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I’ve Got An Issue #28: Valentine’S Day.

Welcome to I’ve Got An Issue…

I’m gonna keep this one short. 500 words or less because who needs to be a crabby old young person complaining about being single for another year. Hooray for me yeah? I don’t see the point of doing that to yall because it would annoy me. I almost wrote an article like that today.


I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day with your sweetie or someone you love or family or yourself! DO I really mean that? Yeah I really do. I’m very glad that Valentine’s day is over.The only great thing that came out of Valentine’s day weekend was Deadpool! GO SEE IT! We are in the final hour of Valentine’s day! Now, we can go back to being our true selves for the rest of the year!!!

Now I hope you weren’t a bitter, self centered, lonely, sack of sadness like me this year because you don’t have a special somebody in mind plus you feel like you don’t have anything to offer to anyone when it comes to love. Please don’t be me. You deserve love. I do too. Depression catches me sometimes you know? Thankfully, I wasn’t completely emotional this Valentine’s day. Most of the time I get extremely depressed and just sulk. This time around I wasn’t really sad this year, it just was another day. I spent that day watching One Punch Man! The review is coming very soon by the way. Besides that my day was just meh.

I know this has been said at least once, but why do we treat Valentine’s day as the only day of the year we go all out or treat our significant other like they are the greatest thing that has ever happen to us? Don’t yall think that is a little silly to buy a ton of stuff for bae one day out of the year? SERIOUSLY, why do yall put all this pressure on yourselves for this day? WHY SET THE BAR SO HIGH OF HOW YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER OUGHT TO BE TREATED FOR JUST ONE DAY? Why do we do that? Is it easy to just have one day of expected gifts instead of being a bit spontaneous in the relationship? I guess so because some people make Valentine’s day seem like it is a life or death situation.

I don’t know about you, but if I was in a relationship, gifts could come at any moment when we are together. I feel if we are together and you are an awesome person AND you make me extremely happy in the process, I’m gonna spoil you with a gift or two.Who am I kidding? I’m going to spoil the crap out of you. 100 percent from me if you give me the same. *Sigh* Love is gonna ruin me I bet hehe.

In closing, I think Valentine’s day is absolutely stupid and the history behind it is disturbing. Go google that!

Till next Issue.











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Here it is everyone! My first music project….Monster! It’s a journey through my mind when I was creating it. It’s dark I must say. It samples songs from my favorite anime of the same name. It was inspired by anger, darkness, disappointment, resolve and hope. Also, I figured dropping it on my birthday would make a lot of sense. This was a ton of progression!!! I hope you all enjoy!!!


You can listen to here at my soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/mc-zero-x/sets/monster

If you want to download it you can download it here. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1jfmibc735snyze/Monster.rar



– MC


OK this story is a three part story! It originally was supposed to be a two parter, but I wrote all this back story our two main characters and everything else that is going on within this realm. I figured that back story would serve well as Pt. 1. I feel like it sets up Pt. 2 pretty well. Pt. 2 maybe sometime today (I wrote it Friday hoping it would be posted on Friday, but it is technically Saturday as of now) or tomorrow. Pt. 3 will follow depending how  Pt.2  ends up or when I freaking write it. I am thinking of making this into a series of it’s own because it is interesting I must say. It’s just a thought for now! Anyways enjoy Part one of this series! – MC.


                                                                              SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW


They say you don’t truly know a person till see them at the most vulnerable and emotional state. You cannot truly know someone till you have seen that side, till that person has allowed you to see that side. This emotion is the combination of their light and their deepest darkness. It is a raw rarity that people only see once or for the rest of their lives. Today, I think I may have seen that emotion, that combination of both light and dark for what could be the last time. Maybe this was destiny for this to happen or maybe…it was just a way to strengthen our bond. My name is Armen and I share with you a story.

It is the year 2077. June 17th was the date. I finally had time to come home and visit my best friend, Lily. I should tell you guys a little bit about the world if this is new to you or if you have been living under a rock! You see in 2047 World War 3 broke out. It ended in 2063, but it changed a lot in America. The Governments broke down and we reverted back to monarchies. Yes monarchies, but it was unlike any monarchy we have seen in history. WW3 caused all 50 states to select a king and queen. All states became like tribes with leaders in each different city while the king and queen ruled and governed in the capital states. I know it seems odd in this technically advanced world, but that’s just we did. We had a democracy that simply wasn’t worldwide. This was the tip of the iceberg. Mythological creatures and monsters reappeared like someone threw them in different states from a time machine or book. This meant dragons, zombies, mages, orcs, elves, beasts, werewolves and yes cyborgs even existed. Some say someone found Area 51 and let all these monsters out during the war. Scary stuff! Just because the war ended didn’t mean these monsters were all gone granted some were very peaceful and aided certain states after the war was over. However, some were very hostile….very hostile. These hostiles attacked and even took over certain cities and states of America. This lead to the birth of a Special Forces unit to take back these over run places. We are known as the Special Refuge of the 50. Even though certain states shared different ideologies, we all needed to be safe. For example, Texas is an absolute monarchy. There are rules, but pretty much anything goes in that vast land while California was a limited monarchy. They had more of decorum to getting things done. There are plenty more details behind how this is all happened, but I’ll save that for another time.

