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Do you love Science fiction? Do you love Aliens? Do you love horror? Do you love questioning all of mankind? If so, you need to watch Parasyte. Parasyte is the journey of a sixteen year old Shinichi Izumi and Migi, the Parasyte. Think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers except the pods are replaced with Parasytes along with so many other things. LOOK THE PREMISE IS LIKE THE SHORT FILM/BOOK, BUT THIS SHOW IS COMPLETELY ORIGINAL ON HOW THEIR STORY IS TOLD. This is Parasyte: The Attack on Humanity and Development of a Species! Some say it is an overrated anime, I don’t believe that. I think Parasyte is great series that is worth at least one full watch.


STORY: 8.5

I could just spoil it all for you, but that wouldn’t be a fun review now would it? As I have mentioned previously, the story is kind of like Invasion of the Bodysnatcher. Parasitic aliens decide to make a one way trip to Earth picking Japan for their residence because…well Japan is a good vacation spot for aliens along with Maine. Weird stuff happens in Maine. These Parasytes (look that’s how it is spelled in the show, leave me alone grammar senpai) burrow into the brains through ears or nose of their targets when they are vulnerable for feeding and other purposes. Our protagonist Izumi Shinchi gets visited by one lone Parasyte named Migi. Migi tries to take over Shinichi’s brain, but he fails and decides to burrows through his arm instead. Migi ends up becoming Izumi’s right hand retaining all of his knowledge and personality. From there, a bond is formed between the two and it is not like Izumi was like “OH MY GOD! YES A PARASYTE HAND WITH POWERS! NOW I WILL BE COOL!”. He was freaked out at first, but once he learns what other Parasytes are doing to humans Shinichi finds his purpose: to fight for humanity. From the Government knowing about the Parasytes to the Shinichi’s majors transformations to the Parasytes trying to better themselves to balancing a social life, this story has many twists, turns, and cliffhangers that will keep you on the edge of your seat.



The cast of Parasyte contains a wide range of personalities. I am sure you will become attached to at least one character in this show. Our main characters are Migi & Izumi. I enjoyed Migi the most for his intelligence and heartlessness. Migi wants to learn more about where he came from and has no time for anyone getting in his way. He may be heartless, but he does care enough to protect and co-operate with his host. Izumi Shinichi is more of a nerd transitioning into fearless machine and transforming overall as a person. Together they become a team that learns and relies on each other. The supporting cast is pretty amazing. For example, Izumi’s best friend and possible love interest Murano Satomi. She is always making sure Izumi is okay and still Izumi. How about Kana Kimishima is a delinquent who through great story telling becomes something more than just a bully. Finally, Takeshi Hirokawa is a person of power who knows about the Parasytes and is doing something about it. There are so many supporting characters that play their parts very well in this show. Without the supporting cast, PARASYTE would have been quite cliche and boring. It definitely would not have as much depth.



The animation was handled by MADHOUSE who is behind some amazing anime like Death Note, No Game No Life, The new Hunter X Hunter reboot, and ONE PUNCH MAN! I couldn’t find anything animated poorly. MADHOUSE always does a wonderful job with the animation. The Animation wasn’t mesmerizing, but it was far from awful and okay. A stellar job from MADHOUSE! You can always count on MADHOUSE!



The opening theme “Let Me Hear” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas is very likable. It is like heavy metal meets autotune which I found pretty cool. I enjoyed the song, but I didn’t listen to it all the way through for every episode like I did ONE PUNCH MAN. It is something you can hear 23 times straight through and enjoy, but I did skip it to get right in to the story as it progressed.”Let Me Hear” fits the overall tone of the show as well. It is kind of dark yet, it pumps you up for the next episode. It’s not catchy, besides the opening lines of the song, but I don’t think Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas meant it to be. Great song though. The ending theme “IT’S THE RIGHT TIME” by Daichi Miura  is perfect for this show. With all the chaotic events that go on in this show, it is good to hear a soft and delicate ballad about moving forward and human emotions (which play a huge part in Izumi’s progression..). I enjoyed this theme more than the opening theme and I like heavy metal, but Daichi Miura’s voice is like silk to me. I really enjoyed it. I must point out ALL of the background music was Incredible too! It was like dub-step meets trap in some cases. The background tunes sometimes felt out of place during some of the drama, but when it works, it works really well!

Additional Thoughts

PARASYTE does not need a sequel. I feel like everything wrapped up very well. There weren’t any real loose ends I could think of. PARASYTE does not need spin-off show either. I know one could be created  about another person with a PARASYTE years after the events in this anime, but it is not necessary. I only cried one time during this whole anime and that was in episode 18. 18 is such a tearjerker. I really enjoyed PARASYTE and I would watch it again at a later date with people so I can get different perspectives of this anime.


Should you kill something that’s trying to live on your planet or should you let it be and watch what happens? Do you let the PARASYTES or body snatchers continue to feed and research humanity learning their purpose or do you do something about it to make your world a safer place? Do you gain more sympathy for an organism if you are affected by one especially an organism that is intelligent and has a personality? Would this narrative expose completely different perspective if Izumi was simply fighting alien organism for humanity? I can answer that last question with of course! It would be every movie and book about humans fighting aliens for mankind. PARASYTE will make you think about your humanity and all of those that inhabit the world we live in. I believe Izumi’s speech at the end of this anime sums up all these points in a much greater fashion and better than I ever could. PARASYTE is different. it is a psychological joyride with heavy dosages of Sci-fi and horror. If you like different types of anime out of your comfort zone give it a watch. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it because everyone has different tastes, but IT IS WORTH A WATCH. Sure we aren’t half fish or half alien organism, but to quote Izumi “it would be human arrogance to think we understand everything that is not human”.

