattachment, will you take me to Nirvana, I don’t think this will last, but you’re here in my arms” (chorus), “I’m not gonna give you my name, And I don’t think you want that to change”

  18. In The Lonely Hour”

    The fitting ending to the album. The correct way the album should close in my mind. When I heard this song existed, I was pissed it wasn’t on the iTunes edition of the album. THIS IS JUST HOW THE ALBUM SHOULD END. The title track should be at the end of every edition of the album! “In The Lonely Hour” just wraps up the journey all the listeners go on with Sam. I felt cheated in a way that this track didn’t appear on the general album. I had to go and hunt this track down on youtube to hear how it sounds. Loneliness is the theme and could have been the opening to album if it wanted to. I take that back no it can’t. It can only be the ending! I Thankfully, the song available on both the Google play edition and Target’s exclusive edition. Maybe it’s just me or the albums that don’t come with this song are inferior to the Google play & Target editions of this album. NAH it’s still an amazing album, but “Nirvana” and this song are just amazing. This song should have wrapped it up after “Lay Me Down” or “Make It To Me”, but that’s just me.

    Favorite Lyrics: “ I need someone that I’ll look to, In the lonely hour, That we all go through”, “These other voices they don’t cut through, In The Lonely Hour, I need you”

“In The Lonely Hour” may be one of the best albums of 2014. I know it’s rare for someone’s debut album to be considered classic. Usually it takes a musician their third or fourth album to find their sound or even get classic tagged on it. Hell sometimes it only takes the second album to be their classic album. Some may disagree with me, but I feel like “In The Lonely Hour” is a classic of 2014. I’m glad I didn’t ignore this album! I am extremely happy I cracked and brought this album. I highly recommend you visit The Lonely Hour. I’m calling the experience that. Please go out, buy the record and listen to it. To create “In The Lonely Hour” The Ultimate Edition…. Wait small side rant: I really hope that doesn’t become a thing in like two years. I cannot stand when a musician re-releases an album with all the bonus tracks and 2 new songs. That seriously irks me. Just make a new album Jeeze. Anyways, If you want all the tracks I mentioned just go buy all the versions of this album. You can do that if you want to! I just prefer you to get one of the version of this record…it’s well worth the money!

Rating: 10/10, 5 out of 5, Super Sadness Cannon. Touching music! A Classic. 


Till next review!


I think I need to go cry now and think about my life.


6.7.14 – A Night I will not forget.

First things first, It was Prince’s Birthday!!!! So Happy Birthday To His Royal Badness!!!

This Saturday was just one of those Saturdays where everything goes right. You know it’s like everything just fell into place that night.

Life and Karma and all the mysterious stuff was all on the same track!

I finally got to see a musician I wanted to see since I heard his voice for the first time! If you can’t tell by the title of this post, that man is Bruno Mars.

I’ve been following Bruno since the “It’s Better If You Don’t Understand” days. The first song I heard from him was “The Other Side” and to me that song is bloody amazing. If you didn’t hear it, I recommend you check it out. Ever since that day, I’ve been a hooligan. You know when you just can tell someone is going to be a big star? I could tell Bruno was and the world would soon know his name.

When “Doo-wops and Hooligans” came out, I played it till I got sick of it. It was something special to me. I said after hearing that album for the first time, “I am going to see this man perform live. I simply must”. I eagerly waited…and waited….and hello disappointment. His first tour didn’t stop here in Louisiana. It was shared with Janelle Monae (Another person I am a huge fan of) and I think I would have quite frankly lost my mind if I saw both of them on the same night.

This wasn’t the end of the world though! I mean he’s going to do another album and maybe he’ll come back this time. I doubted Bruno Mars would have a solo career like Patrick Stump. If you didn’t hear Soul Punk, Shame on you. Soul Punk is one of my favorite albums of all time…damn shame he didn’t record a second album. Anyways that’s a for another story. I just knew new music had to be coming soon…

I can’t exactly remember where I was when I first heard “Locked Out Of Heaven”, but when I did I knew the time would be coming!

New music came and I knew the album had to be on it’s way!

December 7th, 2012 – Unorthodox Jukebox drops and I throw my money at iTunes.


This album proved Bruno can do just about any genre and he’s not just pop crooner here to make your heart hurt with those sad songs. Granted, this album has one of the saddest songs I have ever heard in my life “When I Was Your Man”. My first break up is going to be that song because it describes how I would be lol. Point is, he isn’t just a sad crooner! He can make you dance, emote, and it proved he is extremely talented. I may do a full review of that album one day.

