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I’ve Got An Issue #29: Love Is A Cruel Joke

Just when you think I’m gone forever! I pop back up feeling a little more clever! Well hello there! I’ve Got An Issue has been on hiatus for some time, but I’m back with it! I hope you enjoy this one. It is unlike most of the previous issues.  Consistency isn’t my strongest suit at the moment, but I’m working on it. I’ll be post more stuff soon…that is if I and I can get it together. Discipline and a schedule is needed lol. Enjoy everyone!

Love Is Cruel

Yesterday I had a thought: Love is a cruel joke.  This thought was followed by the expansion pack: Love is a cruel magic trick. You see I know that Love can be one of the most positive, negative, powerful, beautiful, and amazing experience that  a human being can go through. Let’s face it as cheesy and cliché love can be sometimes, Love is pretty awesome. Love is a wonderful feeling when it works out perfectly and a terrible after thought when executed poorly. I like to think of Love like mana in fantasy books and video games. You have limited uses of love mana, buy when it is created you have witnessed a spectacle. Love is full of magic that can build a lore that your grandkids will look back at and aspire to have one day. Unfortunately, real love is a rarity in this world. It is as rare as an unreleased album by Prince or unreleased studio session by The Beatles. So when you have it you should hold on as tight as you can. It makes perfect sense, hold on to awesome people because well other people can’t have them. It is natural to be selfish in this moment. Love is a beautiful gift from The Maker or whatever deity you serve. It is necessity we humans need in order to keep pushing through this thing called life. You can go it alone like Beck said, but isn’t it nicer to have a companion to go through life with? For most of us, the answer is undeniably yes.

One thing remains true, love is a cruel joke.

Why is it a cruel joke then? Why do I feel this way? You may think that what I said in the previous paragraph refutes that statement alone, but let me indulge you on why I think love is a cruel joke. I’ve seen this “joke” play out countless times in my life whether that’s personal or just an on looker from the other side.

Love is cruel because it can enable you to lower all your defenses at let a person see you for you. UH OH! There is a breach in your fortress and that person has made a room in there! You know so they won’t ever leave you ALONE! Love is cruel because you can show a person the real you, meaning you can expose your strengths and weakness to them hoping they will do the same for you. Spoiler alert: they never do. Darn it, they now know everything about me and will use it to their advantage! What do I win? Congratulations you have been courting a fallacy please enjoy our home version of the game: Cruel Lovers for great people! I swear that game is a best seller somewhere. Love is cruel because you can give yourself to a person freely only to be used. That’s right you just got punk’d only there is no Ashton Kutcher around to give you a hug and laugh at how dumb you looked. You thought those feelings were real?! Sir or Madam you are delusional. Love is cruel because you can give your all and it is not enough. Welcome to life ladies and gentlemen because that is going to happen a lot. Love is cruel because you trust someone just for them to eviscerate you and that trust. Oh yeah didn’t see that coming did ya? Have fun putting yourself back together. WHO KNOWS HOW LONG THAT IS GONNA TAKE HAHAHA! Love is cruel because truth and honesty just isn’t enough anymore. Do you have a side of cheating to spice up the relationship or I’m going to abandon you in general? This relationship was boring soooooooo somebody had to do something! Love is cruel because you can love someone to the moon and stars only for that person not to reciprocate that love to you EVER. Either you just aren’t forward enough or you are a diamond in the rough when the person doesn’t have the tools to dig you out of the rough.  They could be dense in the head or they know you love them dearly, but will never ever shoot that love back at you. Cruel isn’t it? Many reasons besides this classify love as cruel joke.

However, this isn’t a bad thing!

