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Do you love Science fiction? Do you love Aliens? Do you love horror? Do you love questioning all of mankind? If so, you need to watch Parasyte. Parasyte is the journey of a sixteen year old Shinichi Izumi and Migi, the Parasyte. Think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers except the pods are replaced with Parasytes along with so many other things. LOOK THE PREMISE IS LIKE THE SHORT FILM/BOOK, BUT THIS SHOW IS COMPLETELY ORIGINAL ON HOW THEIR STORY IS TOLD. This is Parasyte: The Attack on Humanity and Development of a Species! Some say it is an overrated anime, I don’t believe that. I think Parasyte is great series that is worth at least one full watch.


STORY: 8.5

I could just spoil it all for you, but that wouldn’t be a fun review now would it? As I have mentioned previously, the story is kind of like Invasion of the Bodysnatcher. Parasitic aliens decide to make a one way trip to Earth picking Japan for their residence because…well Japan is a good vacation spot for aliens along with Maine. Weird stuff happens in Maine. These Parasytes (look that’s how it is spelled in the show, leave me alone grammar senpai) burrow into the brains through ears or nose of their targets when they are vulnerable for feeding and other purposes. Our protagonist Izumi Shinchi gets visited by one lone Parasyte named Migi. Migi tries to take over Shinichi’s brain, but he fails and decides to burrows through his arm instead. Migi ends up becoming Izumi’s right hand retaining all of his knowledge and personality. From there, a bond is formed between the two and it is not like Izumi was like “OH MY GOD! YES A PARASYTE HAND WITH POWERS! NOW I WILL BE COOL!”. He was freaked out at first, but once he learns what other Parasytes are doing to humans Shinichi finds his purpose: to fight for humanity. From the Government knowing about the Parasytes to the Shinichi’s majors transformations to the Parasytes trying to better themselves to balancing a social life, this story has many twists, turns, and cliffhangers that will keep you on the edge of your seat.



The cast of Parasyte contains a wide range of personalities. I am sure you will become attached to at least one character in this show. Our main characters are Migi & Izumi. I enjoyed Migi the most for his intelligence and heartlessness. Migi wants to learn more about where he came from and has no time for anyone getting in his way. He may be heartless, but he does care enough to protect and co-operate with his host. Izumi Shinichi is more of a nerd transitioning into fearless machine and transforming overall as a person. Together they become a team that learns and relies on each other. The supporting cast is pretty amazing. For example, Izumi’s best friend and possible love interest Murano Satomi. She is always making sure Izumi is okay and still Izumi. How about Kana Kimishima is a delinquent who through great story telling becomes something more than just a bully. Finally, Takeshi Hirokawa is a person of power who knows about the Parasytes and is doing something about it. There are so many supporting characters that play their parts very well in this show. Without the supporting cast, PARASYTE would have been quite cliche and boring. It definitely would not have as much depth.



The animation was handled by MADHOUSE who is behind some amazing anime like Death Note, No Game No Life, The new Hunter X Hunter reboot, and ONE PUNCH MAN! I couldn’t find anything animated poorly. MADHOUSE always does a wonderful job with the animation. The Animation wasn’t mesmerizing, but it was far from awful and okay. A stellar job from MADHOUSE! You can always count on MADHOUSE!



The opening theme “Let Me Hear” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas is very likable. It is like heavy metal meets autotune which I found pretty cool. I enjoyed the song, but I didn’t listen to it all the way through for every episode like I did ONE PUNCH MAN. It is something you can hear 23 times straight through and enjoy, but I did skip it to get right in to the story as it progressed.”Let Me Hear” fits the overall tone of the show as well. It is kind of dark yet, it pumps you up for the next episode. It’s not catchy, besides the opening lines of the song, but I don’t think Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas meant it to be. Great song though. The ending theme “IT’S THE RIGHT TIME” by Daichi Miura  is perfect for this show. With all the chaotic events that go on in this show, it is good to hear a soft and delicate ballad about moving forward and human emotions (which play a huge part in Izumi’s progression..). I enjoyed this theme more than the opening theme and I like heavy metal, but Daichi Miura’s voice is like silk to me. I really enjoyed it. I must point out ALL of the background music was Incredible too! It was like dub-step meets trap in some cases. The background tunes sometimes felt out of place during some of the drama, but when it works, it works really well!

