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I’ve Got An Issue #29: Love Is A Cruel Joke

Just when you think I’m gone forever! I pop back up feeling a little more clever! Well hello there! I’ve Got An Issue has been on hiatus for some time, but I’m back with it! I hope you enjoy this one. It is unlike most of the previous issues.  Consistency isn’t my strongest suit at the moment, but I’m working on it. I’ll be post more stuff soon…that is if I and I can get it together. Discipline and a schedule is needed lol. Enjoy everyone!

Love Is Cruel

Yesterday I had a thought: Love is a cruel joke.  This thought was followed by the expansion pack: Love is a cruel magic trick. You see I know that Love can be one of the most positive, negative, powerful, beautiful, and amazing experience that  a human being can go through. Let’s face it as cheesy and cliché love can be sometimes, Love is pretty awesome. Love is a wonderful feeling when it works out perfectly and a terrible after thought when executed poorly. I like to think of Love like mana in fantasy books and video games. You have limited uses of love mana, buy when it is created you have witnessed a spectacle. Love is full of magic that can build a lore that your grandkids will look back at and aspire to have one day. Unfortunately, real love is a rarity in this world. It is as rare as an unreleased album by Prince or unreleased studio session by The Beatles. So when you have it you should hold on as tight as you can. It makes perfect sense, hold on to awesome people because well other people can’t have them. It is natural to be selfish in this moment. Love is a beautiful gift from The Maker or whatever deity you serve. It is necessity we humans need in order to keep pushing through this thing called life. You can go it alone like Beck said, but isn’t it nicer to have a companion to go through life with? For most of us, the answer is undeniably yes.

One thing remains true, love is a cruel joke.

Why is it a cruel joke then? Why do I feel this way? You may think that what I said in the previous paragraph refutes that statement alone, but let me indulge you on why I think love is a cruel joke. I’ve seen this “joke” play out countless times in my life whether that’s personal or just an on looker from the other side.

Love is cruel because it can enable you to lower all your defenses at let a person see you for you. UH OH! There is a breach in your fortress and that person has made a room in there! You know so they won’t ever leave you ALONE! Love is cruel because you can show a person the real you, meaning you can expose your strengths and weakness to them hoping they will do the same for you. Spoiler alert: they never do. Darn it, they now know everything about me and will use it to their advantage! What do I win? Congratulations you have been courting a fallacy please enjoy our home version of the game: Cruel Lovers for great people! I swear that game is a best seller somewhere. Love is cruel because you can give yourself to a person freely only to be used. That’s right you just got punk’d only there is no Ashton Kutcher around to give you a hug and laugh at how dumb you looked. You thought those feelings were real?! Sir or Madam you are delusional. Love is cruel because you can give your all and it is not enough. Welcome to life ladies and gentlemen because that is going to happen a lot. Love is cruel because you trust someone just for them to eviscerate you and that trust. Oh yeah didn’t see that coming did ya? Have fun putting yourself back together. WHO KNOWS HOW LONG THAT IS GONNA TAKE HAHAHA! Love is cruel because truth and honesty just isn’t enough anymore. Do you have a side of cheating to spice up the relationship or I’m going to abandon you in general? This relationship was boring soooooooo somebody had to do something! Love is cruel because you can love someone to the moon and stars only for that person not to reciprocate that love to you EVER. Either you just aren’t forward enough or you are a diamond in the rough when the person doesn’t have the tools to dig you out of the rough.  They could be dense in the head or they know you love them dearly, but will never ever shoot that love back at you. Cruel isn’t it? Many reasons besides this classify love as cruel joke.

However, this isn’t a bad thing!

Maybe love is a cruel joke at times, but be thankful for the joke. Be thankful for that magic trick expansion pack. Be thankful for the experience. Guess what genius? I don’t know if you know this, but somehow you got through it. You persevered! You became a winner in your eyes. You believed in yourself to pull yourself out of the hole you were in. Sure it took you some time, but that cruel joke brought valuable lessons. You learned that everyone isn’t for everyone; some folks don’t love as hard as you do. This is okay! Hopefully, you know to rein your emotions back a little bit. You learned to sift through those who are untrue and false to find those who feel the way you do. I guarantee you will love them harder than any of your past loves because you are both sharing each other with each other. AWW SO ADORABLE!  Do you understand what I’m saying to you? You learned to catch on very quickly to situations where you aren’t making much progress love wise. You know where you stand and it is okay. Stand there, but don’t stay there! Move forward because it is the best thing to do. There are so many experiences down the road ahead! You learned how you love people. Each style varies. You may give it your all one hundred percent of the time, just to get hurt again, but that is who you are or you may be very cautious when it comes to loving people, but again that is who you are. Modifying that style and adapting to the way you love people is a process. Some of us can change it while others are either one style of many.

Yes, love is a beautiful experience crafted from magic, chemistry, trust, honesty, and real emotions.

Just remember one thing: love is also cruel joke yet you learned from it and now you can laugh.


The 12 Days Of Honest ProCons: Creatively Pessimistic

I hope by now you know what this is!!!! Welcome to Day Four of The 12 Honest Days Of Procons! We don’t do long intros for these because all the content is in the subject baby!!! So let’s not waste any time!! GET TO IT!!!