I am a part of the SR50 sector in Seattle. I have to say for a handsome, charming twenty three year old warrior, I moved up the ranks pretty fast. I’m well respected and I’m a top general in the sector as well. Some of the older fellas cannot stand it and think experience should just guarantee them a spot when their results aren’t that amazing. So what you are old and experience, but you cannot close or defeat monsters on that battlefield like I do. I get things done buddy! I should point out I’m a superhuman too so….I have the edge. How does that old song from the ancient 80s go? “I GOT THE TOUCH…I GOT THE POWER!” Hahaha I was simply born that way. Science!

My best friend Lily, 22, is also a part of the SR50 even though she really shouldn’t be. The reason I say that is because Lily is royalty. Well I don’t see her as Royalty, but the rest of Washington and the other 49 see it that way. Lils is the King and Queen’s daughter if you didn’t put two and two together. She insists that she helped out “instead of sitting on her ass and being like Princess Cali”. Her words not mine. I’m glad she is helping the SR50 to be honest because she is special! Besides being my friend, she is known as the most feared mage and top dawg of the magic sector of the entire SR50. She is also one of the most beautiful people in the world inside and out. She is smart, thoughtful, genuine and overall amazing individual. It’s an honor being friends with her. She also has one of the meanest streaks I have ever seen in a person. You make her mad and she may go to the farthest extreme to let you know “hey don’t mess with a bull” I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

I want to tell you all the story of how we became friends. It’s quite odd and random when I think about it in retrospect. Our friendship began when we were children. I was 5 and she was 4. I was playing around in this forest honing my skills into what they are now. I had to start somewhere damn it. I used an altered terra shield and this electric dagger. Anyways, I was wandering around when I heard a girl scream. It was Lily. I ran towards to scream to see Lily surrounded by goblins and their leader. Lily got there because she wandered off from the Kingdom into this mess. Kids will be kids right. Back then Lily wasn’t as feared because her powers weren’t fully developed, but thankfully I was there. I charged the goblin boss and killed him with swift slice to his neck. The sight of blood or something must have triggered something in lily because I noticed one of her eyes changing color. This unleashed a monster within Lily because she instantly killed those cronies with an energy blast.  After those goblins were dead, she was still shooting energy blasts, crying and putting a hole in this boulder next to this Hyperion tree. I had to do something to stop her before she ended up killing me too so I grabbed her by the shoulders and for some reason hugged her. I guess that’s what you would do for someone when they are terrified of everything going on.

I whispered “Everything is Ok. The bad guys are gone now!” and she stopped crying.
She looked up, smiling at me and I noticed her eye went back to its original color, purple.
She said “Thank you…I….what is your name?”
“Armen” I replied.
She said “Armie?”
“No” I said my name slowly “Ar-men”.
She smiled and said “I’m lost…Armen…I don’t know how to get homeeee”
I said “I think I’m lost too…”
I didn’t want her to think we going to be eaten by Goblins or whatever the hell else lurked here, so I told her
“I think I know how to get back home.”
She smiled and hugged me excitingly. I guess she was relieved at the time that someone came to save her.
Before, we began to make the long walk back into the city; Lily stopped a few steps by the boulder.
She said “ Armen…I…will you be my friend?”
Normally, I don’t just become friends with strangers, but when you rescue a pretty girl you don’t be a meanie.
I said “Yes Lily, I’ll be your friend” and I smiled at her.
She smiled really big like she saw pop star or her father and just hugged me! Lily was very affectionate then and still now.
I exclaimed “WE have to leave now before more monsters come! We must go!”
Lily blankly stared at me for a while and made a face like she just had an idea
“Armen I know how to get home. I just remembered something Mommy taught me”
Lily sat down by the boulder and told me to sit next to her.
“What are you about to do” I asked.
Lily smirked and said” We are about to go home. Teleportateshunn”
“Teleportation? You can do that?” I said.
Lily nodded furiously.
“I just remembered…mommy taught me it if a stranger tried to take me”.
“Aren’t I stranger?” I asked
“No, You are my friend Armen…we are friends! You saved me so we are friends!” Lily said.

I nodded and watch Lily emit a shining white glow that covered me and her. We teleported alright…out of the area into a haystack. We laughed about this because it wasn’t home and we were kids at the time. She didn’t have it down completely yet, but we did indeed teleport. She tried again and this time we were on the same street as the fortified building she stayed in.
Lily yelled “IT WORKED!” She pointed at the building “That is my house!”
It didn’t take too long for it to sink that this was the king’s daughter! I disregarded that fact and continued to be normal.
I said “OH that’s a big house! Let’s walk to it!”
She smiled proudly and nodded!