Overall Rating: 8.7




IMG_6872I’ve gathered myself enough to write about Prince. I’m still not all the way together, I’m still hurting a ton, but I felt the need to share how much Prince meant to me. So let’s talk about the great one, Prince.

Prince was so underrated, yet so legendary. You either loved him or you didn’t understand him. One of the sickest guitarist I have ever heard in my life, he could make a guitar do anything. One hell of a songwriter…I aspired to be just like he was. The way he could work metaphors, similes, song structure, and his creativity was mesmerizing. He was a hidden comedian in a sense because he could always make you laugh…such a great sense of humor. He was a game changer. Prince broke all the rules about sexuality, music, the English language, digital distribution and presumed roles for musicians. Prince re-wrote all those rules. You all followed. Prince is the king of shade aka the king of emoting! His facial expressions were classic. You would know if Prince was rocking with you or not. I mean yall remember this one?
Prince Said Please
I'm Prince

Prince was a legendary genius. I really hate saying was in the past tense. PRINCE IS A LEGENDARY GENIUS. Prince is known by so many nicknames it is not even funny. Does your fav have nicknames ranging from “His Royal Badness”, to “The Purple Yoda”, to “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” to A SIGN to “That Skinny MF with the high voice”? I didn’t think so. Most importantly, The music! Prince gave us so many classic albums from his self titled debut to Dirty Mind to Controversy to 1999 to Purple Rain to Sign O’ The Times to Diamonds And Pearls to The Love Symbol Album to The Gold Experience to Musicology” to so many more classic albums. The list goes on and on. Those are just a few! Who could forget what he did to the Batman Soundtrack?! Legendary. Who am I kidding? His entire Discography is legendary. Go get a tidal account or go record shopping and enlighten your music life. Prince gave us so much music and you know what’s crazy that’s not even all of it. He has a vault of unreleased stuff! A VAULT! HE HAS A FALLOUT VAULT FULL OF MUSIC! That is insane! There aren’t many musicians that can say they have a vault of music! Paisley Park…mannnn I just wonder gems he left in there.
Rasberry Prince
Paisley Park is in our hearts!  IMPROMPTU JAM! I wonder if you know this one.
“The girl on the seesaw is laughing
4 love is the color
This place imparts (Paisley Park)
Admission is easy, just say U
Believe and come 2 this
Place in your heart
Paisley Park is in your heart”
Such a great song.
Prince 6
I love Prince. You how he said “love isn’t love till it’s past”. I really understand that now. I thought I got it then, but it really hits home now. You all just don’t know how much Prince impacted me in so many different points in my life. When I was alone, Prince and all of his music was there. When I was recovering from multiple surgeries, Prince along with so many other musicians kept me going. Whenever I felt down in the dumps, I’d throw on a Prince song and jam. It would break me out of my funk while getting down with the Funk. If you know what I mean. Prince….he did so much for me & so many other people. Some of us were fortunate to let him know directly. I wish I was one of those people to just tell him thank you. I wish I had personal interactions with Prince that I could share with you. I can share a little story about how much he impacted my life. I hope you enjoy it and helps, because I enjoyed reminiscing about how I felt.


Prince in Egyptian carvings
Prince was my very first concert…..back in 2004 he was making his comeback, I was 15. I was a huge Michael Jackson fanatic. Yall remember the argument? Prince Or MJ? Back then I would pick MJ because I wasn’t as familiar with Prince. Of course, I knew of Purple Rain (obviously all of us did) plus the new record Musicology, but I wasn’t that deep in my Princedom yet. My aunt invited me out to see Prince at essence fest. I figured sure why not go! I could finally figure out why is Prince always being compared to MJ. Chris Rock was right & boy did I learn that night. Morris Day & The Time was opening up for Prince I believe. During the set, Prince was incognito playing a guitar solo and skating. It was hilarious, but of course none of us knew it was him. Once he came on, I feel like Prince let me knew personally why they compare him to MJ. HE tore the house down with his set. I wanted it to last forever. I saw magic. He blew us away. I was hooked. I converted. I still loved MJ, but it was Prince time now. Something changed. I was extremely happy to see him return to form. I told myself “the next time he comes to Louisiana, I’ll be ready”. I had a lot of listening to do.