Additional Thoughts

PARASYTE does not need a sequel. I feel like everything wrapped up very well. There weren’t any real loose ends I could think of. PARASYTE does not need spin-off show either. I know one could be created  about another person with a PARASYTE years after the events in this anime, but it is not necessary. I only cried one time during this whole anime and that was in episode 18. 18 is such a tearjerker. I really enjoyed PARASYTE and I would watch it again at a later date with people so I can get different perspectives of this anime.


Should you kill something that’s trying to live on your planet or should you let it be and watch what happens? Do you let the PARASYTES or body snatchers continue to feed and research humanity learning their purpose or do you do something about it to make your world a safer place? Do you gain more sympathy for an organism if you are affected by one especially an organism that is intelligent and has a personality? Would this narrative expose completely different perspective if Izumi was simply fighting alien organism for humanity? I can answer that last question with of course! It would be every movie and book about humans fighting aliens for mankind. PARASYTE will make you think about your humanity and all of those that inhabit the world we live in. I believe Izumi’s speech at the end of this anime sums up all these points in a much greater fashion and better than I ever could. PARASYTE is different. it is a psychological joyride with heavy dosages of Sci-fi and horror. If you like different types of anime out of your comfort zone give it a watch. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it because everyone has different tastes, but IT IS WORTH A WATCH. Sure we aren’t half fish or half alien organism, but to quote Izumi “it would be human arrogance to think we understand everything that is not human”.

Overall Rating: 8.7



One Punch Man Review

One Punch Man 3.jpg

Hello Internet! Today is a special day to review a special anime that is becoming a phenomenon! I’ve been avoiding this show for a while because I just didn’t believe the hype. Also, I cannot stand shows that are hyped by the anime community as an awesome experience when in reality it falls short from its expectations. Thankfully, One Punch Man did not fall short. It has only been a year, but One Punch Man has achieved cult status. After viewing the show, I completely understand why because One Punch Man deserves all the praise it has been receiving. Welcome to my special leap day review of One Punch Man! In honor of Saitama, this review will be 1000 words or less.

Story: 8
One Punch Man.jpg

The story of One Punch Man is simply hilarious. It pokes a lot of fun of the traditional tropes of an shonen anime. You know a hero trains to get stronger, loses, finds out there is a big boss, loses, gets stronger, filler, gets stronger, and eventually beating the big boss for the grand happy ending leading to another big boss or season 2. This show does none of that. Instead our protagonist, Saitama, breaks all of those rules. He is a hero for fun who is extremely overpowered to the point he is bored of fighting. For a second, I thought Saitama was struggling with his humanity while exploring deeper ideas besides finding an opponent worthy of fighting.I guess that’s just me. Saitama is joined by a cyborg named Genos who has a very decent story as well. It was quite shonen-ish, but great overall. I’m not gonna go into too many details because who needs a long ass origin story or explanation. Just know when the adventure begins, be prepared to enjoy the journey because I did.

Animation: 10OK Saitama.jpg
IT’S A MADHOUSE! MADHOUSE is simply amazing, I don’t know what else to say. I don’t think I have ever seen a bad Madhouse show. The animation is flawless, crisp, and simple. The OK Saitama face is definitely a highlight along with just about every scene Tornado is in. I left it for you to laugh at. LAUGH WITH ME DAMN IT! LOOK IT IS MADHOUSE…MADHOUSE IS NOT GONNA LET YOU DOWN. THE ANIMATION IS VERY PLEASING TO THE EYES BECAUSE IT IS MADHOUSE!