We walked down the road like it was that old film “The Wizard of Oz” where the King and Queen were waiting by the gate.
She & I ran towards the gate where she was reunited with her mother and father on inside.

“I was so worried about you! Don’t ever runaway like that again!” her mother said crying tears of joy.
“Mommy” Lily said. Her mother looked up at me and said “who is this boy?”
Her father looked at me like I was the cause of this.
He said “Yes who are you boy?”
Before I could say my name Lily chimed in “This is Armen! He is my friend and my…ummm Saver! He saved me from the bad guys!”
“What bad guys!? Did someone try to hurt you baby?” The King said.
Lily Nodded “uh-huh! Four ummm ummmm what’s the word Armen?”
I said “It was four goblins and a boss sir. I took out the boss and Lily destroyed those other ones! She is really strong!”
The King and Queen let out a big sigh of relief. The king began to laugh.
The king said “I knew our daughter was strong like us” and continued to laugh loud until his wife hit him and said “Our daughter almost getting killed isn’t funny! I’m so thankful this boy…Armen came along and helped our sweet lily!”
The king stopped laughing out of joy and cut his eyes to me.
He said “Thank you Armen…we will not forget this…would you like to stay and have dinner? We can contact your parents and let them know you are here with us”
Without even second guessing I said yes! And the king said “Also you can train in our felicities as well” How did he know I was training? He must have seen my weapons and shield.

Ever since that day our friendship grew stronger. We would go back to our meeting place each year and defeat anything that was lurking there until it was completely clear of monsters! I think I was eleven and she was ten when we cleared out the last monsters to lurk there. After that, we decorated the place a bit. I mean a barren forest like area with a huge boulder and Hyperion tree is boring! I built a training ground while Lily conjured a fortress out of thin air. She made it a point to one-up me haha. I still find it amazing that this place is kept a secret to this day.  Did Lily use a spell so no one can see this place, but us? No idea, but Heck of a story huh? If I wasn’t in that forest I doubt she would be alive. It was a one in a million shot of us meeting up, but I’m so glad we did.

Back to present day, both of us finally had time off after completing our missions. We were both separated to aid couple cities from attacks from anti-terror groups and of course various monsters. A clear area means time off and this time off was really needed for me! I got to see my family and my close friends and…ummm another close friend.  I’m sure she needed this time off to catch up with family and other things too! We had so much to catch up on because both of us have been extremely busy with missions in our sections. Hell even contact through our communicators was impossible…well it was. It wasn’t….I knew that, but it was. I like to catch up face to face anyways because it’s much more effective. The context is important! It is always important. So after about a week or two of settling in I set up a hangout day between us. We weren’t really speaking in between these off days and I didn’t like that. Maybe we were pre-occupied with other things.

When our hangout day came, everything went swell. It was like we picked up right where we left off the last time we saw each other or so I thought. I could sense something and she could sense something, but neither of us would say what that something was! Maybe we were afraid to speak about that something. Who knows? The Maker knows. The day was coming to a close and as tradition we went to where our friendship first took place. Here is where we really talk about issues. We really talk here because it’s our safe zone and I had a feeling we had a lot to talk about this time. The odd tension in the air was really starting to bother me. It was like I was out with a stranger and not the person I knew. I think I was just tripping, but what if she was thinking the exact same. Time apart can do damage to friendships sometimes and maybe this could be one of those times? Did we both not make an effort to speak to each other or was it something else? I felt like maybe something was wrong, but I didn’t want to ruin the mood. Normally when it’s night out here, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, but this time I saw a few. It looked like a storm was coming….and maybe I was right and maybe it was just the weather.…maybe a lot was about to change. Could this be our final meeting? I looked to the sky while Lily stood next to me also looking up. I think we both knew…what could transpire here. We sat by this bench outside of the fortress.

What follows is our conversation.



Ms. K: A Troll Well Done.

Hey everyone! This is a quick story about awesome teachers! I’m sure we have all had a awesome teachers who have left a great impact on us during our school career. This is a shoutout to all of those cool teachers whose classes we couldn’t get enough of. Now I don’t think they are going to be as awesome as the fictional Ms. K, but I do think you will get my point. Awesome teachers are awesome teachers and they make learning amazing. I could think of plenty during my student career! This is for them and all those amazing teachers out there. I hope yall enjoy!

                                                                                     Ms. K: Troll Well Done.

Welcome to Flairborough Eagle High in Long Beach, California. My school is a performance arts hybrid school! It’s just like any other high school except the teachers here are all character and can get anyone to learn through their methods. With that being said, my school the number one school in rank. No one can touch us when it comes to learning! We are just that damn good. I’m a bit sad however, because this is my senior year and I’m reflecting on all the good times I had here before I head off into the college sunset.