Maybe love is a cruel joke at times, but be thankful for the joke. Be thankful for that magic trick expansion pack. Be thankful for the experience. Guess what genius? I don’t know if you know this, but somehow you got through it. You persevered! You became a winner in your eyes. You believed in yourself to pull yourself out of the hole you were in. Sure it took you some time, but that cruel joke brought valuable lessons. You learned that everyone isn’t for everyone; some folks don’t love as hard as you do. This is okay! Hopefully, you know to rein your emotions back a little bit. You learned to sift through those who are untrue and false to find those who feel the way you do. I guarantee you will love them harder than any of your past loves because you are both sharing each other with each other. AWW SO ADORABLE!  Do you understand what I’m saying to you? You learned to catch on very quickly to situations where you aren’t making much progress love wise. You know where you stand and it is okay. Stand there, but don’t stay there! Move forward because it is the best thing to do. There are so many experiences down the road ahead! You learned how you love people. Each style varies. You may give it your all one hundred percent of the time, just to get hurt again, but that is who you are or you may be very cautious when it comes to loving people, but again that is who you are. Modifying that style and adapting to the way you love people is a process. Some of us can change it while others are either one style of many.

Yes, love is a beautiful experience crafted from magic, chemistry, trust, honesty, and real emotions.

Just remember one thing: love is also cruel joke yet you learned from it and now you can laugh.


Amagi Brilliant Park Review

THE ANIME REVIEWS HAVE BEGUN! I had to choose between to series to start today. It was either “I Got An Issue” or the anime reviews. I figured I should do the one that I was supposed to do since last month! These! I hope you enjoy this review of Amagi Brilliant Park. I must say it doesn’t look that bad for a first timer of reviews! Enjoy! 

Amagi Brilliant Park

What happens when a sixteen year old genius is held hostage at gunpoint and must save a dying park by? You get hijinks is what. Welcome to Amagi Brilliant Park! A park where magic is real, mascots are really mascots and world’s collide. This is Amagi Brilliant Park. A 13 episodic comedy/magic show which debuted in October of last year. It is…strange how I came across this anime. I saw Kotaku doing a poll of the best animes of 2014 and the name just caught me. This show didn’t have many votes, but I decided learn more about it at myanimelist.net. The plot seemed hilarious out of context, but once you really look at the context the plot seems unbelievable. I will tell you this show is crazy. It did not disappoint. I enjoyed watching the show from start to finish. This anime has its moments, but it did leave some unanswered questions towards the end that made me mad. I’ll tell you now that this review is spoiler free. However, I am going to touch base on two particular unanswered questions in the show. It won’t ruin the story I promise. It is just something that really bothered me once it was over. So let’s talk a little bit about Amagi Brilliant Park.

Story: 7/10

As I said before, our main character, Seiya Kanie, is held at gun point by this mysterious girl named Isuzu Sento. He is asked on a date by Sento where he unwillingly accepts. I mean you would accept too if a gun is pointed at you and the shooter is very attractive. This brings us to the first time we see Amagi Brilliant Park and boy is it a dump! There is barely anyone in the park, the different parts of the park we are introduced to are shoddy and broken, AND it is right next to a sex or love hotel by accident which made me chuckle. After some jokes and gags, we meet the manager of the park named Latifa Fleuranza. She explains to Seiya that she is from a place called Maple Land and this park is full of magic. What is she some Queen? Oh my…it is Queen Latifa. Unfortunately, it is the worst park in Japan despite her being a queen. She tells Seiya that the park is in danger of shutting down. You see a group called Amagi development ran by the antagonist, Kurisu Takaya (say it fast because it sounds like another celebrity from America), wants the land. So instead of hiring someone with a business degree or bringing together a team to prevent this from happening…they enlist a 16 year old know it all. This makes sense in the world of Maple Land! To absolutely make sure Seiya can fix this problem, Latifa gives Seiya magic powers by kissing him. The power of mind reading! As if 16 year old needs to know that! This makes Seiya pass out and the hijinks begin. The story takes a wild twist once the stakes are revealed. Let’s just say those stakes make this story go from 0 to a nice 90 miles per hour IF you become attached to the characters. I remember scratching my head and just wondering why the stakes had to be so serious in such a funny show. It threw me off. Overall, the story told in 13 episodes work. I was expecting a better pay off from two things, but I guess that is in the Manga.