I spent an entire day catching up with all of Prince’s music. I made an effort to find every little thing I could about this man. Any record or song, I found it. I gotta pat myself on the back for that one because I was determined hear every single album he put out leading up to Musicology. I wish I could put into words how I felt when I heard Sign O’ The Times  for the first time. It was a magical moment. I still feel like that is one of his greatest albums of all time. I didn’t get to experience 1987 (I’m 26 what do you want me to do), but I felt even then people were still comparing this to Purple Rain because it was so huge. Diamonds & Pearls along with The Love Symbol Album had me grabbing my head like “HOW DID THIS MAN MAKE THIS FIREEEEEEEEEEE!” I have so many favorite Prince songs it’s not even funny. “If I Was Your Girlfriend” is so experimental yet awesome. I mean who else could make a song like that?! “Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)” is lovely. “YOU think you’re special well so do I” love that line. “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad” is so damn good. I feel like that song is underrated. It was slamming man. “Live 4 Love” was epic! Simply epic! The band was cutting up on that song. “Gold” was just too much to handle. It felt like the ending to trio of epics. I felt like it was the finale to  “3 Chains O’ Gold” which was the sequel to “Purple Rain”. I absolutely loved it. “The One” is one of those songs you play for your lady to let her know you aren’t anything like those guys she has dealt with before. You gotta let her know some times. “Reflection” is simply beautiful. Just go and listen to it! It is just a beautiful song. “Sometimes It Snows In April” brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. I wish I didn’t have a new reason for that song 2 bring a tear to my eye. I guess it really snows in April. Sorry, I got on a tangent. The point is there are so many freaking Prince songs that I enjoy so much! If I listed them all we would never get to the end of my little story.
3rd Eye Prince
Okay back to the story! Fast forward 10 years later, I’m 25 and prepared. I finally get to see him perform again after 10 long years. This time I’m having the time of my life! I’m singing every single song that he would play. I knew all the words. I was surrounded by people who felt the exact same way I did. I felt like I was an fifteen year old again except this time a fifteen year old Prince fanatic. It was beautiful. It was magic. I wanted it to last forever. Essence fest 2004 & 2014 were simply amazing for me. I’ll never forget those concerts. To quote what everyone says about a fun time now a days, those concerts were lit. I remember once the concert ended I said “So another 10 years till we meet again? I’m up for it! OR I’ll come see you!”. I really had plans to see Prince because he was on tour…I had plans.

Plans change. Life throws punches you just can’t avoid.

2 years later, I’m writing this. Prince went into the afterworld. Electric Word Life you can call it. Prince is at peace. He is probably flipping heaven on its head. The biggest concert is going down up there (or wherever heaven is) right now. Those angels are about to be jamming forever. I never thought I would be writing this so soon to be honest. The moment I got the news I figured it was one of those silly internet hoaxes that kill celebrities all the time. Unfortunately, It wasn’t. It was horrifyingly true. I got scared last week when the news was reporting Prince was brought to the hospital. They were reporting he wasn’t feeling well & had the flu. Once he said “Don’t waste your prayers on me just yet”, I was fine knowing he was fine. He just got a brand new gorgeous guitar too….It is a shame we won’t be able to hear him shred on that instrument.

To me, Prince (physically) was going to live forever just like David Bowie. Those two were too strange for death. NOW they are gonna live forever. No one likes writing about their favorite musicians or people passing away. The truth is it is going to happen to all of our favorite people one day. The best takeaway is all the memories and experiences I had through Prince. Some people didn’t even get the chance to see him live. I did twice! His music will forever be iconic. Prince was iconic in so many different ways. I can go on and on about it, but the fact is Prince influenced everything and everyone around him. Many of us wanted to be like Prince. I know I do. What I would give to just have his aura and mystique or a voice like his! He was magic. You know what they say about magic? Magic doesn’t die. Magic lives forever, but I guarantee that NOTHING WILL EVER COMPARE TO PRINCE’S MAGIC!

The intro to “Let’s Go Crazy” is so fitting right now.
“Dearly beloved We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
Electric word “life”
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you, there’s something else
The Afterworld
A world of never-ending happiness
You can always see the sun
Day or night
So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
You know the one, Dr. Everything’ll-Be-Alright
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby
‘Cause in this life
Things are much harder than in the afterworld
In this life, you’re on your own
And if de-elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy, punch a higher floor!”

You punched a higher floor! Enjoy paradise Prince.
Prince I love you. Thank you for all the memories I’m grateful for every single one of those. Live 4 Love. Rest In Paradise, Power &Funk. You are free now. Godspeed Prince.

I’ve Got An Issue #28: Valentine’S Day.

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue…

I’m gonna keep this one short. 500 words or less because who needs to be a crabby old young person complaining about being single for another year. Hooray for me yeah? I don’t see the point of doing that to yall because it would annoy me. I almost wrote an article like that today.


I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day with your sweetie or someone you love or family or yourself! DO I really mean that? Yeah I really do. I’m very glad that Valentine’s day is over.The only great thing that came out of Valentine’s day weekend was Deadpool! GO SEE IT! We are in the final hour of Valentine’s day! Now, we can go back to being our true selves for the rest of the year!!!

Now I hope you weren’t a bitter, self centered, lonely, sack of sadness like me this year because you don’t have a special somebody in mind plus you feel like you don’t have anything to offer to anyone when it comes to love. Please don’t be me. You deserve love. I do too. Depression catches me sometimes you know? Thankfully, I wasn’t completely emotional this Valentine’s day. Most of the time I get extremely depressed and just sulk. This time around I wasn’t really sad this year, it just was another day. I spent that day watching One Punch Man! The review is coming very soon by the way. Besides that my day was just meh.

I know this has been said at least once, but why do we treat Valentine’s day as the only day of the year we go all out or treat our significant other like they are the greatest thing that has ever happen to us? Don’t yall think that is a little silly to buy a ton of stuff for bae one day out of the year? SERIOUSLY, why do yall put all this pressure on yourselves for this day? WHY SET THE BAR SO HIGH OF HOW YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER OUGHT TO BE TREATED FOR JUST ONE DAY? Why do we do that? Is it easy to just have one day of expected gifts instead of being a bit spontaneous in the relationship? I guess so because some people make Valentine’s day seem like it is a life or death situation.