Ms. Kristine or Ms. K might be the coolest teacher of all time in this school. Hell Ms. K may be the coolest teacher in the world. Nope I’m calling it she is because no other teacher could pull off what she pulled off in the final weeks of school. Every time I go to her class, it’s always an eventful day. It’s never “turn your page here” or “everyone get out your homework” nothing generic is in this class. I swear it has been the best part of my schedule for these four years. I’m not trying to rag on my other classes, but once you leave Ms. K’s class you will be dread all the others. I mean dread in a good way because the teachers aren’t awful. They just can’t get on Ms. K’s level and they know it! How do you beat a teacher who wins teacher of the year 95% of the time? It’s tough to top Ms. K!

Ms. K is what I like to call a Jack of all trades teacher. She knows a little bit of each subject at this school and I bet should make them even more entertaining than those who specialize in those subjects. Ms. K’s specialty is in English and Math. She is a beast when it comes to making these subjects fun. When I tell you I have never been so happy to do some homework man. It’s ridiculous. I think she shines in these subjects because of her process.

You know how most classes start right? The bell rings, you take your seat, open your textbook and notebook for notes if needed and you sit attentively. Unless you are one of those troublemaker, douchebag kids who shouldn’t be in school because you don’t know how to learn. In Ms. K’s class, the bell rings, you take your seat and insanity begins. If it’s an English class we talk like we are equals for a good 15 minutes and then Ms. K goes into a monologue leading to what we are going to learn. It’s like we are watching a stand up or we are on a late night TV. If it’s math, everyone goes to a computer and we chat in this group sharing memes and stuff leading to Ms. K posing a question none of us can answer. The question is usually what we are going to learn how to answer for that day. It’s crazy I tell you.

I have noticed one thing…though…Ms. K may be a troll and Ms. K is cool asshole.

Let me explain. It’s the last two weeks for the seniors and we are getting a tad bit emotional that  1. We aren’t going to be able to see each anymore
2.  We are going to be leaving this class for good
3. We are going to miss Ms. K
and 4. Senoritis.

So on that Monday of the last two weeks, Ms. K introduces a new thing for English and Math called the Speed round. The speed round is by far one of the most challenging and most exciting things I have ever done in my High School Career. It basically tests everything we have learned this year…and any other years we have had Ms. K as a teacher. It’s a real test of memory. We get to the end of class and Ms. K makes an announcement with a jovial tone
“You guys have a project to complete in both English and Math. It is for a final grade. By the way each day I’m going to reveal what exactly this project is! See yall tomorrow”

Each day it was something new.
Tuesday: a Manilla folder,
Wednesday: A piece of paper with the words “Don’t read this”.
Thursday: A Stack of papers with instructions
Friday: The Questions to be answered. There were like at least two hundred questions on these sheets of paper.

At the end of class on Friday, Ms. K said in a serious tone
“I expect this to be done on Wednesday! I’m collecting on Wednesday!
Ms. K changed her tone to a bubblier one when she said
“If you all do this, project we are going to have a big celebration to conclude our four years together!”

The looks on all of our faces was that of shock, disbelief and “this bitch can’t be serious”. This was a whole packet of work with damn near two hundred questions each. What is this? I don’t even! Senior skip day is Monday and Tuesday is a short day for a final assessment of all of our work. FYI, Final assessment day is like a parent teacher conference except with a college you may be going to and praise by the principal for your good work, if you did good work that is.


The bell rings, we are all glaring at Ms. K like she was a got damn terrorist, and we simple walked out except for our valedictorian who looks at Ms. K and begins to laugh his ass off. We are all a bit confused by this, but that confusion begins to diminish as multiple students begin to laugh at something. I guess laughter lightens the mood right? I begin to laugh too even though I’m not catching it and neither did they. I think the only person who got it was the valedictorian.

Wednesday rolls by and everyone is in class laughing their ass off. I guess hysteria set in because none of us did all that damn work or I still wasn’t catching what was going on. I looked over at the valedictorian and he is crying laughing. I don’t get it. I looked at the packet on Tuesday and did some of the work. I rather have some of it done than none of it because no one likes a Zero. Four A’s to get rid of one Zero forget that you can forget that Cee-lo.

Ms. K walks in the class room and she smiling from ear to ear. Instead of beginning to chat with us, she slams her hand on the desk and says “PAPERS! NOW!” This is completely unlike Ms. K. Even on bad days Ms. K never did act like this. For us who weren’t getting the joke this was very scary.

The valedictorian is still laughing and sniffing while turns his paper in first and looks like he is about to tell the class till Ms. K cuts him off.

“Who out of the 24 in this class didn’t do this work?”

20 other students raise their hands


“Who did the work?”

I raise my hand along with 2 others knowing the thing isn’t finished, but I am not getting a Zero not like this!