Animation: 8/10

The animation was done by Kyoto Animation. From what I saw the show was drawn and animated greatly. I don’t know a lot about art, but I can tell when a show looks crisps, sharp and pretty compared to a sloppy show. There were a couple of scenes that reused the same animations specifically the fight scenes between Moffle and Seiya. Besides that I enjoyed looking at this anime. Great stuff by KyoAni!

Characters 9/10

My favorite part has come! The characters! I must say, the characters of this anime were great for comedy. I couldn’t see these characters in the same light if this show was going to be a dramatic light comedy magic anime. I will say most of them are over the top.

So let’s start with our main characters.

Seiya Kanie – As I said before, Seiya is a sixteen year old narcissistic genius. He is a former child actor who used to go by the name Seiya Kodama. There isn’t much revealed about that which made me pretty mad. I would have loved to know why he stopped acting and went so far as changing his name. We get some excuse, but nothing that ever goes into depth. Anyways, Seiya can be a smartass you love to hate, but deep down he really cares for saving the park. It is for personal reasons? No. It is because he wants to be known as the guy who saved the park? No. From what I can understand he just wants to do it. I think deep down Seiya likes helping people out of impossible odds. Don’t doubt Seiya. He’ll prove you wrong or just read your mind to prove you wrong.

Isuzu Sento – The emotionless general, the stoic goddess, the gun toting tyrant, these are some of the names I gave Isuzu Sento. Sento is all of these things. If something doesn’t go right there will be a gun in someone’s face, if two people are fighting and won’t stop there will be two people shot, if a joke goes on too long someone is getting shot, etc. Basically if something goes wrong, you will be shot. Beneath that tough persona is girl who cares deeply about the park and will do anything to make sure it stays afloat. She struggles with her feelings towards certain people just like any 16 girl year old does and it is cute. It is funny how she reacts to people teasing her because of her emotions. Sento would probably shoot me for writing about that.

Kurisu Takaya – This is our bad guy. I didn’t really get much from him. Maybe because he doesn’t get a lot of screen time. There is another reason he wants the park so much, but we cannot get into that just watch the show. He is pretty generic to me. A generic villain with a funny name. Shame he wasn’t hilarious.

Latifa Fleuranza – Latifa is the princess of Maple Land and the manager of the park. She is very cheerful and optimistic. She dresses up in a white dress most of the time we see her. She looks like a child. Let’s just say that. She is very cute. She is always concerned about the park’s future and the staff. She is also a reason why the stakes in this show become extremely serious. Watch and see! We see her in the show probably seven times total and each time she impacts the story. I think she was a great base character to keep the show rolling instead of being an over the top princess with an over the top cast.

Supporting Cast

Moffle – Moffle is the fairy of candies. He inhabits “Moffle’s Sweet House”. He is a mouse with a hat, the leader and head mascot of the park. I mentioned before he and Seiya fight a lot and that’s because they don’t get along. Well eventually they do, but they don’t get along. It all stems from Seiya calling him a rip off of another mascot. Moffle hates being called a rip off. I thought Seiya was referencing Mickey Mouse when he said something along lines of “Mackey”. I was wrong. I did some research and found out he is a rip off of Bonta-Kun from “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu”. Now excuse me while I guard against a barrage of punches.

Macaron – The fairy of music. He is founded at Macaron’s Music Theater. He has a short fuse just like me and will go find himself or inspiration when he is tired of music. Ok I tried to cover for him. I tried to cover for an anime character. He just doesn’t play the violin when he is inspired. He looks like a sheep and his best friend from my understanding is Tiramie.