I don’t know about you, but if I was in a relationship, gifts could come at any moment when we are together. I feel if we are together and you are an awesome person AND you make me extremely happy in the process, I’m gonna spoil you with a gift or two.Who am I kidding? I’m going to spoil the crap out of you. 100 percent from me if you give me the same. *Sigh* Love is gonna ruin me I bet hehe.

In closing, I think Valentine’s day is absolutely stupid and the history behind it is disturbing. Go google that!

Till next Issue.


Christmas Crush Movie Review… Merry Christmas.

Welcome to….wait…wrong series.

First things first, Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I hope you are all safe, got to spend time with your families and most importantly got what you wanted from Santa. Whether that is peace, a PS4, Xbox One, a love life, closure, good health, or a movie review from one of your favorite bloggers.

Well I got you on that movie review! You see last night I was pursuing on twitter and comedian Lauren Flans said the following:

“I have found it. I have found THE worst made-for-TV Christmas movie EVER MADE. It’s on Netflix. It’s called Christmas Crush. Treat yourself.”

To which I responded with:

I’ll check it out I have nothing better to do lol.

Everyone, I wish I didn’t watch this movie…I wish I didn’t commit to my tweet, I wish I could have my hour and twenty minutes back because Christmas Crush maybe one of the worst romantic comedies and Christmas movies I have ever seen. I was amazed at how bad it was. SO I figured since I didn’t do a special this year, WHY not share my experience with Christmas Crush. After all, I won the internet last night because of watching this film. Buckle up because you are in for very uncomfortable generic ride! Thank you for this gift, Lauren because….I got this out of it. This is Christmas Crush also known as Holiday High School Reunion on IMDB.  This movie is so bad it doesn’t even know what it’s name is. Damn shame. Also this is  spoiler free because I want you to see it…you need to see this.


“Stuffing bras is your job, Thinking will get you fired.” One minute in and I was already disgusted. Clearly thinking does not need to occur when writing movies like this. When I said this movie is generic, I was not kidding. All you need total is fifteen minutes to figure out the plot. Fifteen minutes and you will already know the end of the movie. Here is the plot: girl has a crappy job, comes home for Christmas, has flashbacks about ex, has 3 best friends who really aren’t friends, has a male best friend who likes her, gets an invite for a high school reunion at Preston High (really who holds a reunion during Christmas?), misses and plans to get ex back as motivation to go to the reunion, and hilarity is supposed to ensue. That’s it. If you can’t figure out what the main character is going to learn about herself after fifteen minutes of watching this film, you haven’t seen many films. I can’t go any further into the plot without spoiling the movie. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if I spoiled the movie. It is that bad, but I want you to be the judge. Made for TV my ass, a bad film is a bad film.


Georgia Hunt – The protagonist of the movie. She is a delusional twenty-eight year old with crappy job with a fashion company. She was voted most likely to succeed in High School also part of the cheerleading team. I cared nothing for Georgia Hunt because she reminds me of women who will ignore greatness if it sat next to them. She reminds me of women who cannot catch on to cues. She reminds me of women who will alter their memories to meet the narrative in their brain. She reminds me of women who have millions of flashbacks for every little thing. OH IT HAPPENS A LOT IN THIS MOVIE. I will admit she is likable at times in the movie, but overall I just don’t care. She was too generic for me. She is cute, but whatever man. I wasn’t invested in her character because there wasn’t much to invest in. Basically generic Lifetime protagonist.

Ben Oliver – The male protagonist of the movie I guess. He is Georgia’s ride or die since high school. If you don’t know what ride or die means, this means he is Georgia’s best friend. Ben is an artist and was one of the weird kids in school that some how befriended one of the most popular girls in school. It turns out Georgia isn’t a complete idiot or bad person. Ben, unfortunately, is one of those hopeless romantics who think their best friend they fell in love with will eventually understand that they love them in that way. OF course the artist never gets the girl over the meathead. It never happens. She’ll realize that the artist type actually cares and dates him in 10 years. 10 years. Let me tell you something, Ben Oliver was the only character I was invested in because he reminded me of myself. I fell in love with my best friend too except she didn’t fall in love with a jockass meathead, she fell for a quality person so kudos to him I guess. This is me being mature. I was one of the weird kids and she was cool too. I yelled at the screen so many times at Ben because I didn’t want him to save her. Of course he will never listen, but I had to yell. DON’T DO IT when she is completely oblivious to the fact that he likes her. In my case, she knows very well I love her and still do. Team Ben is the only team that matters in this movie. THIS MOVIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT BEN.

Craig – Craig has no last name. Craig is a typical meathead who should have grown up after high school, but throwing a football into a punchbowl still requires high fives from bros. He is a meathead jock who used to date Georgia. He is the reason for the season of Georgia returning to fiend him. Basically…think College bro meathead who likes football and you have Craig. He sucks a bag of spikes.

Tory – Also has no last name. Very unlikeable. Apparently she is Georgia’s best friend despite being in competition with her since high school. She is a lingerie model and works in fashion business. Tory is part of the glee club too. You will hate Tory immediately trust me she is the worst.

Heather – What is the deal with no last names? Generic Blonde who is obsessed with her weight while having a chocolate addiction. That is her only thing in the movie. I’m serious.

Katie – Another one with no last name….I guess the writer’s just said screw it. Katie likes older men. Katie has orgasms hearing the periodic table (I’m DEAD ASS SERIOUS THIS HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE). Katie wants to sleep with an old teacher. There I saved you sometime.