“Good!” Ms. K said

We are about to pass our papers up till Ms. K says

“Who figured me out?”

We are all confused beside 3 people. The valedictorian and 2 others!

Ms. K begins to lecture us

“Students I would like you to look at the last page of this packet….I’m sure most of you didn’t even bother which is a pretty sad. I’ll warn you, not all teachers are me so you shouldn’t ever do that. In college, teachers won’t care how much they give you, just have it done. This experiment has been fun…FUNNY” Ms. K begins to laugh really hard.

Ms. K pulls out the last piece of paper and begins to point a certain section on the English portion.

It was some sort of message…..It looked like it was in reverse or something. Ms. K said “I know it looks like a bunch of gibberish, but I’m going to put this on the projector for you all to read it”.
I swore if Ms. K was about to pull the ultimate troll to us on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…I would be impressed and mad I did any of this.

Ms. K began to read the text out loud

The text said.

“Did you all think I was really that cruel?!! This experiment went well! You all didn’t like me getting all serious and springing this impossible project on yall huh? Well I did have some help…your valedictorian played a part in this. That’s why he was laughing the entire time. I made it clear on each page. All you had to do was decode it. The math was all binary, but I doubted anyone knew how to code that except the math majors’ hahaha. As for the English portion, I hid this message on every page. EACH word was in CAPS you just had to put it in the right order. The general message was DON’T DO THIS and IT’S A WASTE. This message was also in really small text on the last page. If you did do the work and actually solved the problem, I commend you because I wouldn’t have done a damn thing. Good Job! You can get things done in a pinch even when it’s short noticed. You are definitely ready for college now! If you didn’t do it…it’s ok in here, but don’t pull that mess in college! Anyways! Good job being lazy, hard-working, panicked seniors. I hope I gave you a little scare! Oh Btw the speed round was your final and everyone passed!!! Thanks for a wonderful four years and I wish you all great success in the future. If you need to stop by, I’ll be here! Love Ms. K”

As she read the message the class was roaring with laughter, but by the end we were all in tears because we had to say goodbye. It was an emotional party for the last time! We practically grew into the people we are there! We laughed, we cried, we conquered, but two things remain true.

Truth Number One: Ms. K is a troll for going to that length to scare us and trick us into learning a lesson and making me do some damn work I didn’t want to. She is an asshole for that hahaha.

Truth number two: Ms. K is an awesome teacher and we love her to death!

                                                                                Thanks for everything Ms. K.

The War Within

The War Within Self: Brody’s Story

Hey everyone! This is going to be a short intro because it’s story time!! Today has been a rather interesting day I must say. A lot of ripping and running & Back back forth and forth lol. I feel as God and the universe have a weird way of telling you to write something. Today was just one of those days. The short story I’m about to tell is inspired by a visit to the doctor’s office today. That is all I’m going to say about that. I have had this story in my head since I left the doctor. I’m going to tell it through the eyes of our protagonist, Brody.  I felt like I needed to write it because I didn’t have anyone to speak with. It was mentally stressful, but the writing helped. So what I’m saying is it was destiny! Anyways, here is The War Within Self: Brody’s Story!

As I sat in doctor’s office  waiting for Doc Green to show up, I kept hearing in the back of my mind “I love you Brody”. I don’t know why I kept thinking that, but I ignored it. Of course I love me, why wouldn’t I?

I was at the doctor’s office this time to get an estimate on a surgery. I should point out that I have a track record with surgery. It’s like my gold digging ex-girlfriend I keep taking back. I had three surgeries done just to be clear: tonsils, appendix and abscess removal. This was going to possibly be number for. This isn’t about my medical history so let’s move on.

You see, I’m a hefty dude. The old folks call it stocky and society straight up calls it fat. If we can’t see abs or your bones, it’s just fat. I personally don’t think that’s healthy to look like you eat air and grass. Anyways, I have come a long way for a 22 year old. I used to be what I considered fat until I got up off my ass and started hitting the gym, eating better and making smarter choices. I went from 240 to 190. I did pretty damn good I must say. However, there was one problem, my chest.
I have what I would like to call biggie smalls syndrome. Never heard of it? Well this is what it is simply; One of your breasts is normal and one is little oversized. Thus the term biggie smalls syndrome was born! It was a great yo mama joke, but you get the point. The medical term is gynecomastia and I had it and I wanted it gone.

I figured back then if I put in the work and lost the weight those will go away as well. I was wrong apparently. No amount of bench presses or push-ups was going to tighten this shit up.

Hell even The Rock (you may know him as Dwayne Johnson) had to get his gynecomastia removed and he was back then in optimum physical performance. I mean now he looks like a boulder, but he still was in shape back then. I looked up to this man as if he were the perfect blue print of what a man should be like. He should be charismatic, determined, in shape and awesome. I wanted to be him sorta. I wanted to be the Brody version of The Rock! I mean if this damn thing plagued who I thought was the greatest entertainer slash man on the planet and he got the surgery to remove his, I should too.