Music: 10One Punch Man 5.jpg
ONE PUNCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Listen, yall this is one of the best opening theme songs I have ever heard in my life. I’m not exaggerating it is as simple as that. “The Hero” will get you so pumped, so hyped, so prepared to take on the world and punch stuff! I scream the One Punch part every time I hear it. Jam Project knocked it out of the park with this theme.


ISN’T THAT AMAZING?! This song alone gives the music score a ten! BTW the ending theme (“Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru (星より先に見つけてあげる)” by Hiroko Moriguchi) is pretty awesome.

Here is that theme for your listening pleasure.

Characters: 10One Punch Man 4.jpg

Saitama – The strongest hero in the universe point blank, I am declaring Saitama the strongest human in the anime universe. In order to become a hero, Saitama went under an intense training & diet regiment to obtain his goal to the point he went bald. He has acheived that goal and you would think he would be an egomaniac. WRONG. Saitama is a laid back, care free, frugal, hero for fun that world doesn’t seem to notice despite Saitama saving the city frequently. Saitama is the king of training and sales at the supermarket all at the age of 25.

Genos – The lone cyborg willing to get stronger under the training of Saitama. Genos is very loyal, but he is extremely serious like most shonen characters. His origin story created the classic “20 words or less” rule which I find very amusing. I was thinking the show was gonna shift more towards his story at one point. If this show as about Genos, this would have been your typical anime about one character’s journey to retribution.

SUPPORTING CHARACTERS -NOW listen I am not gonna name every single supporting character because EVERY SINGLE SUPPORTING CHARACTER IS FREAKING AMAZING! THEY ALL ADD SOMETHING TO EACH EPISODE! IT may be a little moment or a one liner, but damn I gotta admit this show made each one of the supporting characters feel important when they were on the screen. I absolutely loved the way this show treated their supporting cast because each one of them could have an episode or an series or OVA about them. Mumen Rider is hilarious while Handsome Mask the other word for a male rooster! The heroes association alone could have an anime & I WOULD WATCH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

Additional MentionsOne Punch Man 7.jpg
1. A huge thank you to Shingo Natsume for directing this anime and making One Punch Man everything it is supposed to be.

2.  I had thought that left me a tad conflicted. While Saitama is extremely powerful…ok over powered, would I be rooting for him if he was the villain of the anime? I think the answer would still be yes. Saitama is likable and I think that’s what sets him apart from antagonist that are considered cheap (I’m looking at you Aizen). What do you think?

3. Second season please?! PLEASE?!

ConclusionOne Punch Man 6.jpg

One Punch Man is simply amazing. It was a wonderful ride that pokes fun at the shonen genre along with tropes of anime. The story isn’t something too memorable, but it is hilarious. Everything else besides that is perfect. I can understand how some people may not like OPM since everything ends in 1 punch & the comedy may get a bit repetitive sometimes due to the punchline is the same despite a different setup. Besides that, One Punch Man is an amazing anime that I highly recommend you to watch!

Saitama can beat just about anyone…yep I said it. GET ON THE SAITAMA TRAIN

Final Score: 9.5

Till next review!


Christmas Crush Movie Review… Merry Christmas.

Welcome to….wait…wrong series.

First things first, Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I hope you are all safe, got to spend time with your families and most importantly got what you wanted from Santa. Whether that is peace, a PS4, Xbox One, a love life, closure, good health, or a movie review from one of your favorite bloggers.

Well I got you on that movie review! You see last night I was pursuing on twitter and comedian Lauren Flans said the following:

“I have found it. I have found THE worst made-for-TV Christmas movie EVER MADE. It’s on Netflix. It’s called Christmas Crush. Treat yourself.”

To which I responded with:

I’ll check it out I have nothing better to do lol.