Tiramie – My favorite supporting character! Every time Tiramie is on the screen I am laughing my ass off. He (despite having a very girly voice. I thought Tiramie was a girl) is the fairy of flowers. He can be found at Tiramy’s Flower Adventure. Picture a love boat ride for couples or lonely people who hate themselves…that is Tiramy’s flower adventure. He takes the form of a pink dog and he is extremely perverted. Tiramie is a professional when working, but off the clock Tiramie is basically Quagmire from Family Guy minus all the sleeping around. I don’t know if he does get laid, but he is on the prowl a lot. Tiramie said something so funny that I was crying. He referred to female masturbation as “itches the ditch” and I died laughing. It was the classiest moment of the show and I learned something LMFAO! Tiramie is the best supporting character when it comes to jokes!

The Elementario Fairies – These fairies had an entire episode dedicated to them so I had to include them. If you could not tell by the name, these fairies represent the four elements. They can be found at Elementario! You have Muse who is the leader of the group. She controls the fairy of water and she works very hard to make her group awesome. Then you have Salama the fairy of fire who is very lazy. Kobori, the fairy of earth who is stoic and likes peace. Finally we have Sylphy who is the fairy of wind who is extremely dumb. No let’s say expressive. She puts a new spin on the word airhead (rimshot). Despite this, she is the most balanced out of the three. She doesn’t have a con unless being too expressive is a con. The Elementario fairies are great for the show. They didn’t grow on me, but I enjoyed their screen time.

Soundtrack: 7/10

I don’t have much to say here. The opening song “Extra Magic Hour” by Akino with bless4 will get stuck in your head if you listen to it enough. I would not allow that to happen because of one small issue I had with the song. The claps in the song. There is only one when I expect two on the two beat. I don’t know why that specific gripe elicit that reaction, but I didn’t like it. The ending theme song “Let’s Go to Elementario!” by Brilliant 4 didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t a bad song, but it wasn’t a song I would sit through to get to the previews. I just skipped it. The soundtrack you hear throughout the show was very fitting.

Additional Mentions

Stick around for the previews of each episode. Those segments are called Show and Tell and they showcase a piece of the park. The delivery alone makes the segment worthwhile.

I kept calling the show Amagiri for some reason. I don’t know why I kept doing that.

I have to address the three things that never really get answered in the show. One is the love arc they started. I won’t spoil who, but it will be obvious if you have been paying attention. Two characters grow fond of each other. It is more obvious on one character’ end than the other, but the show never really resolves that. It just ends with “hey…that’s it…you know what they feel!” I just felt like that was cheap way to resolve that.

Two, there isn’t much backstory on why Seiya stopped acting. There was no mention of a moment or a flashback where Seiya wanted to stop acting as a child. I wish the show would have picked up on that

And finally three, the missed opportunity of Seiya’s magic power. Sure he uses it when he needs it, but the show’s writers could have included some funnier moments where Seiya abuses that power. I thought that could have been great with the type of person Seiya is. It just bummed me out we don’t see much of it.

Conclusion: 8.1.

Amagi Brilliant Park is very fun show with a decent story and great cast of characters. The soundtrack is nice even if I don’t care that much for the ending song. The art and animation is done extremely well by Kyoto Animation. Shoutout to Vivid fan subs for doing a great job translating and subbing the show. They are a great group who do quality work.

I think teenagers and young adults would like this show. It felt like that was the demographic. This show doesn’t think its viewers are stupid or treats them like they are dumb.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch something quick and funny. It is 13 episodes! You have four hours to watch the show in its entirety. Don’t expect a super heavy show here. It is going to make you laugh and maybe tear up once at the most. There are a couple of loose ends that don’t get tightened up, but besides that the show is a fun one. It was one of the funnier shows of 2014 next to Kill La Kill. Give it a shot you might like Amagi Brilliant Park.

Rating Summary

Overall Rating 8.1/10

Story 7/10

Animation 8/10

Characters 9/10

Soundtrack 7/10

Till next review. I am MC Zero  X! Peace!