Or so I thought.

The visit went like most visits do. You sit in a room despite showing up early and just pass the time by reading a magazine or playing on your phone. Luckily, I had my phone to entertain me for the damn near hour wait. It’s better to drain your battery than being alone with your thoughts.

The door opened and a new doctor came in the room first. I never saw him before and to be quite honest I thought Doc Green got tired of seeing me. He practically watched me grow up from 18 to 22. Anyway this new doctor shakes my hand and in comes Doc Green with a big smile on like he is seeing his long lost son again for a while.

We go through our general way of greeting each other by hurling a few playful jabs at each other

“What’s up OLD man…how is that whole age thing going?” I said
And Doc replied with “Glad to see you’re not fat anymore fella”. He messed with my hair and sat down to joke around and catch up.

After joking around for a few and talking about my history here to the new doctor, we got down to business. I lifted my shirt and they looked and touched my chest to see how much tissue was there. The doc proceeds to tell me that it is a lot.
Now I don’t want y’all thinking I’m walking around with one normal balloon and a big huge obese man titty balloon. It just was more tissue than a normal person at my size. What I am saying is, I do not need a bra.

Doc continues about how the procedure will go and how the healing process and etcetera would go. When Doc says “The recovery is going to be at least 8 months or a year” I zone out.  I can hear my voice in my head saying “Brody, I love you…but are you sure?” I snap out of it and hear the rest of Doc’s explanation while he tries to make me laugh about it.

I asked doc about the price and he simply replied “Sky High.” I shook hands with both doctors and Green tells me Geri is going to give me a quota of how much it’s going to really cost. She came in shortly after they left for me to meet her in her office.

Geri is pretty cool. I can consider her a friend from afar. You know what I mean? Like someone you cannot see or speak to for years, but when you meet up it’s like nothing changed. Well it’s been two odd years and nothing changed haha. We caught up about finishing and what I wanted to do after that. She thought me doing social work was insane. Geri said “Why would you do that? Your spirit is too kind to deal with other people’s problems.”
I laughed because she was right, but my sociology/ psych degree is perfect for that field. I would be raking in the paper!!
After joshing around for a little longer, she printed out the estimate for me to sign.

When I looked at the price, I zoned out again. It would be 8,000 dollars to take care of this non-life threating, but socially embarrassing problem…8,000 dollars. I heard a voice again saying “Brody….I love…you, but is it worth it?”  Third time is the charm right? I ignored it, said goodbye to Geri and headed back to the car.

I got to the car and put the key in the door, I felt something was wrong. The air seemed thick. It wasn’t like that when I arrived earlier. It was like there was a weight on my mind and I was getting crushed by it. I sat in the car…the voices intensified and I could not ignore it any further

I must say anything that involves surgery makes you put things in perspective because you never know what is coming around the corner. You never know what could happen and that may be the worst part.

Nothing is certain…but if you had the money wouldn’t you do it?

I started the car, I turned the radio off and I began driving. I went into a full-fledged conversation with myself. I asked myself question after question like I had agenda to see why the hell did I even go?
Was it really worth it? Why am I doing this? Do I want to be the rock this bad? Will this change anything? Why not love what God gave you? Why alter it? Why? Why? Why? Why? And then I heard myself saying “Brody I love you, but do you love you?”

And for once as a collective I didn’t have the answers. I didn’t have the answers Sway.

I always had confidence so I knew that wasn’t the issue. I narrowed it down to two things: 1 I deep down did not like the change or 2. I was willing to transform for no particular reason. Was this why I was thinking like this?

I couldn’t answer myself that one question. Narrowing it down to those two things didn’t bring me any answers. The question was simple: Do I love myself?
If I did…I wouldn’t sweat this bullshit right? I would be like…it’s for the greater good, but what if it wasn’t? What if I getting my man-mammaries chopped completely off and healing up to a damn year wouldn’t be for the greater good.

A roadblock was there indeed.

What if this didn’t change how women looks at my or how I look at me? Why was I worried about how people perceived me? It never bothered me, but I feel like this possibly made me think of Lily. Lily was my girlfriend back in high school. We had a pretty dope relationship. But all relationships come to an end some way and mine did in a shitty way. Stupid lily left me around senior year for someone who looked ten times better than me. I knew it and she knew it and he knew it and I hated that. That was five years ago, but still that pain affected me. It made me really despise society. Why did looks matter so damn much? Why couldn’t someone love me for me? I hated the notion that personality only matters when you are considered “hot”. Lily is probably bigger than me with kids and shit and it serves her right. Well…whatever.

Was I getting this done to prove every woman who passed on me wrong or was I doing it because I wanted to? Was I going to the gym to benefit Brody or was it to become this so called “hot” just to dish their game back at them? Would I just end up doing the same thing Lily did to me to some poor girl just to have this cycle repeat itself?