Everyone, I wish I didn’t watch this movie…I wish I didn’t commit to my tweet, I wish I could have my hour and twenty minutes back because Christmas Crush maybe one of the worst romantic comedies and Christmas movies I have ever seen. I was amazed at how bad it was. SO I figured since I didn’t do a special this year, WHY not share my experience with Christmas Crush. After all, I won the internet last night because of watching this film. Buckle up because you are in for very uncomfortable generic ride! Thank you for this gift, Lauren because….I got this out of it. This is Christmas Crush also known as Holiday High School Reunion on IMDB.  This movie is so bad it doesn’t even know what it’s name is. Damn shame. Also this is  spoiler free because I want you to see it…you need to see this.


“Stuffing bras is your job, Thinking will get you fired.” One minute in and I was already disgusted. Clearly thinking does not need to occur when writing movies like this. When I said this movie is generic, I was not kidding. All you need total is fifteen minutes to figure out the plot. Fifteen minutes and you will already know the end of the movie. Here is the plot: girl has a crappy job, comes home for Christmas, has flashbacks about ex, has 3 best friends who really aren’t friends, has a male best friend who likes her, gets an invite for a high school reunion at Preston High (really who holds a reunion during Christmas?), misses and plans to get ex back as motivation to go to the reunion, and hilarity is supposed to ensue. That’s it. If you can’t figure out what the main character is going to learn about herself after fifteen minutes of watching this film, you haven’t seen many films. I can’t go any further into the plot without spoiling the movie. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if I spoiled the movie. It is that bad, but I want you to be the judge. Made for TV my ass, a bad film is a bad film.


Georgia Hunt – The protagonist of the movie. She is a delusional twenty-eight year old with crappy job with a fashion company. She was voted most likely to succeed in High School also part of the cheerleading team. I cared nothing for Georgia Hunt because she reminds me of women who will ignore greatness if it sat next to them. She reminds me of women who cannot catch on to cues. She reminds me of women who will alter their memories to meet the narrative in their brain. She reminds me of women who have millions of flashbacks for every little thing. OH IT HAPPENS A LOT IN THIS MOVIE. I will admit she is likable at times in the movie, but overall I just don’t care. She was too generic for me. She is cute, but whatever man. I wasn’t invested in her character because there wasn’t much to invest in. Basically generic Lifetime protagonist.

Ben Oliver – The male protagonist of the movie I guess. He is Georgia’s ride or die since high school. If you don’t know what ride or die means, this means he is Georgia’s best friend. Ben is an artist and was one of the weird kids in school that some how befriended one of the most popular girls in school. It turns out Georgia isn’t a complete idiot or bad person. Ben, unfortunately, is one of those hopeless romantics who think their best friend they fell in love with will eventually understand that they love them in that way. OF course the artist never gets the girl over the meathead. It never happens. She’ll realize that the artist type actually cares and dates him in 10 years. 10 years. Let me tell you something, Ben Oliver was the only character I was invested in because he reminded me of myself. I fell in love with my best friend too except she didn’t fall in love with a jockass meathead, she fell for a quality person so kudos to him I guess. This is me being mature. I was one of the weird kids and she was cool too. I yelled at the screen so many times at Ben because I didn’t want him to save her. Of course he will never listen, but I had to yell. DON’T DO IT when she is completely oblivious to the fact that he likes her. In my case, she knows very well I love her and still do. Team Ben is the only team that matters in this movie. THIS MOVIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT BEN.

Craig – Craig has no last name. Craig is a typical meathead who should have grown up after high school, but throwing a football into a punchbowl still requires high fives from bros. He is a meathead jock who used to date Georgia. He is the reason for the season of Georgia returning to fiend him. Basically…think College bro meathead who likes football and you have Craig. He sucks a bag of spikes.

Tory – Also has no last name. Very unlikeable. Apparently she is Georgia’s best friend despite being in competition with her since high school. She is a lingerie model and works in fashion business. Tory is part of the glee club too. You will hate Tory immediately trust me she is the worst.

Heather – What is the deal with no last names? Generic Blonde who is obsessed with her weight while having a chocolate addiction. That is her only thing in the movie. I’m serious.