Creatively Pessimistic

Pro: Creativity (n)

  1. The state or quality of being creative.
  2. The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination:
  3. The process by which one utilizes creative ability

If The Maker gave me one gift that I am definitely sure of, it’s the gift of creativity! It is it obvious? I doubt I could come up with this blog and content for it if I was not creative. I know I can be a bit lazy sometimes or it doesn’t update as much as it should, but the point is I freaking come up with stuff! Heck, life would be so boring if I did not have creativity. I think I would just be following everyone popular or whatever instead of trying to do my own thing at life. I could not imagine me doing that…unless you can like trade souls and go on auto pilot forever. I swear if I am ever just following someone make sure you slap me because I am way better than that. Promise you will do that for me?



Hell you can’t be boring with a blog that’s just some cut and paste quotes from a picture or some jokes you stole from someone else. “Like you are the blog police or something” right I am not, but I am just saying don’t fill space with something you can find a on a forum.  Unfortunately that does not apply to music because everyone just does what is popular at the moment just to get on. Everything just becomes more commercialized and people lose that creativity just to make the money. I hate that some people only get to hear that instead of searching for music that is worth your time. A lack of creativity is an awful thing.

So you could be saying “what it takes to be creative, Matt?” and I will tell you to read the definition I posted for you at the beginning of this piece…jeeze I would think you like to read if you are on this blog. If you like pictures and stuff, maybe you should join tumblr or the snapchat…that’s what it is called right?

Well in my case, I think one must be creative to make music, write stories, craft poems, or do anything with their mind and I do it all! I swear you guys don’t know how many things I wrote up over the years. I am still salty over my missing blue binder full of ideas and some short stories. The missing binder was something I would write in every day during senior year of High School and it had so many things I wanted to revisit in the future. I had drafts for songs, skits, stories, everything you can think of and just one day it went poof! It really sucks. IF ANYONE SEES A BLUE BINDER WITH CRAPPY HANDWRITING PLEASE EMAIL ME BECAUSE IT’S MINE!! IT HAD A COVER TOO! I MISS YOU BLUE BINDER!

Onward to when I started doing music I guess. If you know me, music and I are best friends. I finally started doing music when I was 16 and my first beat sucks so much, but you can hear my passion behind how much I loved it. I may post that one day….and you better not laugh at it because it sucks. Fast forward to now and I have freaking beat tape/ album called Monster on my souncloud! Crazy stuff! I’m plotting on the next lick in 2015 lol.

I remember back when I was sick I challenged myself to write a song a day because I’m too intelligent and creative to not write a song. It lasted for a while, but that ended once freshman year of college started up again. I have some of those songs on my computer and external still. I’m too scared to read em because I was on painkillers like a mug and the past work is weird to look at some times lol. I may post one of these days too….just don’t laugh…wait no please laugh because some are pretty funny.


Con: Pessimistic (adj.)

  1. Pertaining to or characterized by pessimism or the tendency to expect only bad outcomes; gloomy; joyless; unhopeful

I will not lie… last year and this year sort of I have been a bit pessimistic. LAST YEAR ESPECIALLY because I was just awful…I was recovering from some stuff and the world just was gloomy. I think now I am not as pessimistic as I once was a year ago because everything is not that bad. Life isn’t horrible it just has sometimes where you wish it could be better than it actually is. You know what you do though? You suck it up, dust yourself off and keep pushing or be me from last year. I will say one thing though it does sneak up on me from time to time. I don’t always expect bad outcomes, but sometimes I can just feel when something is going to be bad or not go anywhere.

I am not going to larp on this forever, but one example that came to mind was the entire Ferguson verdict. I immediately felt it in my spirit that justice was not going to be served from the first day. I know that’s awful…I just knew though how this was going to go down. I knew that the media was going to have a field day with the death of this young man. Hell a week prior to the verdict the media reports that they were getting prepared for riots. If that was not giving you a hint where this case was going, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. So when the day came for the grand jury decision that he was not getting indicted…I was not surprised. My pessimism prepared me for the decision unfortunately and I wasn’t affected by it.  I am glad my pessimism was wrong about Jordan Davis’ verdict.

Pessimism is just an awful thing you know?

When you are waking up every day thinking today is going to be crappy, life in general just sucks. I’m glad that I’m out of that haze. It was not fun and it fuels your depression. You just want everything to end or something major to change. The best way I can describe it is you want a breath of fresh air that is never going to come because you won’t get up and go outside. Does that make sense? I hope it does. I am not a fan when it sneaks up on me, but I have to accept that is going to happen sometimes. I can’t just act like I’m not feeling gloomy. That’s not being real. The way is see it now is some days aren’t so sunny, but it isn’t so hard. I can get through it. I’m just happy that the gift of life arrived another morning because it is never promised to anybody.

And if you are pessimistic right now, snap out of it. Everything gets better in time I promise. Do not deny your flaws, embrace them. Embrace your flaws because they are a part of you!!!  You can’t deny them because they are effing riders and I know for sure you don’t want to Eff with them! Kudos to you if you understood that lol. 


ProCons: Creatively Pessimistic

This ProCon is a double edged sword I must say. I mean I can be creative about so many things, but if the pessimistic bug bites me all those creative things can turn really dark and ugly. I mean it works when I want to turn pessimism into something I can poke fun of, but when it backfires and just sounds completely pessimistic that’s a problem. All I can say is I can throw ideas about anything at you just catch me on a day where the P bug didn’t take a chomp out of my rump.

Till Day 5!