NO….I wouldn’t be like that. I wouldn’t allow myself to be like that self.

As the drive continued, the more questioning I did to myself and I felt worst after each question.
Until I had this thought about Mick Foley (you may know him as mankind, cactus jack, dude love, Santa, etc). He was completely comfortable in who he was from the first time I saw him. His persona was unique and he never tried to fit in the mold. So I asked myself “why not be a Mick Foley? He is happy the way he is why can’t you be?”

I pulled into my drive way and just sat there. I wanted to cry so badly, but I couldn’t go in the house with the red eyes. My parents would know something is up. This visit was just a damn estimate not a therapy session with a psychiatrist. It sure felt like it though.

I asked myself more questions before I entered the house.

Was I doing this to blend in with society and be accepted or was I doing this to better Brody?

Was this one surgery going to impact my future?

Do I selfishly go through with this surgery putting my mom and dad in a hole with the medical bills or do I suck it up and work harder with the bench presses and push-ups and exercise praying that this one thing goes away?
$8,000 was my ticket to getting rid of this, but at what cost mentally and physically.

Has my quest for vanity and acceptance clouded my positive thoughts about my self-image and was I willing to change that just to be like a role model?

I didn’t know….I didn’t know the purpose and seriously questioned my reasoning. It made sense to go through with the surgery, but it didn’t make sense. I cried a little bit.

I turned the car off and I heard a voice one more time

“I Love You Brody….Do you?”

I smiled, wiped a tear off my cheek and got out of the car.

I said to myself… “Yes. Yes I do and if I’m going to go through with this, it will be at the perfect time and for all the right reasons” as I walked into my parent’s house.


Hey…Let’s Not Meet your friend. (Ideas too!)

Hey everyone!

So I am thinking I am thinking of a weekly series besides stories and other things.  I thought of most of these at work or just bouncing ideas off the wall. So bear with me.

The first idea will be a weekly blog I would do every Friday called “Topical Fridays”. It would be a weekly wrap up of news, entertainment, music, sports and my thoughts on them of course. Pretty much we let the days go by and let stuff happen! I think it could be a pretty good series and it would keep me busy and stuff.

The second idea will be called “Saturday Night Rants” Or “The Rant Squad”. Pretty much you (yes you the reader) will get a small taste of that tonight because the spirit guided me to it today. Why question that you know? I mean if it’s in your heart you should let it out right? RIGHT? YEAH RIGHT!

The third one is going to be is going to be something story based because who doesn’t love Literature? Oh….I know who…. the ignorance do not.

The fourth may be a album review of some sort!

The fifth may be purely stupid. A interview thing called….no I’m not gonna tell yall.

OK now that we got that out the way, let’s get to this little rant?











BECAUSE let me telling you something, I don’t care to meet these new people. It’s not a diss to them because they can be great people, but BISH if I don’t want to meet a person THEN ME, MYSELF, I AND DE LA SOUL DO NOT HAVE TO MEET THESE PEOPLE.

It’s not a mean thing to be honest. It’s a personal preference. Just because you friends with them don’t mean I got to be friends with them or even know them! BRANDY wanted to be down, but MATT does not need to be down! Plus I don’t sing or have the money she has to be down in the first place.

I cannot stand when people say something along the lines of “OH YOU GOTTA BE FRIENDS WITH BLANK BECAUSE I’M FRIENDS WITH BLANK AND YOU WOULD GET ALONG SO WELL” OR “Hey this is my significant other and YOU MUST BE FRIENDS WITH THIS PERSON because I need everything to MESH”

AND ANOTHER THING, I don’t have to approve who you going to get your puss puss or dick diddly from. Why does it matter what I think of the person? You are going to do you! DO YOU! CAUSE! YALL KNOW THE REST! Shoot, That is what you got to put up with for however long NOT I. PLUS this is not a “Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Ain’t Getting None” situation. This ain’t 93 Snoop. TF you think this is!?

Friends don’t need to be cool with the bae…F the bae! I don’t care bout bae. Bae ain’t paying my bills or buying me water bottles or raking up my phone plan. Bae does that for you lol.  To be honest isn’t a little boring when everyone gets along?

Ok I’m coming off a bit harsh lol. Let me bring it down a bit…What I am basically saying is this: I will chose if I want to meet said person you are friends with, dating, cool with, or whatever.

I have met many of cool people, because I was asked directly “Hey I would like you to meet this person”. It wasn’t just forced on me like I have no choice in the matter. If you know how I am, having options is a wonderful thing to me. I do not like to be forced to do anything I do not want to especially if it involves people!!!

JUST DON’T TAKE OFFENSE TO IT because you emotionally involved with em and I don’t want to meet them. Hell we don’t even need to speak! I don’t think that’s completely rude. I just go by a rule that simply goes: “If I don’t know you, I don’t speak”. Thanks B.O.B! And that’s that!