Katie – Another one with no last name….I guess the writer’s just said screw it. Katie likes older men. Katie has orgasms hearing the periodic table (I’m DEAD ASS SERIOUS THIS HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE). Katie wants to sleep with an old teacher. There I saved you sometime.

Mr. Taylor – Katie sleeps with Mr. Taylor. Teacher at Preston High.

Beverly Hunt – Georgia Hunt’s Mom and Teacher at Preston High.

Brooke – No last name. Just randomly appears in the movie and apparently knows Ben.


You know what instead of going all in depth about how this movie is bad for the Christmas culture, I decided to compile a few moments from the film that left me speechless. I mean there is really nothing more to say about this film without spoiling it.

  • “Stuffing bras is your job, Thinking will get you fired.” This is one minute in the movie. It makes you question the company she is working for.
  • “He used my necklace, I’m a genius. *Hums O Holy Night*” I definitely don’t understand the sequence. I mean it kinda makes sense later on in the film.
  • This entire film.

I seriously had enough talking about this move…go to the final rating please.


Christmas Crush or Holiday High School Reunion (which is a much worse name than Christmas Crush) is probably as Lauren said one of the worst made-for-tv Christmas movies ever made. She wasn’t lying. She wasn’t joking around like I thought because Comedians do that some times. She was absolutely right. I wasted an hour and twenty-seven minutes of my life suffering through this film. I know made-for-tv films aren’t near the caliber of major motion pictures, but can the writers, producers, and directors of films like these at least try to make them amazing. Just a little effort is all I ask. It was like Christmas Crush was slapped together by a bunch of angsty adults who hate their lives and wanted a film to represent their hope to find happiness. Why rely on some many cliches and generic tropes throughout the film? Is it easier to just not try? For example, why have so many flashback scenes if the characters still look like they are 30 in high school? No one thought wait, maybe we should hire four younger actors to play the characters in these flashbacks. I don’t understand. Film is supposed to be an art from we take seriously. Effort and time must go in it in order for greatness to come out of it. Maybe in 2012, this was acceptable. To be fair, this isn’t the absolute worse film of all time, but when it comes to made-for-tv- movies this takes the crown. The film is average at best. Nothing is special about it. You might not even get as mad as I was when you finish the film. My only peace is that I survived the horrors of the average and generic Christmas Crush.

Thank you Lauren Flans for tweeting about this monstrosity of a Christmas movie. It really brought a lot of anger out of me. Hell I reviewed the freaking thing. Thank you again for being awesome on Twitter. It was a fun night of yelling at my computer screen. Now reader go on your Netflix or borrow a friend’s and watch a Christmas Crush. I hope you survive through this film. It the only prize I can offer you!

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars on Netflix. 2 out of 10 in life.

Till next review! I’m MC Zero  X.

Bye Bye!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Review

HELLO EVERYONE! I am back with another anime review! This time I am taking on Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun! Was it good? Did it suck? Did I laugh? Did I cry? Find out in this review if this show is worth your time!!!!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun
Also Known As
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun 3

Let’s say right now, reading this, you are sixteen years old. You are in High School and like someone…a lot. You remember that first time you liked someone to the point where you felt like you were going crazy? Everything they did was gold and they could do nothing wrong? Yeah… it is that first like. Let’s say you meet this person at the end of school and you confess your feelings to that person. You heart and mind are racing. This could go really bad or exactly like you thought it. This person hands you an autograph of his manga name.

You are now that person’s assistant.


This is exactly how it starts. This Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun. Premiering last year, this anime is a “romantic” comedy slash parody in some sorts. Nozaki-Kun really goes into the mind of a manga artist creating a monthly romance manga. Hence the title Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun. It is almost satire of the entire romantic comedy genre from beginning to end. Nozaki-Kun is definitely a show worth watching full of gut busting jokes. We need more shows like this.