Mr. Taylor – Katie sleeps with Mr. Taylor. Teacher at Preston High.

Beverly Hunt – Georgia Hunt’s Mom and Teacher at Preston High.

Brooke – No last name. Just randomly appears in the movie and apparently knows Ben.


You know what instead of going all in depth about how this movie is bad for the Christmas culture, I decided to compile a few moments from the film that left me speechless. I mean there is really nothing more to say about this film without spoiling it.

  • “Stuffing bras is your job, Thinking will get you fired.” This is one minute in the movie. It makes you question the company she is working for.
  • “He used my necklace, I’m a genius. *Hums O Holy Night*” I definitely don’t understand the sequence. I mean it kinda makes sense later on in the film.
  • This entire film.

I seriously had enough talking about this move…go to the final rating please.


Christmas Crush or Holiday High School Reunion (which is a much worse name than Christmas Crush) is probably as Lauren said one of the worst made-for-tv Christmas movies ever made. She wasn’t lying. She wasn’t joking around like I thought because Comedians do that some times. She was absolutely right. I wasted an hour and twenty-seven minutes of my life suffering through this film. I know made-for-tv films aren’t near the caliber of major motion pictures, but can the writers, producers, and directors of films like these at least try to make them amazing. Just a little effort is all I ask. It was like Christmas Crush was slapped together by a bunch of angsty adults who hate their lives and wanted a film to represent their hope to find happiness. Why rely on some many cliches and generic tropes throughout the film? Is it easier to just not try? For example, why have so many flashback scenes if the characters still look like they are 30 in high school? No one thought wait, maybe we should hire four younger actors to play the characters in these flashbacks. I don’t understand. Film is supposed to be an art from we take seriously. Effort and time must go in it in order for greatness to come out of it. Maybe in 2012, this was acceptable. To be fair, this isn’t the absolute worse film of all time, but when it comes to made-for-tv- movies this takes the crown. The film is average at best. Nothing is special about it. You might not even get as mad as I was when you finish the film. My only peace is that I survived the horrors of the average and generic Christmas Crush.

Thank you Lauren Flans for tweeting about this monstrosity of a Christmas movie. It really brought a lot of anger out of me. Hell I reviewed the freaking thing. Thank you again for being awesome on Twitter. It was a fun night of yelling at my computer screen. Now reader go on your Netflix or borrow a friend’s and watch a Christmas Crush. I hope you survive through this film. It the only prize I can offer you!

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars on Netflix. 2 out of 10 in life.

Till next review! I’m MC Zero  X.

Bye Bye!

I’ve Got An Issue #25: Bad Parents

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue!

Remember the very first installment of this series? If you don’t, I spoke about how one parent shaved their step-son’s head because of bad grades and smoking weed while she was doing way more dirt than he was. Unlike math, both negatives did not equal a positive. I pointed out how hypocritical it was for that person to teach her step son the right thing to do while secretly that she was dong the wrong thing. Maybe I was wrong for making that my very first entry, but I was making a point back then. I do not know her and she may or may not be a bad person. It was wrong for me to judge her. I’ll admit that, but her actions was what I judged overall and they were wrong. So I apologize if any hurt came from it. One thing I do not like is bad parenting, but something I hate more than bad parenting is bad parents. Bad parenting doesn’t necessarily mean bad parents. I may disagree with the methods, but I understand for some cases why parents use some of these destructive methods (shaving of heads, breaking systems, mental abuse, spanking, etc). They do it out of love, however they should be corrected because those methods can have long lasting effects.

Now with that out of the way, I have an issue with bad parents.

What is a bad parent?

My definition of a bad parent is simple: A person who does not want to take responsibility in raising or taking care of their children. Also a person who only brings children into this world, but abandons them. Bad parents can also fall under people who just abuse their kids for their sick psyche or just a horrible person who shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.

The Issue

What I cannot understand is how your kids could not be your all? You and your partner brought a kid into this world or adopted a child now all of a sudden you do not want to take the responsibility of being a parent? I don’t get that. I feel like all of the “me” stuff has to be put on the side for great development for the kids because they become first priority. There are exceptions where the kids aren’t first because the relationship with the partner is toxic and you have to come to an agreement to not go insane. Infidelity does not count as one of these exceptions. All of my comments go to those who feel like they don’t have to take of their kids or teaching them morals or guide them in life. ALL of you who think your poop don’t stink, all of you who think they are going to be fine without you. I hope all of yall meet pike to the face. The minute you brought a life into this world, you signed a contract for 18 years or more to be a superhero to your kids. Why would you want to be a villain when they are gonna rely on you the most? Folks, it is not fair to act like they don’t exist while you are living the bachelorette or bachelor life. I mean what was the point of conceiving them if you weren’t going to do the hard work that comes after that? Was it to go on Maury, Hit The Quan, and make an ass of yourself on national TV? Was it to go on paternity court knowing damn well you got someone pregnant or got pregnant just to be like “HEYYYYYYY I’m ON TV!!!”.  15 or 30 minutes of fame is sickening if you are willing to go through all of that. I fear that is becoming a trend that will not die.

The kids did not ask for this drama, so why put them through it? Once the results get read and the courts have closed the case, you bad parents do something even worst. You play the manipulation game with your kids to make yourself not only feel better, but look like that superhero you signed up to be when they are gonna eventually find out you were the villain the entire time. That stuff seriously will mess up a kid’s mentality guaranteed. All in the name of the trend right? You gotta be trendy now a days even if that means being child raising children. Childish behaviors by adults are the dumbest thing an adult can do. Mature adults don’t involve their kids in their problems. I thought common sense and logic would point that out, but you know just like education that’s lacking in a lot of people.