When it was time to announce who would be the musical guest for the Superbowl, I thought it was going to be a classic rock group or something. I was surprised.

It was Bruno Mars.

I couldn’t contain my excitement because he deserved a huge stage like this to prove to everyone what I already knew. Bruno was a talented star.

As the superbowl grew closer, an announcement was made for the Moonshine Jungle tour!

Bruno and the Gang were finally coming to New Orleans!!

The tickets went on sale right the day after the Superbowl…which by the way was awful because it was a beating and not a game.

Once morning broke, I had my ticket purchased and secured. I was going to live up to the promise I made that day.

I eagerly waited and this time I knew I was going to see greatness.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the concert was Prince’s Birthday. My first concert was Prince at the age of 14 so I knew something special was in the air.

Yesterday was one of my favorite concerts of this year.

The Moonshine Jungle tour!

The first act was Aloe Blacc. I must say something about Aloe Blacc. He is heavily slept on. I don’t know what is wrong with people. I mean I am glad people got their heads out of their asses to here “The Man” and understand why he is so good! His album “Good Things” is awesome! It contains my favorite song of his called “You Make Me Smile”. When he did this song live I lost my mind! He hit this falestto, I wasn’t expecting and I lost it in my head. Aloe Blacc is a solid performer live. I think if people were more familiar with who he is everyone would have been on board. We all did dance though because he brought the funk!!! I guarantee when Aloe Blacc drops his fourth album, He is going to be a bigger star than he is now. People will know his name full time not just because of one song.

Before I get to Bruno’s performance I have to point out something. There were these two Bro-types behind me who would not shut up throughout the concert. I understand some people just have those personalities where they can just talk to anyone they are sitting next to, but when they are trying to get these college girls next to them to go out to a bar while telling this mom about a baseball game I could care less about when I just want to hear Aloe sing pisses me off. I understand talking between songs, but damn it there is no excuse to ruin other people’s experiences when you are just trying to enjoy the concert. They didn’t talk much through Bruno’s set, but they had to say something about the end being “Just The Way You Are”. I knew that was the last song before the encore because I have seen live footage of Bruno’s shows. I just don’t need some Bro trying to impress some girl who is probably not let you bang or 50% will let you bang because you knew this stupid fact. So what you do music and you met people, just be quiet during the concert….that’s the nice way of me ranting without dropping bombs.


Gosh Damn.

THIS IS A BAD BAD MAN!!! His live shows….are something you just have to experience! IF HE IS IN YOUR TOWN, YOU NEED TO GO SEE HIM!
This was his first live show in New Orleans which meant this was going to be a special night.
HE tore the house down. I’m not gonna write tit for tat on how his shows go. I don’t write for the newspaper, I write a blog! If you want every detail, even though you aren’t going to get every detail, Go to the entertainment section and read what the writer said about it. YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!! IT was something I experienced and something you should experience too if you get the chance. I will say this, He played a little bit of Purple Rain during a song. He also did this melody that you gotta see live. It was just awesome. His Band is awesome and I wish more musicians had a band like his! Bruno exceeded all of my expectations. BRUNO IS A BAD MOFO!

I said I would not be in my feelings, but I knew I was lying to myself.
He did put me in my feelings when he did “When I Was Your Man” because he broke down during it. It is exactly what he said that song is the hardest song for him to sing and one of the hardest songs he has have ever written. I would imagine it is. “Grenade” was just mannnnnnn….look go see this man live! The guitar solos in that was heavy and just in your face. I mean you could hear the anger in those guitar solos at the fact I’d catch this Grenade for you, but yo ass won’t do the same for me. Simply amazing.

Bruno even blessed us all around the finale with a drum solo leading into “Locked Out Of Heaven”. It was like watching the Superbowl performance. This was followed by “Gorilla” which was shortened a bit, but it was just like the VMA performance yet it was a bit more intimate.

From “Moonshine” to “Runaway Baby” To “Gorilla” it was one hell of a night!!!! I seriously recommend you see Bruno Mars live! When he hopefully comes back to New Orleans, I will be at that concert too! His concert made me feel like I was 14 again seeing Prince at Essence Fest. BTW It’s our anniversary with that because I will be seeing Prince again this year at Essence fest. 14 again and I don’t mind! I guarantee Bruno Mars’ third album is going to be a monster! I believe Bruno Mars is going to become greater and greater as time goes on. As long as he keeps his head on the right path and doesn’t do anything insane effecting his life. Bruno Mars will become greater as time goes on.

Just like a fine wine…even though I don’t drink. I heard that’s how it works though.