Story: 7
Remember that whole spiel in the intro of this review? Here it is again except you aren’t 16 this time. YOU ARE YOU! Now listen! Chiyo Sakura is a 16 year old girl who confesses her love to Umetarou Nozaki, a popular manga artist no one knows about. She doesn’t really say I like you in the confession, instead she mistakenly says she is a big fan. Nozaki misunderstands this confession as a fan giving his mangas’ praise. He gives her an autograph. This leads to Chiyo using another poor choice of words (“I always want to be with you”) to express her feelings. Nozaki makes her his assistant by inviting her over to his house to work on some manga.

This is the main story pretty much. Girl loves boy, boy loves work, girl loves boy so much that she will do anything to learn more about him even being his assistant and both have hilarious friends/inspirations. That’s it. If you were looking for the boy to realize the girl loves him, someone new appears, the girl begins to like that person, the friends want one to go with the other, someone is jealous of one person liking the other, and the main character should show it back like any other show, you are mistaken. I was fooled for a bit expecting another confession somewhere in the show. I was expecting this show to be a typical rom com. I’m glad this show threw a couple curveballs.

Honestly, “Nozaki-Kun” does not have a long arc or multiple sub-arcs. It isn’t trying to be a comedy drama or an extreme parody. It isn’t like “Comic Party” or “Bakuman.” where an artist need to meet a deadline to get their manga out. “Nozaki-Kun” is a straight up comedy that wants you to laugh. Nothing more, nothing less.

Animation: 8.5
The animation was handled by Doga Kobo. They do very good work even though it seems like they are pretty new to the anime scene. This is the first show I’ve seen done by them and I am impressed. The style was very appropriate for the anime. I believe there were some nods to mangas stylistically. I probably didn’t catch those since I don’t read a lot of manga, but it was nice. The show flowed very well. Everything was drawn properly. I do recall a shot being reused for Nozaki’s tools, but that is a small detail. Overall I enjoyed what I looked at. Great job Doga Kobo!

Characters: 9.5
Before I talked about all these fantastic characters, I must let you know that they make the show. Without these ensemble of characters, this show would have fell flat on its face. Without them, the comedy would have fell flat. Without these characters, I don’t know what this show would be. There are seven main characters and each of them plays certain role in the show. I swear all this makes sense once you watch the show.

Umetarou Nozaki – This is our main protagonist of this show; his name is in the title so he’s is kind of a big deal. He was the captain of the middle school basketball team. He is also known in the manga world as Sakiko Yumeno, the creator of the monthly series called “Let’s Love~”. He is a genius to me. He is also oblivious sometimes. Who am I kidding? He is oblivious just about all the time. I think he knows Chiyo likes him, but who knows? He has no real experience with love like myself lol. Nozaki is like me when it comes down to creating things. He creates based off of experiences or inspiration of other people. The way he gets inspired is that of a sponge. A sponge of experiences. You have to see it to believe it. All of his research methods are for his story and everything and I mean everything relates to love. The most basic conversation could become a point for his story. Nozaki is a monotone, tall, lazy genius who has no idea people likes him or that’s just what he wants you to think. I definitely relate to him the most minus the tall part lol.

Chiyo Sakura – ADORABLE. Chiyo Sakura is ADORABLE. An adorable puppy lol. The way she expresses how much she likes Nozaki is adorable. I wish I could do that for someone I liked a lot. If you didn’t know by now, she is the female protagonist of the show. She is the one who unsuccessfully tried to confess to the oblivious dope Nozaki, but hey she got a sweet gig as the assistant. As the assistant she is awesome at doing beta for Nozaki’s manga. She is very small with two red ribbons in her hair. Her constantly trying and failing at getting Nozaki to understand her feelings is sad yet it is hilarious! I cackled at each failure because she just has this look on her face like “really? Did he not understand what I just said?” She sets herself up to fail, but it doesn’t matter when love is involved!