Here is a side note still relating to those bad parents. I noticed that as I’ve grown older, paternity suits and Maury just are not funny any more. Remember this is where Bad Parents can hit their best Dougie or I told you so. I suppose shows like that are for our entertainment, but those people on those shows are going through a life changing storm which is no laughing matter. Then again it could just be a group of actors trying to make an audience feel in the name of entertainment.  It is worse when you see it happen to people you know and all you can do is watch the storm touch down because you have no power here *King Theoden laugh*.

Bad Parents seriously think about what you are doing because you owe your kids, and you are their superheroes…or villains they will eventually get rid of.

Till next Issue!


I’ve Got An Issue #24: Divorce

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue.

Today, we tackle the best alternative to being cheated on and taking it like masochist you are, divorce. Divorce is when you used to love someone, but you have to leave them because of a legit reason or because you are a complete piece of garbage who shouldn’t have never gotten married in the first place. You know who you are, you are like the person who can’t keep their eyes on their plate of food. You just looking at everyone else’s food, setting up appointment talking bout you are going to a meeting when you are really meeting up at a hotel to get a taste of the new food. Of course you have food at home, you committed too, but you just have a problem being faithful to the food that loves you so much. I see you ya sly dog you. A couple of years ago I would have said this was a sensitive topic, since I am a child of divorce, but I have matured. Amazing what a year’s time can do. This may be one of the worst Christmas presents for some families tomorrow. I think you are a complete jerk to ruin Christmas with yourself bullcrap. I hope that does not happen to any of you.

With that being said, let’s see a couple reasons why it would be ok to get a divorce.


  • Partner is abusive
    Let’s face it some people suck. These people can deceive you for years till you figure out how awful they actually are. From coming across as a knight in shining armor to a queen who has her own, people are great at faking it. They can hold a stance on not hitting or breaking down their partner, but after they get comfortable they hit either mentally with a hook or with an actual hook. By no means you should stay with someone who will put their hands on you or make you feel less than a person even if their sex game is top notch. You do not stay. Respect yourself at all times. Your partner should follow suit. A person who loves you would never cross those lines. Get that divorce and be safe.
  • Partner is toxic to your family and future.
    Toxic meaning poisonous to the family you are trying to build or your actual family. If your partner isn’t doing anything to benefit their life or simply refuses too once you are married you should absolutely leave. You cannot make a person do something they do not want to do. Your partner doesn’t have to like your family per say, but he or she should respect them since both family are becoming a union. Someone who is constantly fighting with your family is not gonna result in a healthy marriage. Again, your partner does not have to like them as much as you may like them, but respect is something definitely needed. Moments like this require action. If talking sense to them won’t work, divorce maybe a very smart action to escape the black hole your partner is trying to drag you in.
  • Marrying too soon
    Love can cause us to make some stupid decisions. Nothing is wrong with getting married quickly. Sometimes it works for young couples, while others end up regretting marrying someone without really knowing them. Sure things may have been sunshine and roses the first couple of years, but maybe you come to a point where you ask yourself “Is this what I really want”? If the answer is no, you need to sit your partner down and have the talk about divorce. Personally, I think it is key to get to know someone before you make the big decision to propose. If I don’t know you well enough or know deep down I’m not happy, it would be pretty silly to make a fool out of myself proposing on camera of course.  I advise you not to marry a person off of a one night stand or pressure because everyone likes y’all together. Do not get pressured into anything. Your happiness belongs to you and you do not belong to anyone. The same rules apply to dating.
    Pretty much self explanatory. I don’t know how long you kept your relationship alive with all the cheating on the side, but the audacity of you to propose or accept a proposal knowing you aren’t gonna be faithful. Shame on you. People like you should just stay bachelors and bachelorettes till you have that cheating bug out of your system. You are wasting someone’s time, someone who truly cares about you and wants to make things work out, but you can’t keep it in your pants or your legs closed. More power to you if you get a divorce because someone cheated on you.


    Seriously, this is one of the most common reasons people get a divorce. Instead of sitting down with their partner, talking about their transgressions, and looking for options to fix those transgressions, they decide to cheat and prowl for new vagina or penis. OF course, the secret will go underneath the radar for a couple of years until the person doing the cheating is sure they are going to get a divorce just to get married to the person they cheated with. Logically it makes no sense to get married, divorce, and get married again to someone you may divorce for another person. The process makes no sense, but it is bound to repeat. If your whole reason to get a divorce is to marry someone else, then you are not only idiotic and spineless, but you shouldn’t have been married in the first place. I feel like once two people get married they become a team and they should talk about their problems and try to work them out. As adults, we should at least do that. IF two people can’t work it out, then it is reasonable to get a divorce. I find it very unreasonable to get a divorce because you wanted to marry someone else. It is heartbreaking to hear stories and even see some of them play out in life.
  • Selfishness
    Compromise is a real aspect of marriage. Everything cannot go your way. If one tiny disagreement causes you to automatically want a divorce, then you should reevaluate why you got married in the first place. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. I know for a fact healthy relationships do not work like that. Grow up and speak to your partner. Quit jumping to extremes.
    Listen, if you have kids, your kids are going to be affected by the sudden divorce. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHAT DIVORCE MEANS. Look at me! I think I turned out ok! Anyways, I understand all marriages don’t always work out in the end, yet you should always consider your children. I feel like sometimes it is worth sticking together, working out problems, more deliberating on certain topics, and eventually coming to an agreement to make the marriage work for the children. Who knows a part of that agreement can be getting a divorce once all the kids are taken care of with joint custody. Seriously, you do not want a custody battle or your kids resenting you because you chose happiness over them. Both of those are ugly situations with terrible consequences. Finally, do not try to convince yourself that they are going to be ok because of your decision making…stop that.  Always keep your children in mind if you are considering a divorce.