*Sigh* I feel a bit better now. This just was on my mind and I had to kick it lol. Well people I hope you had some fun reading that and relating if you could. Thanks for reading and all that!

I’m going to go play with sounds, maybe make something and listen to the outcome!



And We Begin!



Good Morning, Afternoon, evening and night to all of y’all! Actually why would you be reading this before you go to sleep??? Why read this when you just wake up? Maybe you wanted to see what I wrote before you rest your little head Or maybe you are spying on me or actually you find what I write to be entertaining! Wait, Why am I questioning you and I haven’t even introduced myself….what is going on?



Welcome to my blog!


If you didn’t read the title at the top….it’s not called shine on lol. This is called MC’s Introvert Tales! Let me introduce myself before we get into the logistics of this blog.





WHO AM I!!!! PETEY PABLO MUTHA AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Begins to rap “Raise up”*




Seriously Who are you?


My name is Matt with two T’s. You wouldn’t believe the people who get this wrong. It’s such a simple name. If you can spell mattress you can spell Matt. My Last name is optional like pants and other things. Now I’m not going to tell you my life story because 
1. You have not taken me to dinner. Who do you think I am some cheap floozie? 
2. I don’t even know y’all that well to share intimate details even though we all strangers. 
3. I’m being selective..
4. this explanation is going too long


5. What I am trying to say is, let’s get some of my general likes and information out of the way. The dislikes will be a new post all on it’s own!

I’m twenty-four years old going on twenty-five this year. I graduated from UNO with a bachelor’s in Psychology during the summer of 2012. I am currently working security at the Superdome and the *sigh* Smoothie King Center. I also advocate for CASA…check them out!

I am a proud Scorpio and video gamer. Music is my best friend..and your best friend; I better not hear you say that about music though! If we can vibe on music, we are going to be great friends for a long time! Music is the life. I am also a low key comedian. I also love to learn, because who doesn’t love to learn! As the blog’s title says, these are the introvert tales which means something everyone!!! I’m an introvert…well most of the time! Sometimes I let “host Matt” go out and experience things, but I am an introvert. You don’t know what an introvert is? Seriously? What I want you to do is take that word, paste It into google and come back to me! You will understand what I meant from before lol.


I’m easy to get along with, but complex to understand sometimes because well I just am. I feel like I am one of the strange ones, no seriously, I’m strange. I’m not saying that the way everyone else says they are weird because they listen to Odd future or if they claim to do something because everyone else doesn’t do it….sigh that subject alone is for another post.





Well enough about me let’s talk about the content of this blog. The life around here lol. On this blog I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on popular culture, music, podcasts, books, videos games, anime, and ideas for things. You know things? You have things, I have things, we all have things.

I am a huge fan of storytelling so I will be sharing some of my short stories and narratives I come up with!!! I have to give a shoutout to Shannon Cason for that (yes Shannon you did inspire me to keep writing stories a bit!) Y’all should check out his podcast “Homemade Stories”! Was that a cheap plug? No no no. I don’t think it was…well was it? CHECK HIS STUFF OUT IT’S REALLY GOOD!





Let’s get to some cautions and warning and stuff real quick. You know a PSA here and a PSA there because…why not?


PSA Number 1!
I promised myself to not let this be a venting zone on people who piss me off or people I personally know. That’s what twitter is for!! 🙂 Twitter is my personal vent zone about stuff that gets on my nerves however I don’t speak about people I personally know on there. So if I know you in real life don’t worry! I promise not to air you out 🙂


PSA Number 2!
I will touch on the language used on this blog. Now I know some family may read this and have sensitive eyes and ears to curse words. OH NO A WORD!!! WHY RESORT TO SUCH LANGUAGE??? Wahh wahh wahh!

Here’s the deal, if I feel like some salt and pepper needs to be in the story or blog or whatever, it is going to be in it. Don’t make a scene or be a loser about it. We are adults. I would be concerned if I was 7 with a blog using filthy language. Plus I don’t speak blue all the time, but sometimes I do. I am human people! Yes, I know this is hard to swallow, but you will be fine I’m sure of it!!! To wrap up this PSA, some posts will be friendly to the eyes and others will have be a bit explicit. It is as simple as that! Happy?!





The frequency of new post on this blog will be on my time. I will update this bad boy from time to time let’s say that. It’s not going to be a monthly thing or a weekly thing. It’s more of a Matt thing hahaha. I am not just going to put something up here just to update the blog. If I take too long, I will provide an update and that’s that.



The end!


Well I won’t keep your eyes on this page too long because I have said everything I planned on saying and I’m sure you have a life and stuff. Let’s get this roller coaster started! I hope you enjoy it and welcome to MC’s Introvert Tales! I hope you enjoy!

Bye Bye!!! 🙂