Mikoto “Mikorin” Mikoshiba – Mikorin looks like the general delinquent type/bad boy which means he’s a cool popular ish fellow with a lot talent. IN TYPICAL ANIME! He does have talent, but he is a shy boy with an ego problem. He has to be reaffirmed of his awesomeness to confirm that he has some use in this world. He has a ton of charm that he hates to use because he finds it too embarrassing. The stuff he says sounds like they come straight out of a manga or something. Eventually he will turn red right after saying one of those things lol. He draws all the accessories of Nozaki’s manga. In his words, He is an eternal love hunter. Yes you are…yes you are lol.

Yuzuki “Lorelei” Seo – One complete asshole. Seo is the queen of being a smartass. She is really oblivious to everyone’s feelings. She will make sarcastic, rude, very mean comments to anyone she runs by. I think in her off time she makes boarderline offensive comments too. You can say she speaks without thinking sometimes. She is always being chased by teachers for skipping class. She also is in the choir club. She has the nickname “Lorelei” because of her as my notes put it “badass singing” voice. She pops up every now and then, but when she is on the screen you will be laughing.

Hirotaka “Waka” Wakamatsu – Waka is the freshman. At first, I thought he was Nozaki’s sibling. I’m glad I was wrong. He shows up later in the series, but plays a role in getting mangas done. He plays basketball for his school. He is in charge of screentone for Nozaki’s manga or he just does it the best. He sleeps to the music of Lorelei and doesn’t know who it is. Seo likes him I think and he can’t stand her….what the hell am I doing…just watch the show. Waka is great! Senpai definitely notices you.

Masayuki Hori – Hori is the captain of the drama club. He used to act, but stopped because he was short or because he found a protégé? I don’t really know. He still can act he just chooses not to. I don’t get it. His demeanor made me think he wasn’t even a student. He is a junior, but you wouldn’t think that. You would think he is a teacher or something I swear. He is always chasing Kashima and making sure she comes to class. I think he likes Kashima or just wants to protect her. No idea. Hori is also in charge of making the backgrounds for Nozaki’s manga. They have a deal. Hori is great overall.

Yuu Kashima – Yuu Kashima is known as “The Prince of the School”. She is the Prince of the school. She is basically Tamaki Suou from Ouran Host Club. She basically all the girls of the school and can out charm any man on the show. She has a fan club it seems of all the girls in the school. I will say she is adorable. She looks like she comes straight ouf of one of Nozaki’s mangas. The male lead as a girl pretty much. Kashima gets in trouble because of charming all the girls. She misses classes and club activities resulting in Hori finding her. She looks up to Hori as well! I think she likes him too! She is also best friends with Mikorin. Kashima would wreck any male on any rom com. Kashima is Ms. Steal Your Girl.

Soundtrack: 8
The opening theme is pretty cool. I listened through about 7 episodes straight. It is by Masayoshi Oishi and it is called “Seems It Can’t Be Anyone Other Than You”. Thank you internet for that translation. The ending theme song was pretty nice too. It was performed by Ari Ozawa and it is called Uramote Fortune. It is a great song. I liked it and usually let it play out most of the time. It was great. The ambient soundtrack was cool too….I can’t really speak much about the entire soundtrack since I did not hear it. The songs I did hear was pretty good.

Additional Comments
Season 2??? Please do a season 2. I need more of this show to exist. Hell I’ll take an OVA, just give me something!!!

Review Conclusion
Overall, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun is pretty damn hilarious. You will understand this once you watch it. This show is quite special and does the rom com genre correct. It felt great to watch a show that wasn’t exactly like a rom com. I feel like the characters carry the show. The story isn’t that important, but the scenarios and situations are. You could put any of these people in any scenario and they could make comedy gold out of it.  Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun is highly recommended by me! If you want to laugh for 12 episodes, damn it go and watch this show! You will have a blast!!

Overall Rating: 8.25
Story: 7
Animation: 8.5
Character: 9.5
Soundtrack: 8

Till next time…