And there you have it! To recap, you have every right to get a divorce if you are being abused or if the person you married turned out a toxic monster. I mean of course you stay with them if they turn out to be the toxic avenger because they are a superhero….from New Jersey. Sorry I couldn’t resist. You get a divorce if you married too soon and if you know deep down you can’t stay faithful. Definitely think about your children too before you go through with a divorce. No respect for you if you get a divorce for new penis or vagina or just being a selfish loser.

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I’ve Got An Issue #16: DEAR FAT PEOPLE…IT’S ME ZERO.

Welcome TO I’ve Got An Issue

Listen…..there is a whole lot going on that is pissing me off this week. SO many things. I really need to get a start on the podcast already so I can provide these issues in audio form instead of writing about all of them. Seriously there is too much. I was going to write about how my football team just lost (DAMN IT SAINTS), but I changed my mind. There is no need to do it. Why would I? I shouldn’t even be surprised. I know if I was going to do my original Idea which was combine all of the things that were pissing me off, I would run out of ammo. I need my ammo. I must conserve my ammo. So let’s go one issue at a time. Slow and steady!

Instead, I’m going to quickly hit the mute button on one Nicole Arbour for this video I’m sure everyone has heard about. If you haven’t seen it, it is called DEAR FAT PEOPLE. It is basically some skinny fit, blonde haired, white lady claiming to be your friend telling you [the fat person] that you should lose weight because it makes her uncomfortable. A wake up call in the name of comedy, she says. I personally hate the way the video is edited. She claims there is no fat shaming card because you [said fat person] have heart disease or high blood pressure. Also, big boned isn’t a thing because genetics couldn’t possibly work like that and fat people parking spots should be all the way in the back. SHE COMPARES THE BODY TO SMARTIES…well that’s dumb right? You know what else is dumb her definition of plus size. If you are plus sized, you have diabetes, bad knees and of course the aforementioned heart disease. There is also a story about a fat family in the airport. Her overall moral is she doesn’t want to lose you because of your bad decisions and poor habits. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A SASSY BIG BLACK WOMAN! SHE LOVES YOU REGARDLESS RIGHT? You fatty! Obviously, you got fat because you have no self control and like to eat 50 luther sandwiches a day. Good Lord, how are you still able to move? 50 of em gosh! Anyways that’s basically Dear Fat People. If you want the link to the video, look no further https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXFgNhyP4-A. Comments are disabled on the video despite her saying “feel free to use it” so don’t bother.

In the name of comedy, I chuckled probably twice. It was such a truth bomb that I chuckled twice. Actuality, I just blankly watched the video and knew all the hellfire that was going to come from it. I had the Nick Young face towards the end of it. You know the face. The video wasn’t that bad besides the really annoying editing, but the message can be toxic. “If you are fat, you are unwanted trash who continues to kill yourself with poor eating habits, but hey we cool right?” can be one of the messages. She has this misconstrued view of how fat people become fat. It is all in what you eat right? WRONG. It can stem from multiple reasons besides food. Darling doesn’t know that though. If she was your ride or die that she claims she is, Nicole would have had a conversation in the comments section and her a conversation with her fat or overweight “friends”. Instead she picked a sensitive topic and used it for subscriber gain. She even bragged about getting a thousand subscribers after that video (“I got 1,000 new subs in the last hour”). “Truth bombs” all in the name of comedy.

Oh, Miss Arbour, please don’t use comedy as a shield. There is truth in comedy sure, but truth comes when it is executed properly. Comedy can make people think and change. Your intentions to tell some fat people to put down the donuts wasn’t a brilliant execution of comedy. For example, one of my favorite comedians Bill Burr made “Fat shaming” comments on his podcast. He did it in a way that is hilarious. He shames himself in the mirror and says some of the most absolute heinous things to himself. Brilliant. Burr actually makes the truth (losing weight) funny. What you did was sloppy. The video wasn’t that funny and it comes across as downright mean and ignorant. Clearly you don’t like big people (that’s apparent in the airplane story) and that’s fine. Just say that instead. You achieved the goal of speaking on something you don’t know much about to get subscribers and it worked.

I would like to grace you with a little truth bomb of my own if you don’t mind.

I don’t think you get the authority to make common claims millions of people suffer from. Sure if you are going to be a comedian, do that, but remember you gotta actually be funny to do that. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and bad knees are not exclusively for overweight people. Yes overweight people are at a greater risk, but you can be twig fit and still have it. If you did a little research before you made the video, you could have learned something instead of exploitation for subscribers. Google is your friend!!! I’m not at all attacking you. After all I’m just some guy on the internet with opinions (the video wasn’t for me sorry) who is writing about something you did. You are probably a decent person. You got enough heat this week. Just know one thing since you are a ride or die of the people, body Image is a very difficult thing for everyone. For me personally, It was a struggle. I had to relearn how to eat basically and have control over stuff because when you can get whatever you want in excess as a spoiled kid you really don’t have control. Fast food was a vice because I was too stubborn to try the home cooked food. My parents should have nipped that in the butt, but they wanted me to be happy or shut up. SHAME ON ME. I would go back in time and slap younger me resulting in a charge. Does that mess up the space time continuum?  Thankfully, I was an active kid throughout all of this, but other things happened. Other things. Thankfully I’m passed that.

Body Image is a contextual rule. You can’t just assume someone is a fat ton of crap because they have no control or poor eating habits. Some people get depressed and then gain weight (HI THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO HI). Some people genetically are going to be big people. Some people have diseases that cause them to gain weight. Some people just have no self control and need a talking to. This is where I would introduce them to you because the video may or may not help them. It is a 50/50 chance right?!  Anywho, You just can’t know because they are big. I really can’t stand fitness rats complaining about big people like it is easy to just drop weight and eat right. It takes discipline. It also takes money. I didn’t mention that some people aren’t financially able to just go eat at whole foods every day or get high quality ingredients for food. They have to settle for fast cheap food. They don’t consider all of the little factors that get overlooked. Sorry Mr/Mrs. I go to the gym 20 times a day and post about it on social media. Great for you, but understand people aren’t you. Some may want to be, but everyone doesn’t. Humble yourself.

Listen I am not trying to be an asshole. I’m just a pudgy stocky fella who has lost and gained and lost weight in my life. I’m trying to be the best me I can be each day. I won’t allow a person to try to determine my worth because of my weight. I’m awesome whether you like it or not World. Miss Arbour you don’t know the context of how those people got to where they are in life. We all are trying to live in this hellstorm called life, it is ok to make jokes, but gosh make clever ones. Don’t use stereotypes as basis of jokes. Do research. I wish you the best in life Miss Arbour.

Hey reader if you are going through body image issues, understand you are loved, you deserve the best and don’t let anyone try to undermine you with their words. Keep living. Keep being awesome.
Till Next Time.

Your Ride or Die friend from the internet.



Hey all! May has just been an eventful month! I’ll fill you in later, but I have a very short story (I guess) for you! I wrote it like 2 hours ago and just finished it. I figured since it is the last day of the month and no story has arrived….I should share! June is going to be a fun month! New stuff is coming! Updates coming soon! Till then enjoy “YOU”!


You see people like you make the world such an awful place. Yet, you are can make the world such a wonderful place. You types are needed to bring balance to this world. You aren’t ideal, you aren’t the first choice or maybe you are all of those things. You perceive that you can catch the eyes of people who never thought someone like you could get someone like them to feel how they felt. You are an anomaly in their world and maybe this world. You are special, but you made them seem normal for a while. You brought them to their highest highs and their lowest of lows within your speech, gaze or decisions. You are aware all of those attributes mentioned hold heavy weights on your heart, mind and spirit. You notice that everything you do is difficult despite how easy you make it look. You see some of those people you touched in your time here really need and love you. They aren’t clingy, but they rely on you sometimes to assure them that “everything is fine”, “you are loved”, “you are special” and “it all gets better in time”. You told them that. You believed that. They sometimes were skeptical. You knew they would believe you in the end though. Despite that, you chose to take that little sense of normalcy away from them. You had to do what you had to do. You deserve freedom too right? You can’t save them all!? You are correct. Nonetheless, you reassured the notions they had all along in their minds. You made them feel damaged, broken, heartless, and bitter to the feeling of positivity again. You really did a number on them!

You know the saying though “if it is too good to be true…it is” they should have learned.

They should have looked for answers within themselves and fight all the negative thoughts away instead of relying on a sole person to do that for them. They should have been their own support system if they could. They should’ve love themselves as a child loves their imaginary friends. They should look at life through the lens of a child to be quite frank. Their experiences should all be looked at as new ones so they don’t compare those to the experience of you. They don’t know why they love the essence of themselves so much, but they do it because they can. They should think positive about you besides the fact of what you did to them. They should know the world is full of possibilities, people and presents that can be waiting at their door. They should know you didn’t mean any harm what so ever. You recognize that all this is easier said than done. They aren’t going to change in a day. They are going to feel as if revenge is the only answer or forgetting all this happened. They could accept the present, but it won’t feel right to them. They now notice that they shouldn’t have relied on you like a warm shoulder during a break up or a calming hug after a bad day. They notice this. Still, you cannot blame them for feeling the way they did because they held you in such a high regard. They don’t do that for anyone, but you were special. They held you as if you were their impregnable lifeboat to save them from the storm of misery that plagued their lives. Unfortunately, they didn’t think an unbeatable lifeboat could capsize sending them back into the waters.

You see every word written here is to remind you what you did to them. However, it is to remind them not to think it is ok that you suffer just as much as they suffered. You both are conscious enough to know that no one is to blame for something you had no control of in the first place.

You are both realize fairness is when everyone gets everything they need. The keyword is need not want. You both may not get what you want, but it is important that you both get what you need.

Maybe both parties can start by forgiving their “you” or “them”. You do have the choice. You also can “forget” everything too, but you won’t truly forget when someone has touched your life like that. You have the power to change how you feel about anything. You are much stronger than you think you are; you will not downplay the greatness of you because you can’t get over “them” or vice versa.

So I have one question for you.

Have you made a decision?